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On December 14, the Tianjin Consumer Association issued an open persuasion:

Please “Decathlon” and “Wolf Claw”

“LAFUMA (Le Fei Ye)” “Colombia”

“THENORTHFACE (North)” “Meng Xiang Xiang”

“Exploration”, “Rich Bird”, “Arctic Velvet”

“Subrane Emperor” “Kolonsport (Keelong)”

Waiting for brand jacket production and sales enterprises

Perform the operator’s obligation

Stop false propaganda immediately

On November 8, 2020, the comparative test results of the “functional clothing (charge)” comparative test released by the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Consumer Association organized the results of the 50 samples of the 50 samples randomly purchased by physical stores and e -commerce platforms. The product name and execution standards are not consistent with the actual implementation, and there are suspicions of false propaganda and misleading consumers.

At the same time, the Consumer Association organized a comparative test result to relevant companies and e -commerce platforms, requesting that there were problems with problems.

Twenty days after the results of the comparison test, the Tianjin Consumer Association commissioned the comparison test inspection unit -Tianfang Sign Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. (National Covered Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) to conduct a brand of assault clothing in the market on sale After tracking the survey, I found that some companies have modified the content of the publicity, but there are still some brands of charge, which uses other clothing products standards to produce, and the product clearly indicates that the product named non -knit on the tag is based on the product name. publicity.

The brand includes:

“Decathlon”, “Wolf Claw”, “Lafuma (Le Fei Ye)”, “Colombia”, “TheNorthface (North)”, “Mengxiang”, “Tuotuo”, “Rich Bird”, “Arctic Velvers”, “Subrangi”, “Kolonsport) “

The Tianjin Consumer Association believes

The above brands are suspected of being promoted before

The supervision of the Organization of the Consumer Association is rejected after rectification

According to the public welfare responsibilities given to the Consumer Association by the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Tianjin Consumer Association has publicly persuaded the above brand production and sales enterprises as follows:

1. Stop false propaganda immediately

Quick self -examination, one is the production of other clothing product standards, but it is claimed to be “assault clothing” in sales, and the other is to name it for other clothing products on the product tag, but it is claimed to be “jacket” in the sales as a “jacket” in sales. , Immediately correct the above two false propaganda behaviors.

2. Adhering to the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, do a good job of pre -sale to find out and propaganda work

As an assault clothing production and sales company, it should be familiar with the execution standards, clothing tag labeling requirements and labeling content and advertising promotion requirements. Relevant brand production and sales enterprises should take advantage of the principles of honesty and trust, and truly label labeling and fulfill the obligations of advertising to find out.

3. Actively fulfill the legal obligations of the enterprise

The Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that the operator provides consumers with information such as the quality, performance, use, and validity period of relevant commodities or services. It should be true and comprehensive, and must not be used for false or misunderstandings. As a company that provides products and services to consumers, it is the first responsible person in the protection of consumer rights and interests. It should take this as an opportunity to strict product quality, standardize sales publicity, increase service awareness, and enhance brand awareness and reputation.

In the persuasion letter, the Tianjin Consumer Association invited the assault clothing brand production and sales enterprise in which problems existing problems with the responsibility of society, responsibility for consumers, and responsibility for enterprises, consciously accept social supervision, and carry out rectification sincerely. In 2020, 1220 1220 Before the 24th, the rectification situation will be written in writing to the office of the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Consumer Rights Protection Alliance (contact mailbox: or Tianjin Consumer Association.

Author: Wan Xiaodong

Source: China Consumer News