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In terms of wearing, the most urgent need for early autumn is probably a thin short outer cover? For those fashionistas, life is everywhere. Even daily clothing, such as short jackets, must be a reflection of their fashion aesthetics and personality.

Although autumn is already there, Yu Wei in summer is still continuing. It doesn’t matter. This does not prevent us from looking forward to autumn, and it does not prevent us from looking forward to the season. Therefore, the short jacket can already enter the wardrobe!

This is a long -sleeved Hong Kong style baseball uniform of velvet fabric! The feel is very smooth and tough, the unique soft texture, caring for each of our skin, as well as popular pentagram elements, plus triangle zipper, design feeling up!

Watching all kinds of plain velvet, try this rotten velvet. Irregular flowers, disordered interweaving, showing unique personality. The collar and hem adopt a cotton plain plain lit tattoo. Leisure has a feminine, good thin coat!

In the popular baseball clothes, designers are prone to elements such as lantern flowers and sea. They show the charm of the atmosphere with a relatively rare color matching, and it is eye -catching and unique, reflecting the spirit of the big woman!

Swelling, classic versatile style! The classic neckline design, chic and warm, without complicated fashion cuff design, combines extreme simple design concepts, showing female charm! The exquisite hem design shows the unlimited charm of fashion!

To say the most classic color, it must be black. Black clothes will give people a cool feeling. The loose BF style allows you to be handsome easily, and his design is simple and not simple. It is even more generous, and put on the streets and concave shapes.

In the summer, there are a lot of off -shoulder clothes. It can be seen how fashionable the off -the -shoulder clothes are. In the early autumn, I did not expect that the jacket also had off -shoulders. The off -shoulder style was particularly suitable for the early autumn. The jeans can expose your long legs.