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As soon as the weather is cold, there are more and more “bear children” on the street. Why do you say that? It is not strange parents because they are worried that their children will be cold, they wrap them too tightly, and become “bears” alive. In fact, it is not right to do this ~ It will make children cover a lot of sweat, but it is more likely to be cold. So, how to dress your children in winter?

Best dress formula

There is a very useful “dress formula” here, you can refer to it ~

Thin cotton sweater ℃1 ℃, thick cotton sweater ≈ 2 ° C, fleece clothes, thin coats ≈3 ℃, cotton vest, thick wool sweater ≈4 ℃, slightly thicker cotton coat (elastic flood cotton coat) ≈ 5 ℃ , Thin down jackets 6 ℃, thick down jackets ≈ 9 ° C.

The most comfortable state of the child should be: the temperature increased by the temperature+dressing is controlled at about 26 ° C. At this time, the child will not sneeze, and he will not sweat a little bit.

Take a chestnut, if the temperature is 26 ° C today, then you can wear a T -shirt, and then adjust the dress as the benchmark. If the temperature drops 3 ° C, add a thin coat just; if the temperature drops 4 ° C, add a thick wool sweater, and so on.

Of course, this is just a reference. It is also necessary to keep warm and comfortable according to the baby’s physique, needs and habits.


障 The quality of clothes must be guaranteed

The baby’s skin is very delicate, and it may be uncomfortable with a little irritation, and even allergies. It is recommended not to choose the wool clothes of Ma Hai Mao and Rabbit hair to prevent them from causing diseases that children’s pneumatic and lungs inhale and fall off. Also, chemical fiber clothes are not recommended to wear babies. The weather is already dry in winter, and wearing such clothes is more likely to generate static electricity, making the baby’s skin more dry.

更 Personally bottoming clothes should be more particular about

It is recommended to choose soft cotton clothes for your baby, especially the clothes that are worn. Not only is sweating well, but also allows the air to stay around the skin to block body heat loss, so that the baby is not easy to get sick.

厚 Socks are not thick in sweat absorption

Many mothers will wear thick socks for their babies. In fact, this is very bad and can prone to sweat. It is recommended to choose a cotton socks with good breathability.

When you go out, wear a hat, don’t cover your mouth or nose with a mask or scarf

You know, about 30 % of the body’s body heat is distributed from the head. If the head is cold, the baby’s heat dissipation will become faster and it will be easy to catch a cold. Therefore, when taking your child out, don’t forget to put on a warm soft hat for him. It is best not to buy a hairy hat to avoid getting inhaled by the hair loss into the respiratory system.

Also, it is not recommended to wear a mask or cover his nose and nose with a scarf. Wearing a mask will make the baby’s nasal cavity and the mucous membrane of the entire respiratory tract lost the opportunity to adapt to cold air, and it is more likely to get sick. Besides, it will also make the baby more difficult to breathe. If you can wear masks to block bacteria in public places with high traffic. The scarf is used to surround the neck, and even the nose and nose, otherwise the fiber can be inhaled may induce allergies and cause asthma. If the scarf is too thick, it will affect the child’s normal lung ventilation.