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Capacitor irrigation and sealing epoxy sealing scheme selection scheme

The main functions of capacitors know that it is electricity storage and is widely used in the automotive electronics industry. Therefore, the protection effect of capacitors is essentially affecting the use of automotive power supply. So what quality levels of epoxy sealing can meet the protection requirements of the vehicle industry capacitor? How to choose a reliable epoxy seal? Today, Xiaobian tells the performance of the performance selection analysis process and the adhesive solution with the actual application of the product.

First of all, it is necessary to investigate the factors that affect the normal work of the capacitor, such as water, moisture, corrosive substances, and discharge phenomena. Capacitors are in contact with water, moisture, corrosive substances, etc., and also avoid leakage discharge. After analyzing it down, the external factors should not affect the capacitor, then the epoxy -sealing glue must meet the use of the harsh environment of the capacitor, resist the external environmental impact and not have gels, cracking, and can effectively protect the capacitors.

Therefore, the key target of the capacitor’s epoxy -sealing scheme is not cracking, no gum, and insulation. The key items involved are double 85 tests for more than 1,000 hours, hot and cold shocks of more than 1,000, electrical resistance and chemical corrosion, and insulation strength. To achieve the achievement of the above items, the expansion and contraction coefficients of epoxy sealing can only be met with the problem of decomposition and cracking caused by the continuous expansion and contraction of the colloid. Therefore, first of all, we must first solve the problem of the expansion coefficient and contraction rate of epoxy sealing glue.

From the above -mentioned survey and analysis of the comprehensive application of electrical containers and epoxy sealing gels, the capacitor selects epoxy irrigation and sealing. First of all, we must understand the volume expansion and contraction of the cyclopes of oxygen irrigation seal. After a long time, it will affect the internal capacitors. Epoxy -sealing can be divided into amine and acidic anhydrials. Generally, acid anhydrials are better hygroscopic than amine. The impact of sulfide caused by the hydrogen caused by the hydrogen caused by resistance to electrochemical corrosion causes cracking.

The breakthrough point of the capacitor with epoxy sealing, presumably everyone has a certain understanding, so how to obtain the required epoxy -sealing product? Here, Xiaobian is preferred to recommend Shi Na Shi. Comprehensive performance level.

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