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TOP4: Balabala Balabala children’s clothing children’s dress children skirt summer 2020 new girl resort beach skirt

TOP1: Nivete spring and summer new stripes carefully cutout, loose short -sleeved ice silk knitting versatile holiday dressed back -back dress, big size dress dress

From Nivete, China, Nivete is a pioneering brand owned by Swo Group. It is committed to bringing new life fun to young women in the city to break the traditional complex beauty and exude the unique charm of minimalism. It is always a beautiful group of people who use their casual and elegant to interpret sexy. Blending the fashion elements of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, lead the trend from a unique perspective, pursue independent and elegant temperament, gathered global popular colors, culture, art, etc., establish each woman’s elegant temperament, and aspire to let each girl be made every girl They all have a piece of product. Nivete stripes carefully hollowed out, loose short -sleeved ice -knit dress, large size dress. If you use a black card member to buy it, it is expected to save 3.56 yuan.

TOP2: Fast drying sunscreen [Koala Factory Store] Beach swimming hygroscopic bucket

From the factory store Sunnybates, Shannibic’s brand manufacturer factory was founded in 2000, mainly engaged in men’s and women’s swimsuits, sportswear, yoga clothes, etc. The factory adheres to high -quality fabrics and constantly seek breakthroughs in materials, styles and craftsmanship. All materials have passed international test standards. It aims to produce a stylish, comfortable, and healthy swimsuit to help modern people pursue healthy sports life Essence Won the honor of China’s high -quality clothing promotion units and Olympic support awards. Professional quick -drying superconducting fiber fabrics are ultra -light and supernifiable, soft and skin -friendly, sun protection and cold prevention, fast water absorption, and light and portable, bringing home -like convenience to the journey.

TOP3: Balneaire Van Dan sexy Bikini wrapping skirt sunscreen jeper sandwood swimwear outer skirt fashion shawl

Van Dan, Balneaire, Italy, Balneaire, has a fashion brand with more than 25 years of clothing experience in the international front -line swimwear industry. He has cooperated with Milan design concept team sincerely, focuses on the design of innocent style swimwear, conveys the Italian light luxury lifestyle, showing the display of Italian luxury lifestyle, showing the display of Italian luxury lifestyles, showing the display of Italian luxury lifestyle, showing the display of Italian luxury lifestyle. Fashionable attitude of international front line. The trend items are refreshing and breathable, stylish, and stylish.

Balabala, China, Balabala (Balabala), a well -known leisure brand in China, Semima owner of China Semima Group in 2002 in Hong Kong, China, and Balabala advocates the brand concept of “different childhoods” to provide children with stylish and practical children. Clothing products are suitable for different occasions and activities, allowing children to enjoy a beautiful childhood. Holiday wind beach skirt.

TOP5: Costoso skirt female 2020 summer new Korean chrome chiffon chiffon skirt in the long high waist and thin A -line skirt sweet printed beach fairy skirt

From China Costoso, the Costoso brand originates at the end of 2015. Chidodsa Sasha, which has been influential on Weibo, launched the clothing brand Costoso. The customer base of Chidongsha is mainly concentrated in students and white -collar workers in first- and second -tier cities. It is women’s clothing. One of the more influential online celebrity brands in clothing net red brands. The Costoso brand is mainly sold online, maintaining a strong stickiness with fans through Weibo. Skin -friendly breathable soft and comfortable.