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When talking about a suit, many people think of the suit wearing the suit jacket and suit pants. The suit set is indeed very popular, and it is also a must -have in every fashionable gardening, so suit pants have also become the first choice for many people to wear suit jackets.

For women in the workplace, the suit is even more unprepared, with a strong career atmosphere, and also the aura of a big woman. but

After all, it is a season to wear skirts. This year, there are one item, but it is even hotter than suit pants. It is a suit skirt.

The suit skirt that has evolved through the suit has both femininity and aura, and wearing it in daily life is very elegant. Sometimes as long as the style is selected, you can go out directly to put it on, whether it is workplace or shopping.

Advantages of suit skirts

1. Small children can also control

One of the advantages of a suit skirt is

There is no problem at all when the little girl is driving

Because most of the suit skirts are above the knee, and it looks like wearing a short suit and short skirt, but the business style shown from the visual sense will be stronger. Vision.

2. The style of clothes is not complicated

The reason why many girls do not show their wearing because there are too many clothes in the wardrobe and too many colors, so I do n’t know how to match it is the most fashionable.

The advantages of the suit containing a suit skirt are also beautiful in skirts. A whole set is better matching

Essence For novice Xiaobai, choosing a suitable suit skirt can solve the problem of dressing and matching in the workplace.

Skirt selection of suit skirts

1. Choose the waist model to show a more figure

Most of the suit skirts are designed with waist, and some of them contracted on the waist. It is similar to the traditional female suit with waist design, but the downward part is extended, forming an A -shaped A -shaped ones. shape.

Some are directly worn with the belt. The color of the belt may be consistent with the color of the suit. It may be inconsistent. It will also use a metal buckle as an embellishment. Almost every detail is very in place.

2. The long model must have a sense of design

If you want to wear long suit skirts, you must be more prominent in the design sense. Without any prominent feeling, the overall skirt will be too rigid.

Most girls dare not choose long suit skirts. Another problem is that the height cannot be controlled, because the suit fabric is relatively soft and strong, and it is easy to cause height to be suppressed.

3. Those who do not choose the waist design should be loose

If the selected suit skirt does not have a waist design, then the loose style is actually equivalent to the popular silhouette suit this year, wearing it like the skirt.

What is created is the way to miss the lower body. Many girls prefer to use a suit as a suit skirt. In fact, it is also possible. It will create a strong sense of fashion.

Suit skirt with demonstration

1. suit skirt+shirt

In daily life, girls are usually not particularly bold when wearing suit skirts, and they will definitely wear other clothes to match in it.

Especially a suit skirt with a V -neck design, a white shirt inside, is very layered. It is exposed between the neckline and the cuff part to match the combination of white and gray to become more advanced and layered. The lower body with short nude boots is fashionable and sexy.

2. suit skirt+boots

The more sexy match is to put the suit skirt directly on the body. The inside does not wear inside. The design of the big surrounding collar is too sexy. leg.

The combination of this type is relatively close, so it is very personal, but the requirements for the figure are relatively high, and the fat girl is cautious.

The suit skirt without waist design and belt can still be very soul and fashion. I have mentioned that I have selected more loose on the belt before the belt, and the shoulder lines are wider. The effect of thinness is very good.

The lower body is paired with black knee boots and blue plaids. The visual impact is not very strong, so it is not so exaggerated.

The female star has always been very confident when wearing a suit. A white hollow suit skirt has a hollow design on the waist position. It has a charming curve and appropriately leaves more sexy.

The lower body is paired with black heart -up boots, handsome and neat, and the contrasting color of the black and white shaped the classic, and the whole person was tall and thin.

3. Long suit skirt

The gray -tone long suit skirt is very strong. At the waist position, the waist is properly waist, and a black strap is embellished. The part of the skirt below uses an asymmetrical design, with more folds on the left, and the right side is smooth.

The overall shape is elegant and unique, retro and atmospheric, with a shirt inside, the white neckline and cuffs are very rigorous, charming and feminine, very stylish. This is the advantage of a long suit, as if it is an elegant woman who came out of the last century.

The suit skirt is also very aura in daily life, and it is easy to match. In the spring, you need to wear a formal and more sisters who like to wear skirts. Don’t miss the suit skirt!

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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Suit pants have fallen out of favor. This year’s popular “suit skirt”, many stars are wearing