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Several people were holding a gun, a loose T -shirt, and a big gold chain on the neck. They were blocked at the door of a shop on the streets of Paris and threatened the shop owner Jacques: “If I can’t get the goods today, I will put your shop. Smilled. “

Jacques was frightened. He recognized that these people were mixed gangs. While they were not prepared, they took out their mobile phones and took a close -up of their guns and sent them to Yu Jinbai, who was far away from Yiwu, China: “The goods will not reach the goods again. , I’m finished! “


Yu Jinbai swallowed his mouth, quickly checked the logistics, the screenshot was given to Jacques, soothing the other party: “It’s fast, fast.”

The tense scene occurred in the “Internet Red Store” in the hip -hop circle in Paris.

The boss Jacques is African -American. His shop has a variety of big gold chains, big golden teeth, Cuban chains, diamond pendants, diamond -mosaic watches, etc. Hip -hop style is full of dazzling jewelry.


Yu Jinbai is a supplier of Jacques and a TOP2 seller who sells the TOP2 of Hip -Hop Dimable Categories.

After selling the “Big Gold Chain Watch” for two years, he encountered various strange functions: some people swear words, some people look fierce, but they are extremely humble. thick.

“This is an interesting world that domestic consumers have not spy.”

Rapper of mixed underworld


Among the hip -hop jewelry, the Chinese people are most familiar with the big gold chain.

Shaking the society and shaking the society, talking about the society, the big gold chain on the chest shaking the eyes of passers -by. Those who are Sven, putting it on it, can also instantly create the temperament of the Raptors.

In Europe and the United States, those who are obsessed with the big gold chain either mix under underworld or sing Rapper, or they are rapper mixed with underworld.

Hip -hop was born in New York, USA in the 1970s. The buyers of Yu Jinbai also extended to countries with a strong hip -hop atmosphere such as France and Spain from African -American and Latin descent from New York and Los Angeles.

Dajin Chain is a must -have item for these people, but not the only single product.

The “O’Neal” with a height of 2 meters and a weight of 200 kg, wearing the largest size in the store -the 28mm wide Cuba chain, like a fine noodle.


He asked Yu Jinbai: “Give me a width to 60 mm.”

Yu Jinbai has never seen such a rough chain, and wants to see how the final effect is, so he customized a 60mm wide chain for the buyer alone and inlaid with thousands of vermiculite. The other party got the hand and took the weight, which was very satisfied.

An African -American customers with a height of more than 180 cm, under the flower arm, and the underworld background, see hip -hop pendants, watches, etc. at the Jinbai factory. “At first glance, it looks difficult.” After approaching, I saw the other party stretched out their hands, bent down, showing big white teeth: “Hello.”

“They want to sell the goods in the American offline store, because the hip -hop head jewelry from China, the price is low, and the work is good.” Yu Jinbai had a lot of contact, only to know that many people who play hip -hop in the United States are mixed with gangs, so often There is a pair of aura of “not getting close”.

On one occasion, a customer requested that their custom pendant must add “blue” elements. And repeatedly ordered Yu Jinbai: “You must not be red!”

Yu Jinbai was very puzzled. After questioning, in their city, the red and blue factions were not as powerful as the red and blue factions. Walking on the street, people who meet the same color pendant are friends. The encounter between red and blue may cause a struggle between gangs.

After that, Yu Jinbai will reserve red and blue models in many new styles, “but you can’t see these two colors on a chain.”

Yu Jinbai will also encounter customers with poor temper. “The way they urge the goods and discuss product design are to scold one first.” Yu Jinbai laughed and the phone was connected. A scolding. After mastering the law, he will scold and calm down in English and the other party, “Can we talk about business?”


“They have a bad temper, but they will still be looking for us when they buy.”

Unexpected craftsmanship

People who play hip -hop are not cheap with a set of jewelry.

Yu Jinbai calculated: Cuba chain is standard. You can imagine it as a girl’s collarbone chain, and there must be one. In his shop, the gold -plated Cuba chain sells $ 400-500. People who pay attention will be wearing one or four or five pendants and large gold chains under the Cuban chain, the price is between dozens to hundreds of dollars.


Golden teeth, earrings, gold rings, and glittering watches on their wrists are also essential. A complete set of hip -hop equipment spends at least a thousand dollars. “This is the price in the fast -selling stores, and the local offline stores in the United States are more expensive. Of course, people who are not high can also buy alloys. A few dollars can get one hand, just not so flashing. “

Before selling hip -hop head jewelry, Yu Jinbai’s company made female jewelry. Sales to the world by selling links and offline channels. Until 2019, he saw gold braces products on the outer net, so he smelled business opportunities.

The first braces are pure gold -plated models. Yu Jinbai attached a soft rubber mold in the braces. After encountering high temperature, the tooth mold will soften, and it will fit the teeth while softly. In this way, no matter the size of the teeth, you can wear the golden teeth in the shop.

One month after the gold braces were launched, hundreds of orders were sold. After buying home, many buyers do not read the instructions, do not know how to wear it, and give a bad review, but it does not affect the braces to become explosive.

Yu Jinbai knew in depth that gold braces belonged to the field of hip -hop products. In terms of speed sales, there are not many shops that specialize in hip -hop products.

He hit the iron while it was hot, opened a new -selling shop, and put on a hip -hop full set of jewelry. Make up the Dajin Chain, Cuba Chain, Pendant, Watch, Ring and other products.


It looks not expensive jewelry, from design, board, to production, at least three months. Especially the necklaces inlaid with vermiculite or Mozang diamond, the workmanship is more rigorous.

With thousands of vermiculite, first of all, they must be inlaid on the wax mold, melted with copper in high temperature furnaces, melted copper water, replaced the position of wax, and combined with vermiculite. In the later period, there were also polished, gold -plated, and manually supplemented with gangsters, re -assembly and other processes. “If you don’t do this, the quality may not be closed.” Because of this, there are not many shops that can achieve the same quality as Yu Jinbai.


Due to the long working period, Yu Jinbai’s company is accustomed to stocking, or processing semi -finished products first, and then customization according to the needs of customers. “The fastest custom product can be issued in one week.”


China Rapper is online

Like other fashion items, Dajin Chain also pays attention to the trend.

For process reasons, seven or eight years ago, the purchase cost of vermiculite was not cheap. Correspondingly, the price of vermiculite necklace is mostly one hundred dollars. At that time, the popular gold chain with different materials, “copper, gold plating, and even pure gold are common on the neck of hip -hop people.”

After the cost of vermiculite is reduced, the vermiculite chain is also popular. A few dollars and a dozen dollars of vermiculite chain appear on the high -selling chain. Today, the closest to the real diamond Mosan diamond is also the choice of many hip -hop players.

In addition to materials, popular elements are also changing with time and events. Some movies related to hip -hop are released, and the accessories inside will become the object of the circle chase. Yu Jinbai will also keep up with these trends and launch new models. Often, there will be hundreds of sales within a month.

There are also eternal classics. On one occasion, a customer asked Yu Jinbai. Do you know why the chain and pendant of the elements and pendants of “Dragon Ball” have always been sold?

He told Yu Jinbai that in the early days, the hip -hop singer finished the album and had no money to make the MV. Some singers used the animation clips of “Dragon Ball” to act as the MV. Later singers used this animation. “Dragon Ball” is the feelings of hip -hop people, and it is also sustenance.

Of course, not all styles can be sold. In the warehouse, the Tang monk and Sun Wukong inlaid rhinestone with the elements of Journey to the West are much full than other boxes. “Originally thought that foreigners would like the pendant of Chinese elements, but the result was lost.”

In recent years, the sales volume of Yu Jinbai’s online stores has also begun to grow. He can often see in “Hip Hop in China” and “New Rap” in China. Some players wear their own products.

Northeast people are also frequent visits in the store. “Most of the Northeast people buy it to do a fast live broadcast.” In the live broadcast room, some anchors are for face, and some are to explain their own wear.

As hip -hop music has become popular in China, more and more Rapper represented by post -95s and post -00s, and Dajin Chain has quietly appeared in the dress of young Chinese.


“Yu Jinbai” is a pseudonym.