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For myopia, we usually wear myopia glasses. If you go outdoors, you need to change sunglasses. High requirements for the quality of life and pursuing functional, may wish to consider the color change lenses, get it in and out of the outdoors!


Next, we recommend 5 outdoor ultraviolet lenses, which can automatically adjust the shades of the color of the lens according to the environment.

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Otherwise, I accidentally sit on my eyes


Carl Zeiss | Huan color visual series color change lens

Good adaptability


Unlike most Chinese brands using coating to prevent ultraviolet rays, Zeiss already has ultraviolet protection functions in the substrate, so it will not list Fang UVs separately as a selling point.

The rejo -color vision series adds color -changing technology on the basis of transparent lenses. The lenses will convey between transparent and gray with the intensity of ultraviolet rays in the environment. The color change speed is at the forefront Use sensitive people.

The Zeiss Huan color visual series has 3 membranes to choose from, priced at 400-750 yuan.


Rose Denisha | S series super -degraded dimensions

Comfortable discoloration lens


Unlike brand such as Zeiss and Haoya, Lotus is the first to provide “complete glasses” (mirror shelf+lens) system services for wearers. It is currently the only professional Thai fight in the optical world focusing on glasses research and innovation.

The lens is plated with the Jiali -Telal Crystal Shield Film layer. This membrane can be regarded as a large adult of the functional membrane layer. It not only provides basic functions such as dustproof, waterproof, and reflection. Raising to twice the traditional reducing reflection membrane, at the same time, it has high -intensity UV protection, and there is no need to tangled in the combination of different membrane layers like Zeiss or Haoya.

Rosenede’s color -changing lens technology is second only to Zeiss, but it is much richer than Zeiss in color selection. However, there is no official purchase channel in Mainland China. You can only buy or find reliable purchases. This price is more than 1,000 yuan.



Haoya | Guangzhi Speed ​​color change series


Applied professional law


As a leading company in the Japanese lens brand, Haoya lens has a market share of nearly 50%in the Japanese market, and has always ranked first, and has also ranked among the top in the field of global resin lenses.


Guangzhi Speed ​​Trimming lenses will change into different colors according to the different environmental lights. In the night and indoor lenses, it will be colorless and transparent, light -colored under the light, and dark colors in strong light. It can also guarantee a good vision when the scene is switched.

Restore naked eye vision, apply the Listing’s Law to reduce side vision deviations, suitable for daily driving. The price is around 1,000 yuan.



Nikon | Full View Trimming Lenses

Reduce visual effect


Nikon Transitions-Full-line color-changing lenses can reduce glare, improve the contrast, effectively improve visual comfort, have good ultraviolet protection capabilities. Depending on the specific lenses, the application of the coating process is slightly different.

There is an ECC easy -to -clean film that can easily erase the fingerprint oil stains, which combines hard, waterproof and transparent HCC multi -layer composite film, and high -clean SEE coating that can increase brightness in a dim environment. Choose lenses with different refractive independents in your preferences and habits.

This model can be purchased at Jingdong flagship store, selling for about 1,000 yuan.


Depending on the road | Full View Color Character Series Series

Moderate discoloration in the car



Full -line lenses can effectively block ultraviolet rays. When wearing indoors, the lens is slightly slightly background to avoid the fatigue of the indoor strong light to the eyes. The bright sunlight and the hot weather environment are darker. It is suitable for use when driving Essence The diamond -diamond film layer makes the lens extremely hard, and it is not easy to spend.

According to the different protection capabilities of ultraviolet rays and blue light, the price gap between the specific product is large. The price is between 900-3000 yuan. The A+series is an outer surface anti-ultraviolet, A3 series double-sided anti-ultraviolet rays, and A4 series double-sided ultraviolet and blue light.