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There is a boy called insects. He has been weak since he was a child.

The worm’s uncle said that the warmth effect was comparable to a coat on the neck of the door. Mom bought a beautiful long scarf for the worm. But the worm is not willing to wear anything!

“Girls only wear scarves, I don’t wear it!”

The insect’s uncle turned out a red grid scarf. Although the color was old, the material of the cotton diagonal cloth was still thick and very soft. This was worn when I was a kid, and my mother worn it when she was a child.这 said that the child wearing this scarf would never get sick again.

Scarves worn by my mother and mother when they were young


When the worm saw the scarf, he suddenly quietly. Mom surrounded his scarf around his neck.


The worm felt that this scarf was very beautiful, and the neck was hot. It’s really comfortable!


The worm accepted this scarf.

Since then, the worm has to wear this scarf every time he goes out. The important thing is that he has never got sick again.

People say that this scarf is a baby!


One day, I gave the worms a good scarf and took him out to play. After returning home, I found that when I do n’t know when, the red plaid scarf on the bug’s neck, the red plaid scarf of the cotton fabric has become a colorful, fabric brand new orange red lattice scarf!

The baby scarf around the worm’s neck has become like this!

Huh? Intersection So strange? Intersection who is it? What about the baby scarf quietly?

It coincides with a severe infectious disease everywhere, a very unhappy disease, and some people lose their lives! Can this new scarf protect the insects? Intersection Adults are worried!

Fortunately, the worm is very obedient and never go out, playing on the balcony every day.

But one day, the worm suddenly had a fever!

When the doctor’s mother was frightened, the family began to be separated by herself. Fortunately, insects are just ordinary cold. Because of their strong body, it will get better soon!



One day, there was a knock on the door. My mother opened the door. It turned out that the nanny who once helped the child at the neighbor’s house, the surname was Luo.

Mom asked, “Haven’t you resigned?” Aunt Luo said, “Yes, the child’s child goes to kindergarten, and I go home to take my grandson. I am here today. Apologize for your family! “

It turned out that after seeing the worm wearing a red plaid scarf, Aunt Luo stopped getting sick, so she bought a scarf with similar patterns and replaced the scarf around the worm’s neck.

After returning home, she put her scarf on her little grandson on her neck, thinking that her grandson would not regenerate from then on. However, the little grandson had to be infectious! Moreover, her family was infected! Thanks to the efforts of doctors and nurses, their family finally recovered health!

After the infectious disease was completely eliminated by the people across the country, Aunt Luo decided to immediately return the baby scarf to the insect’s house. “” I offended the baby of your ancestor, so I was punished! I must correct my mistakes to protect my children and grandchildren! Aunt Luo said sincerely.

In this way, the red plaid scarf is back!

The worm’s uncle wrote this story. She wants everyone to know that the old things should not be lost casually, it is likely to be a baby!

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Write behind:

This scarf is indeed used by 和 and mother as a child. It has a history of 65 years. It is still strong and beautiful now. It is really rare! At the beginning, my mother refused to wear a few scarf worms. She only saw this scarf, so she was obedient, and she must be sneezing when she went out.