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In the high -end rectification home improvement, wine cabinets are a very important detail in restaurant furniture and living room furniture, including wine grids, wine racks, and wine display tables, so that the wine glass behind the glass door shows artistic temperament. The solid wood wine cabinet, especially customized a solid wood wine cabinet, allows the home environment to add three points to fully display the master’s life taste and cultural accomplishment. Let ’s take a look at how to customize a personalized solid wood cabinet.

1. The appearance of the solid wood wine cabinet

The design of the solid wood cabinet is very artistic, with high taste, and has a solid wood flavor. This is related to different woods. Different wood has different fragrance. It is even more first -rate in storing wine. It is an excellent choice for long -term storage of red wine to improve quality.


Second, the location of the solid wood wine cabinet

If you place your carefully collected famous wine in any corner of the room, it will undoubtedly make the pearl dust and reduce the luxurious style of the famous wine itself. The best way is to customize solid wood temperature wine cabinets, which not only allows you to better collect famous wine, but also create an excellent wine tasting atmosphere.

For example, a European -style cherry wood wine cabinet, custom style belongs to European style, can also make wine exuding exotic, dark wooden cabinets, which is quite European and American rural atmosphere. In the vineyard, it is melted with nature.

For example, the classic European -style high -end wine cabinet is not short of fashionable and generous, showing noble quality everywhere; wine cabinets contain wine racks, wine grids, wine display tables, wine glass cabinets, and wine storage cabinets. The owner can show his hobbies and unique wines and unique wines.

Third, the material selection of solid wood wine cabinets

The wine cabinet of solid wood has a very high environmental protection factor. It always shows the heritage of nature, which makes people feel healthy and comfortable. Exquisite European -style antique style, the details show their pursuit of high -quality life.

The solid wood wine cabinet mainly uses the following kinds of wood:

1. U.S. Chihua Birch

The density is small; the brown holes are fine and light, and can only be used for closed paint; the texture is not obvious. The color of the clear water is suitable for light colors and suitable for bottom repair; Many merchants are called South American cherry wood. They are one of the better door panel materials, which are suitable for cabinet door panels, wardrobe door panels, etc.

2. American Red Oak

The density is large, the brown hole is thick and deeper, suitable for open paint; obvious texture, many mountain patterns and oblique lines, suitable for making coloring products for clear water; not suitable for light water products It is easy to shape and engrave. It is a good choice to make cabinet door panels, wardrobes, wall panels, and solid wood houses. It is also suitable for retro style. Oak waterproof performance is better. It is more common in abroad to make beer barrels. In the domestic market, it is also a solid wood cabinet brand or solid wood wardrobe brand.

3. American red cherry wood

In the density; the brown holes are fine and shallow, and can only be used for closed paint to wipe the color; the texture is obvious, the color of the water can be dark; Cut straight, can be carved and carved, and is the first choice for high -end furniture.

4. Brazilian rosewood

The hardness is very high, and the color is pleasing to the eye. Unlike the production of rosewood in Southeast Asia, the Brazilian rosewood is less tiger and the leather pattern, the material is delicate and easy to engrave. It is a high -end precious wood. As the output of Southeast Asian rosewood is getting less and less, the Brazilian rosewood is becoming more and more sought after. The market price is also increasing year by year, becoming a new favorite for value preservation and value -added furniture materials.

Fourth, solid wood wine cabinet basic configuration

The functionality of the wine cabinet can be adjusted according to the needs of individuals or families. Usually, before customizing the wine cabinet, the size, height, and number of partitions should be designed according to factors such as the number, type, texture, and characteristics of the owner.

The basic configuration of custom wine cabinets includes door panels, cabinets, hardware, drawers, and cabinets. The optional configuration includes handle, wine cabinet and wine rack.

5. Customized wine cabinet size design

Since it is a custom wine cabinet, of course, it should first reflect the advantages of “tailor -made”. The designer should first communicate with the owner, determine the placement position of the wine cabinet, and then make the area of ​​the area, height, and shape of the location accurately, and provide specific data to the manufacturing section, so as to ensure that the wine cabinet’s cabinet The size is appropriate.

First of all, it depends on whether the wine cabinet is home or commercial. The family wine cabinet style is large and the size is determined, which is based on the principle of practicality.

If it is home, the size is uncertain, and the area of ​​the owner’s room increases or decreases. Usually, the height of the wine cabinet should not exceed 180cm. If it is too high, it is inconvenient to take wine. The height of each floor is between 30-40cm and the thickness is usually about 30cm.

If it is a commercial wine cabinet, it is usually divided into two parts, one is the bottom cabinet, which is usually about 60cm, and the thickness is about 50cm. The height of the cabinet does not exceed 2 meters and the thickness does not exceed 35. The distance between the wine cabinet and the bar is usually more than 90 cm.

The following data can be used for the designer’s reference:

The depth of the wine cabinet: generally about 30cm ~ 35cm, but generally divided into two parts, the depth of the following part will be larger.

Female users adapt to about 1.1-1.8 meters. Male users adapt to 1.2-1.9 meters, about 0.3-0.4 meters, and the space septum is about 0.3-0.4. About 0.45 meters, so its overall design space should be around 1.06-1.27 meters. Of course, this is just a common case, which can be customized according to its own needs.

In addition, the size of the wine cabinet can also be designed according to the amount of alcohol stored.

595 × 480 × 1610mm Storage 84 pieces/250ml

605 × 875 × 602mm Storage 54 pieces/250ml

598 × 605 × 1650mm Storage 90 pieces/250ml

595 × 600 × 970mm Storage 54 films/168ml

6. The placement of the solid wood wine cabinet

1. Most of the wine cabinets are tall and transparent. It is a symbol of a mountain. It should be placed on the owner of the household. If the owner belongs to the East Fourth Life, the wine cabinet should be placed in the east, southeast, south and Zhengbei east of the restaurant. , Northwest and Northeast Western Quartet.

2. The lens in the wine cabinet should not be too large. Many wine cabinets use lens as the backboard, making the wine and crystal cups in the wine cabinet look more crystal clear. But decorative lenses should not be too large, and cannot be opposed to the dedicated Shentai.

3. The wine cabinet should not be placed next to the fish tank. The wine cabinet is a furniture with heavy water and gas, and the fish tank is more water. The essence of the two is similar. If it is placed together, it will cause too much water. If it is difficult to move, a pot of green plants can be placed between the wine cabinet and the fish tank, that is, one wood is between two water, which can eliminate too much water gas.

4. Placement of the bar. Some modern families like to replace the bar table instead of the wine cabinet. The bar should be placed in the dead end of the restaurant. Because the water nature of the bar is flexible and changing, it is not afraid of pressure, so it is okay to place it at the bottom of the stairs.

5. The cup cabinet should not be too large. Some families who do not like wine are instead of placing a cup of butterfly cup cabinet in the restaurant. Then, the cup cabinet should not be too large. If the cup cabinet and the wall are the same as the wall, it is recommended to use a low cabinet to improve the feng shui of the restaurant.

Seven, the maintenance of solid wood wine cabinets

First, the surface maintenance of solid wood wine cabinets is very important

Because the solid wood wine cabinet itself is an ornamental solid wood product, the details that pay attention to the superficial maintenance process are the tips of beauty. There are dirt to wipe, but you should also pay attention to methods. Many people think that the decontamination effect of alcohol is very good, but it is worth considering that alcohol has corroded wooden ingredients. Excessive use of alcohol for wooden structure will cause the quality of the solid wood cabinet to have problems.

Second, the solid wood wine cabinet keeps dry

Everyone knows that the solid wood wine cabinet is wood, and the most afraid of wood is the source of the fire. When using a solid wood cabinet, people often have a misunderstanding. It feels that the place where the supply is close to the supply or thermal energy is usually very high in drying, and it is very good if the solid wood wine cabinet can be kept dry when used. But dryness can rely on the sunlight, in fact, it has nothing to do with the supply and thermal energy.

Third, solid wood wine cabinets prevent exposure

Pay attention to some details when using solid wood wine cabinets. The principle of thermal energy is one aspect. Secondly, the sunlight cannot be directly illuminated, which will cause certain damage to the paint surface and wooden structure of the surface. Essence Try to place it in places without the sun, but it should not be too far away from the sun, because dry use is also very important for solid wood cabinets.