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At 8 pm on November 10, BOE 11.11 ushered in climax in 2021. The survey shows that when it comes to the most valuable changes in 11.11 this year, more than 60 % of netizens prefer to pay the end and deposit at 8 o’clock in the evening.

Within 4 hours from 8:00 on the 10th to 11th, you can see consumers’ longing for a better life and the pursuit of consumption upgrades. Among them, the TOP5 category: mobile phones, refrigerators, tablets, washing machines, air conditioners; sales of TOP5 category: milk dairy products, paper pumping, shampoo, edible oil, biscuit cake.

Under such consumption enthusiasm, many brands of merchants ushered in a great surprise at 8 to 11 of that night. In the words of the person in charge of Jingdong Huashi Zhiba specialty store, the popularity of this year was at all. ” “As soon as 8 o’clock,” Visits and sales have taken off, and the inventory is urgent in less than 1 hour. Many products are sold out without insisting on 0 o’clock. “At present, they are fully replenishing. They must ensure consumer needs.

This is the fastest growing 11.11 in small and medium -sized enterprises. Small and medium -sized brands have increased by more than 4 times year -on -year. saves 78.5%of basic operating costs for small and medium businesses. Taking the “Fruit Cooked” brand, which is mainly based on gas -bomb tea drinks, as an example, within one hour participating in’s new product day, the turnover increased by 500%year -on -year, and the number of visitors increased by 500 times a month -on -month.

This is also the fastest -growing Jingdong 11.11 in the national tide. The sales volume of old -fashioned cross -border goods increased by 105%year -on -year. Among them, first- and second -tier cities led the Chinese brand consumption proportion to the growth rate.

At the same time, high -quality agricultural products and farmers’ income have also become one of the important melody running through 11.11 this year. For example, Wuchang rice has the reputation of the crown of rice, and after cooperates with the local area, it will double the income of local farmers.

JD 11.11 opens at 8 pm

Consumers can finally stay up late

This year’s 11.11 “Stay up late at 8 pm” is called “Ba Shi” consumption. For consumers, you don’t need to wait until midnight to order, you can choose your favorite products more calmly and easily, so you enjoy huge convenience.

For the consumer market, 4 hours in advance means that more office workers, students, young mothers, and elders can enjoy shopping fun in time.

According to the “Double Eleven Pre -Sale Inspection Report in 2021”, the prepaid deposit and the final payment strategy began at 8 pm, which is more in line with user behavior, which is consistent with the most active time of users. Among the new users on November 1st, the 19-30 years old accounted for 30.5%, and the increase in new users reached 2.3 times on October 20, leading the industry.

It can be seen from the 4 -hour sales situation that the consumption fashion of young people is driving the overall consumer market, and new users are “going straight to the theme”, which clearly points to upgraded consumption.

This year’s 11.11 home appliances have become mainstream, and the 4 -hour turnover increased by more than 6 times year -on -year. Haier refrigerators, Casa Di refrigerators, Hisense TV, Huawei smart screen, LG, Rongsheng, Haier TV, vidda, Changhong TV, Mijia, Delong, Mo Fei, Beiding, Emiut, Pioneer, Mars and other more than 100 brands The 4 -hour turnover exceeds the whole day of last year. At the same time, trendy home appliances are favored by users. Entertainment TV turnover increased by more than 300%year -on -year, and the sales of new wind air conditioners increased by 4.5 times year -on -year. The transaction turnover of the steaming baked integrated integrated integrated stove exceeded the whole day of last year.

At the same time, the computer digital turnover has reached a new high, and many new categories are loved by users. Among them, the transaction turnover of electronic education category increased by 100%year -on -year, and the transaction amount of 4K projectors increased by 120%year -on -year.

The mobile phone is a concentrated show of domestic brand merchants. Xiaomi, IQOO, OPPO, Honor, Huawei, Vivo’s high -end flagship mobile phone sales exceeded 4 times the day on the 11th last year; the number of users who selected mobile phones at increased by 7 times year -on -year, from unique quality guarantee flagship mobile phones to Intimate service, users can enjoy the one -stop purchase service created by

与此同时,京东超市各品类均取得爆发式增长,婴幼儿辅食、一次性清洁手套、精品黑咖啡、全麦面包、植物蛋白饮料、名庄精品酒、新锐白酒、牛油果油、口腔喷雾、裤Ten 21 categories such as types of sanitary napkins, rice oil, trendy blind box, soy sauce, whiskey, hairy crabs, shampoo, underwear washing fluid, laundry beads, milk, milk powder, and induction trash cans reached all last year within half an hour to 4 hours. Sky interaction.

The overall turnover of fresh freshness increased by 167%year -on -year. The old name and the new domestic goods increased strongly. The transaction turnover increased by 50 times year -on -year. Ningxin’s turnover increased by 16 times year -on -year.

4 hours of opening, TCL smart locks, Musi, Yalan, Xilinmen, Kangbarbach, Ai Space, etc. exceeding the thousands of home big names exceeded the whole day of last year. The new sanitary product transaction volume increased by three times the year -on -year year -on -year increase. It focuses on the “National Home Furnishing” product line that has improved Jingdong C2M development and self -operated operation efficiency. The turnover of the first 4 hours exceeded October.

The turnover of’s luxury shoes and boots increased by 230%year -on -year, and the turnover of luxury clothing increased by 180%year -on -year. The two -hour transaction value of Zegna exceeded the whole day of last year. The RIMOWA turnover increased by 3 times year -on -year. Young color schemes such as Rimowa Desert Rose Powder have been heated, and sales increased by more than 250%year -on -year; Delvaux’s new gray teddy, winter new product ripple white snow bag sold out within 1 hour.

The number of generations of generations participating in Jingdong Clothing 11.11 was three times the same period last year. The new trend category and new products loved by generations increased by 300%year -on -year.

With the tendency of beauty consumption to refine and personalized, the emerging brand has relying on the characteristics of high efficiency and cost -effectiveness, and the fans Z generation beauty enthusiasts.’s new TOP 100 brand overall turnover has increased 33 times from October, of which the emerging brand PMPM increased by more than 100 times the day from October.

The main force of young people as a health consumption has led to the rise of health consumption. Within 4 hours of opening, the turnover of the HPV9 price vaccine appointment for HPV9 for under 26 increased by more than 10 times year -on -year. Among the health consumption such as sports health, nutritional supplement, image management, and sleep improvement, the proportion of post -90s users accounted for more than half. Among these categories, the transaction turnover of protein powder category increased by nearly 10 times year -on -year, the transaction of sports nutrients and creatine categories increased by 4 times year -on -year, and the transaction turnover of probiotics increased by 310%year -on -year. , Becoming the most popular piral bacteria items for consumers after the 95th; the transaction of Filo Jiashui light needle and Hailu Eye Pot, which can be called the “generation of generations,” increased by 20 times and 13 times year -on -year.

In the opening 4 hours, the overall turnover of JD International increased by 11 times year -on -year, and nearly 1,000 imported brands increased by more than 100%year -on -year. Among them, the transaction turnover of Shiseido has increased by 26 times year -on -year. In addition, the turnover of JD International’s third -party merchants increased by 646%year -on -year. In addition to providing consumers with massive high -quality imported goods, JD International has also provided great help for the growth of many partners.

The total turnover of’s own brand increased by 122%year -on -year; the total turnover of BOE Tokyo increased by 156%year -on -year.

2021 ’s night was launched at 8:18 pm on JD live broadcast and Beijing Satellite TV. During the period, Chen Jianbin, Pan Yueming and other celebrities and famous writers such as Mai Jia, Ma Weidu, and other well -known writers were linked to the same stage.

Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that for many consumers in the society, the attraction of “Double Eleven” is beyond doubt, but it may not be accompanied by the happiness of shopping. Night war often brings “ordering and playing” or “ordering and muttering”. Judging from JD’s “8 o’clock in the evening”, it is more humane than before. People can be said to be “placing an order and happy”.

JD 11.11 continues to “sink”

The potential of emerging markets is rapidly manifested

In today’s Chinese consumer market, young users are often the pioneers of new trends, and their consumption habits will be transmitted to a wider user circle. During 11.11 this year,’s new users accounted for more than 77%.

Among them, in the consumption structure of counties and townships, the proportion of home appliances, medicine, and furniture is rising rapidly. Medicine consumption accounts for 42%year -on -year, jewelry and jewelry increased by 39%, and nutritional health care was increased by 32%. The transaction amount of tooth flusher and scanning robot increased by 2-3 times year-on-year, and smart home appliances/furniture even reached 5-10 times.’s “City Love Purchase” activity has helped the turnover of Guangxi Wuzhou bee product enterprises increased by 300%month -on -month, driving bee farmers to increase their income and become rich.

In response to the sinking market, Jingdong Home Appliances 11.11 omni -channel. The overall turnover of 15,000 household appliances in the country covers 25,000 townships and 600,000 administrative villages exceeded the same day of the same period last year. In particular, the passenger flow of Chongqing store in JD Electric Appliances Super Experience Store increased by more than 200%year -on -year.

In terms of service platform merchants, more than 4,000 computer digital open platform merchants have a 4 -hour turnover exceeding the entire day of last year, and they are rash.

At the same time, data from various industries show that the transaction turnover of the hardware tool Yongkang industrial belt increases by 150%year -on -year, the transaction turnover of the lighting of the Zhongshan industrial belt increases by 168%year -on -year, and the turnover of the Anji Computer Chair Industry Band increases by 240%year -on -year.

The trend of sinking the market is obvious. From 8 pm to 12 pm, the turnover of six -tier cities increased by 145%year -on -year, and the turnover of 3 -tier cities increased by 98%year -on -year, showing that the demand for knowledge and reading in the sinking market was increasing.

Jingdong 11.11 Guo Chao continues to station C position

Service consumption explosion

There are both traditional classics and trendy fashion -this is the best interpretation of young people’s impression of domestic trendy products. For young people, the biggest charm of the national tide IP joint model is to meet the needs of personalized consumption needs Resonate the emotional resonance of individuals.

Taking the old name and domestic brands sold in Jingdong Supermarket as an example, 4 hours of opening, Guangzhou Restaurant turnover increased by 10 times year -on -year, Ying’s transaction volume increased by 3 times year -on -year. Increased by 10 times, the turnover of the keeppley building block increased by 10 times year -on -year.’s big makeup is continuously online, and over 20 big names such as Helena, Snow Show, L’Occitane, 3CE, and Meikefei increased by more than 100%year -on -year. Under the influence of the national tide style, domestic products brands have shown strong growth. More than 10 domestic products brands such as Skinbao and Ou Shuman increased by more than 100%year -on -year, of which Huaxizi’s turnover increased by 6 times year -on -year.

The domestic watches in clocks and watches increased by 180%year -on -year. The latest domestic designer brand Giga Design, which has been GPHG, completed three times the sales of last day last day. Sales increased by more than 8 times.

The transaction value of Guo Chao Cultural and Creative Products exceeded the entire day 11 last year. The transaction amount of the Forbidden City increased by 300%year -on -year. The national porcelain Yongfeng brand exceeded 150%year -on -year.

Jingdong Clothing SMFK, Nothomme, SUBTLE, Youshu, Beijing Gongmei and so on have increased by more than 10 times the overall domestic tide brand. The performance of new domestic products brands such as thumb white T, 7OR9, BABAMA, and beams is particularly bright. The overall transaction volume of the opening period of the climax increased by more than 12 times. Among them, Jinggongmei ’s ancient method bracelets, and the Chinese tide products such as the same home service in the banana Wang Yibo are welcomed by consumers.

Professional and high -end sports outdoor products are loved by more users. The high -end sports shoes and clothing brand Descente’s official flagship store has two hours before the two -hour turnover, which exceeded the entire day of last year.

The younger generation showed more interest in extreme sports and street popular culture. In the first 4 hours, the transaction turnover of Jingdong Movement’s roller skateboarding brand REBUILD increased by 150%year -on -year. Female users prefer yoga fitness projects. Two hours before the climax, Li Ning yoga’s goods turnover increased by about 10 times year -on -year.

In addition, the increase in service consumption of “enjoyment” is a new trend shown in Jingdong 11.11. It is a convenient choice for consumers to solve the problem of living payment and handling business through JD life. In the first 4 hours,’s life payment order volume increased by 8.8 times year -on -year, and the number of orders for agency agency increased by 120%year -on -year. At 8 pm, the online consultation volume of Beijing self -operated real estate exceeded 3,000.

For example, the recent low -temperature weather allows more car owners to start paying attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the car. From 4 hours before 8 o’clock, the order volume of the BOE CMC increased by 10 times year -on -year, and the order volume of self -operated car product installation service increased by 130%year -on -year.

Jingdong Clothing is launched on a special purchase of down jackets. Based on the winter and temperature differences in the winter and temperature differences in the north and south, the accurate matching of the goods has been achieved. The overall overall overall overthrow of down jackets increased by 248%.

Since the launch of Healthy Pet Hospital, a large number of pet doctors have enthusiastically joined the service team. At present, more than 3,000 strict selection veterinarians provide services online. Compared with the trial operation, the average daily average of more than 15 times has increased significantly. During the 11.11, Healthy Pet Hospital Pet Nutritionist and Behavior Trainer were officially launched to provide more convenient and multi -level pet health services for pet users.

JD Jewelery’s “Golden Safe” transactions have increased by 50 times from October. The turnover of the home “worry -free installation” marked goods increased by 170%year -on -year, and the turnover of large -piece furniture with old -fashioned protection increased by 260%year -on -year.

Li Zhengbo, the chief expert of the China International Electronic Commerce Center of China International Electronic Commerce Center, pointed out that long -term purchase of time will also release new consumer demand, brand merchants and logistics companies can better cope with the peak of the order of “Double Eleven”, from concentrated from concentration Explosion impact sales, how to continue to be steady and smooth services to increase consumer attention and brand stickiness.

Jingdong 11.11 drives the growth of the industrial chain

The Chinese economy continues to improve

Driven by the “Pakistani” consumption, the category of consumer goods is increasingly segmented, which is not only a manifestation of consumption upgrade, but also reflects the general trend of people’s pursuit of higher quality, freshest, more trendy, and newer.

At 10 minutes in the evening of the 10th, high -end single malt whiskeys have increased by 16 times year -on -year; functional segmentation and Jiaqing products have increased, and the mouth spray has increased by 30 times year -on -year. ; Washing and pearls of beads increased by 5 times year -on -year; early education and intellectual toys increased significantly, and the turnover brand Xiaobien’s turnover increased by 8 times year -on -year.

The growth of small and medium -sized merchants is equally happy. The transaction turnover of the main food merchants in the open platform increased by 323%year -on -year. The main non -food merchant turnover of the open platform increased by 410%year -on -year.

The domestic beauty makeup brand is also seen by more consumers in Jingdong 11.11 this year.’s Cube data shows that the emerging brand of skin care brands, from October 19th to November 1st, the turnover increased by 114.79%daily, and the number of visitors increased by 609.51%month -on -month. The number of new customers accounted for nearly 40%.

JD Supermarket’s emerging brand is popular with consumers. Drinking and Meijian reached the turnover of last day in 6 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively. Empty, Wang Xiaolou, Xicha, Blue River, and free point for half an hour to reach the turnover of last day; Oatly, Takuya, Akita Manchu, Little Deer Lan, Pei Peane, Dunhuang reached the turnover of last day. Essence


In the development of more than ten years, Jingdong 11.11 is no longer a simple shopping festival, but reflects as a new physical enterprise, driving new consumption, new models, and new formats to accelerate the formation, injecting new vitality into the real economy.

“Jingdong 11.11 reflects the comprehensive recovery of China’s continuous trend and consumer confidence, as well as the efficiency of new physical enterprises with deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy and helping the high -quality development of the real economy.” Yao Jingyuan, the former chief economist, pointed out.