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It is a must -have clothing style for many people to spend winter. Unfortunately, the cotton clothing is very warm, but there are very obvious disadvantages. The fat people are prone to fatter. The short girl is easy to wear.

Short leg

There are always people who will wear some problems, so when they are matched with cotton clothes, everyone must adjust through their own figure. The short man should be matched with cotton clothes, showing his legs and temperament.

Be cute and generous


By pairing with high -waisted skirts or pants to choose cotton clothes with long legs, they all have the effect of preventing the short -standing cotton clothing.


Recommendation of conventional cotton clothes

The style of cotton clothing is long and short, the length of the cotton is not long, and the thickness is not very fluffy. It is the most common style of everyone. It is comfortable to wear on the body.

The length is suitable for different heights

The thickness is suitable for different figures.

As long as the clothing is not a long style, the conventional designed cotton clothing will not be displayed.

Short Legs,

However, I chose short clothes and tight pants to show long legs. Black cotton clothing

Yellow vest

, White cotton jacket with black vest 扥 contrasting color matching method,

Fluffy cotton clothing

After the fluffy cotton jacket is designed as short, it will be very suitable for short women to wear, which can show long legs and make the gas field become

More advanced effect

Essence With tight clothing, the feeling of unique atmosphere is more obvious.

Woman with a good figure put on

Tight -fitting long skirt,

With the fluffy short cotton clothes, it will obviously have more Royal Sister Fan, but the proportion of the figure is high.

Choose shirt long skirt

The loose design is also very advanced, but the temperament will be more gentle.

The fluffy cotton clothing is designed as black, which can prevent the clothing from being too fat to a certain extent, but when the clothing you wear is a short tight vest, or

Tight trousers

With the clothing with outstanding fluffy effects, the design effect is obviously more fashionable.

It’s like black and white checkered fluffy cotton clothes, as long as it is matched

Tight -fitting clothing will not be displayed

Fat, won’t go with short inner matching

Wearing additional high heels is even more imperial, and no one can see your real height.

Middle -length cotton clothing

Big style is relatively short

Different cotton clothes,

The medium -length cotton clothing is not a tall cotton suit. Of course, it cannot directly show the effect of showing the length of the legs. The length of the buttocks is very suitable for women with full hips to wear, and it is not easy to show fat. Directly paired with long models

The T -shirt must be short -legged.

It is better to wear a dress and a obvious belt, you can choose high waist pants, but you must put on the jacket open, otherwise

The effect of showing long legs


Style for height

It also has a certain impact. Because of the too fluffy design, the cotton clothing makes the gas field softer.

Not enough courage, because

It is difficult to match the domineering model. Yujie Fan, mature fan and domineering field help to increase height. Most tall children have it

Such temperament.

Putting on the high -necked long skirt, exposing long legs, or wearing retro -style wide -leg pants and suit pants, all have the effect of showing handsomeness. Especially when wearing colorful cotton clothes, with high -end clothing

The gas field is cooler.

Short -thin cotton clothing

Short cotton clothing with


Thin design

It can be said that there are no other disadvantages except for not warm enough. The legs are not fat, and they are good -looking at casual. It is very suitable and characteristic in excessive season. Thin -cotton clothes are generally unique in a more unique way

Cotton is fixed in clothes, and the pattern is very characteristic.

The grain pattern’s cotton clothes are more luxurious, suitable for matching

Wheels skirt

, Or a cotton skirt with a checkered texture, the visual effect is very unique. In fact, it is simple to match

The black suit is not ugly,

Especially colorful styles.

There is no special element with a thin cotton clothing without a checkered pattern design, so add gray or black, it will be a bit old, you need to match with colorful clothing or cool style clothing to make your overall matching becomes your overall mix becoming

More fashionable.


Colorful clothing

Choose a red top,


Yellow small shirts are okay

, Daily wear the lower body or black pants

It is more suitable for skirts, and the color of the socks is too strange to make people feel the calm temperament of winter.

Shoulder design exaggerated cotton clothing

After all, cotton clothes are also popular


A long time, yes

Some unique design is normal. For example, in order to make the gas field more fashionable, choose to design the arms of the cotton

Exaggerate, do


The effect of bubble sleeves will increase the unique retro model.


It’s just that this design will definitely make the cotton clothes more darkest, with you

Just go out for a simple thin clothing,

It is also recommended that everyone put on short pants or skirts, with tight bottom socks, increase


The temperament, highlight the unique gas field of the top.

Unlike the cotton jacket designed by bubble sleeves, forcibly designing the cotton clothing as the shoulder -to -shoulder style will have a good lean effect, making the gas field more advanced. Unique version design

Very dazzling


Just like a suit, as long as you match the short design, it can be completely played

A good effect of showing legs.


The lower body with cool clothing and age reduction effects. With the high -end hip skirt, it also looks more imperial, it is a unique cotton jacket design with high practicality.

Short leg