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Recent It was raining in two days, and washed the car just washed. Don’t wash it, it’s really uncomfortable to look!

If you choose to wash your car outside, even if the car washing cost of the roadside car washing shop is not low now, such as automatic car washing machine, it will take 20 times, not only not economical, but also not clean. The slightly reliable artificial car washing is basically once 50 yuan. In addition, the charging is just one aspect. What is more headache is the time for waiting in line. Whenever I want to wash the car myself, it seems that the car owners around me will have this idea. No matter where they go, they are queuing, queuing, queuing …

In view of the above reasons, if there are conditions, start with a car wash machine, choosing a buffet car washing may be more affordable. You do n’t need to trouble the queue, and you can wash it when you want to wash it. , Will always be more attentive, right? And even if it rains in two days, there is no need to be depressed, and then rinse, the car will be renewed again!

Sisi F1 car washing machine:

In the field of digital and automotive supplies, the product line can be described as very rich. I also have a lot of product choices of Bisi brands, such as charging treasures, vehicle vacuum cleaners, emergency starting power supply, and so on. Recently, Sisi launched a high -pressure cleaning machine with a power of up to 1500W and 100BAR backwing pressure -F1 car washing machine ▼

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Best car washing machine artifact high -power high -pressure water gun household 220V brushing water pump cleaning device portable new type

¥ 659



This high -pressure cleaning machine abandoned a fancy alien design in appearance, but adopted a very formal shape, with the metal body of space ash, full of industrial style, not only simple and fashionable, but also given people a one more people, but also given people a one. It feels very tough.

In terms of accessories, the separated gun handle is extended, which is more convenient for storage; the 5 -meter -long water pipe is enough to wash the car in general venues; The situation of the gravel paint is painted.


The connector configuration is complete. Whether it is an external water faucet or a water tank bucket for self -absorbing water, it can be used normally with different joints. Water sources cause disorders.

The main components of the host, the inlet and out of the water pipe, the gun handle, and the high -pressure car washing machine are connected by fast connection. The advantage of the design is that the assembly and disassembly are easier.

When washing the car, it can be convenient to switch the foam mode and rinse mode at any time to meet different use needs.

Different from the inductive motor of the general car washing machine, Boosi configured the industrial -grade air -cooled string stimulator to this F1 car washing machine, which increased to 21,700 rpm per minute, which made its power reach 1200W, compared to the 800W 800W 800W. The left and right sensor motors improved one -third!

More power provides a stronger backwing water pressure, and 100BAR’s hydraulic performance has also greatly ahead of the general car washing machine on the market. It is believed that even if the dirty body is dirty, it is not stingy. And in order to avoid physical damage caused by large pressures in some scenarios, the F1 car wash machine also designed an autonomous regulating knob to combine with visual pressure gauges, which can intuitively set the required pressure. Scenes can be used.

The extended nozzle of the F1 car washing machine integrates the water outlet mode of the influence, rinse from the zero -angle high pressure, rinse it to the small fan, and then washed in large areas to easily cope with different use needs.

In order to avoid the paint surface of the rough gravel, it is recommended to wet the body through the low -pressure water out of the large fan surface, and then combined with the foam pot to prepare the flow of the flowers to soften the natural decline foam and take away the body on the body. Granules.

When cleaning the front gear and the window, the fan -shaped cleaning mode is also more efficient and efficient.

Concentrated water columns are rinsed out and decontaminated, combined with fan surface water columns to remove residual detergents, and flexible switching methods, so that the F1 car wash machine takes into account the cleaning effect and efficiency. It can also be so simple and efficient by car washing.

The cleaning of the wheels is often a very headache, especially the vehicle using high -end brake pads, which provides a good brake performance, but it brings a lot of brake pads to wear dust. And once these dust remains in the wheels, these dusts remain in the wheel hub After a long time, it is difficult to remove it with general cleaning methods. At this time, the more concentrated high -pressure flushing mode comes in handy!


Finally, check the missing and supplement. Pay attention that if the gaps are not cleaned, the point -to -point cleaning treatment can be done. After all, then the final water collection will be done.

The integrated body of the F1 car washing machine, coupled with the flexible accessories disassembly method, can easily store it into the trunk, and cooperate with the storage box, which will not take too much space. Cleaning tools, where to do it easily, properly mobile car washing shop!

Finally, for safety protection, Sisi also considers the same way: after all, it is a car wash machine for a humid environment. Waterproof protection must be done. F1 car wash machine provides the waterproof level of IPX5. Safe, plus the bottom -off anti -slip support and leakage protection function at the bottom; at the same time, if you perform high -voltage water flushing directly to the human body, it is easy to cause accidental damage. To this end, the thought not only uses loosening and stopping the water and stopping the water directly. The gun handles are also designed at the bottom of the gun handle, which further avoids the safety issues that bear children may cause.


For car owners with a high frequency of car wash, it should be a more affordable choice to prepare a car washing machine by themselves, which not only saves daily car wash spending, and it can be cleaned more frequently for ordinary body dirt, and the vehicle is always clean.


在洗车机的选择上,本次体验的倍思F1洗车机也许是个不错的选择,因为倍思在这件F1洗车机设计和堆料上,着实非常用心:金属机身设计,兼顾颜值以及Durable, combined with patented technologies, and IPX5 -level waterproof and leakage protection functions, use more secure use; industrial -grade wind -cold string excitement, 1200W high power, 100BAR high -pumping hydraulic pressure, strong cleaning performance; autonomous pressure regulating pressure regulation; autonomous regulation The valve is matched with the spray mouth of the visual pressure gauge and the nozzle to adjust the water out of the water to easily cope with the diversified use scenarios.

That’s it for this time, we will see it next time!