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【Write in front】

The problem of training dogs to go to the toilet at the point. Basically, someone in the group asked every week in the group, trying to write a strategy of trying to write a systematic point, hoping to help those in need.

This strategy contains the training reference of puppies, adults, large dogs and small dogs, but just

[For single dog family]

That is to say, there are no other pets at home, no other cats or other dogs. The training of multi -animal families is more complicated. It is necessary to analyze the specific situation, not a post that can be covered.

In addition, this article is not suitable for the following people:

1. This article is very long, there are many characters and less pictures, and those who have no patience to read the post. Presumably, they must not be patient with the dog.

2. You must not scold the dogs to blame dogs. If you do n’t accept this, you do n’t have to read it. I definitely have no ability to teach you.

3. I just want a single training point. On other issues, the dogs are completely self -flow. For example, even the most basic obedience does not want to train. Taking the dog as a toy. I think any tutorial is not helpful.

4. Go to work in the morning and evening to go to work every day. Only in the morning and evening, you can take care of the dogs. There is no one during the day. I also hope that it can learn the designated indoor points. I can only say sorry. This is impossible to happen. [Adult dogs can consider spending a long vacation for about 7 days to do the early stage, and consolidate after the leave. But puppies are definitely impossible]


[1] Why should I train in the training room designated

Before discussing this issue, we must consider: How many times do dogs need to pull every day?

If you ask for a consultation


Parents, asking dogs’ excretion times, some people will say 3 or 5 times, and some people will say 6 or 7 times. Because of the different family living habits, the habits of dogs eating and playing are different. There are many times and fewer, but in general, the more sufficient the number of dogs excrete, the better the body. No matter the person or the dog, the urine and urine are not good. After middle age, it is easy to have problems with urology. I feel that it may be related to long -term urination.

In a dog


After that, many families will be excreted with dog walking training. The dog walking dogs usually once in the morning and evening, especially some large dogs. Because there is no training, there are certain problems when going out. , The whole dog is holding a whole sky in the middle, very pitiful. There are also regional weather, such as snow in the north, rain in the south, and the sun in the west, going out in extreme weather, dogs are prone to illness, and the owner is working hard. Other people choose the underground garage to walk the dog in order to avoid extreme weather. The underground ventilation is inconvenient, and the urine smell is overwhelmed. The neighbors complained. Not to mention the situation that the dog is not good after the age of the dog, and the illness cannot go out at all. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the toilet from the toilet from the dog walking dog.

In short, dogs will pull more when they eat more, and the frequency of eating and drinking will be high. I personally think

【Puppies and Old Dogs】


The number of excretions depends on the physical condition/diet,

[Healthy adult dog]

There must be at least 3 excretion every day, and in addition to the night sleep time, you must ensure sufficient drinking water during the day. If you give the dog less than 3 times a day, you may be considerate when the owner is particularly busy, but it does not agree; if you give the dog to the toilet less than twice a day, it can be said that this owner is very unqualified It’s right.

[A question about dog drinking water. Many dogs, such as VIPs, bears, and various stalk dogs that are popular now. In order not to stain their mouths, when they are sold by dogs, the seller will suggest that the owner buys something called the water mouth, and the owner will be called the water mouth. I want to scold the person who invented this stuff. It is simply tortured the dog. Not only is it bad for the dog’s tongue, but it can not drink any water at all. 》 This post introduces a method that allows protective mouth hair and can drink well. Parents who need it can refer to it]

[Two] Why is the dog chaotic in the room


Many novice parents in the group really have this doubt. The dogs pick up home and teach the toilet. They know how to pull it, and they will hide when they pull it wrong. Why is it still chaotic? Intersection

In fact, puppies have almost no self -control ability to urinate, and it is unlikely that they can learn fixed points in a few days. Some parents think that puppies happen to be “learned” once or several times, which is really a big misunderstanding.

Dogzi naturally likes to excrete outdoors. The interior excretion of excretion is violating their nature. It must be trained for a long time to stabilize. No matter 3 times in 3 times, or once in 10 times, this will not meet the “stability” standard. Essence How long does it take to stabilize? Each dog has different time, some 1, 2 months, 3 or 5 months, and some 7 or 8 months. This is related to the age growth of the dog, the level of the master’s training, the dog’s eating habits, and physical factors. Dogs always do n’t learn to fix it. Please do n’t blame it. Observe more behaviors and review their own training methods. For example, some parents eat snacks to dogs all day long, causing dogs to excrete the number of times. Training is difficult; some parents are afraid of smell, and they are far away from puppies (especially small dogs), causing dogs to be sensitive to excretion locations; Parents do not observe the dog’s behavior carefully about the behavior of the dogs, and they are always not allowed to excrete the dog. These carelessness will cause training difficulties. In fact, puppies are a very simple training (the only difficulty in adhering to long -term training). As long as the right method is used, it will be achieved in the early stage, and the rest is long -term consolidation.

[Why is fixed -point training simple? Let me give you an example. For example, your family is a typical Chinese multi -mouth family. Elderly couples+young couples+young children, only one of them knows how to train points. After training, others will be done through password operations. The other training of dogs requires the consistent attitude of the family and exactly participating together. Therefore, the fixed point is actually the simplest. This is the only training that can be learned and the whole family is lazy. Essence Essence Do n’t doubt when you see it here. In other obedient training of dogs, the attitude of family staff is consistent. It is very important to participate in dog training together. It is caused by inconsistent attitudes, so the opinions of family members before raising dogs are very important. If others do not want to participate, then prepare for the problem of dog behavior problems]

As for the puppies, they hid when they were pulled wrong, and asked the owner to reflect on whether it was angry when it was pulled wrong, angry, increased the volume, and the body language was not soft. People are still playing puppies. Can it not hide? Therefore, after the dog is wrong, it is not because you realize your mistakes, but just afraid of your anger.

[Similarly: When dogs have other behaviors, they will also show a pair of “knowing mistakes” or hiding. It comes from the master’s emoticon and the body language. The dog cannot distinguish whether its behavior is right or wrong, and why, it only responds to the current situation. For example, if the dog wants to bite the shoes, you will bite directly without going. Analysis of this matter is right. After bite you, you are angry. When you see you angry, he immediately hides scared, but it does n’t know that you are angry because it bites the shoes. Afraid of your anger, so I remind parents here again that scolding puppies will not have any benefit to training, it will only bring worse and worse consequences. The basic principle of dog training is to establish [condition reflection] for dogs and dog training. Non -establishment of [Logical Relationship] is only a scientific and effective way to train. Here is a “Positive Training Your Dog” in the essence area. If you are in the process of dog training, it is recommended to spend more time to look at it to ensure that it is more useful than those who spend money. .

【Cheng Dog】


The dog chaos is often encountered in the group. First exclude the situation where the dog is not excreted because the owner did not exclude the time, and the dog could not be excreted. In the case of dog health, as long as the owner uses the right method, no matter how old the dogs can learn, they can learn to fix it, so don’t really need to be discouraged! Many dog ​​training programs tell us that old dogs can also be trained. Everything is to use the right method+persistence, and it is not too late when it starts to start.

As for the adult dogs that have already been fixed -point, there will be the following reasons: illness (urinary problem, gastrointestinal problems, dietary problems); increased diet (increased diet but no chance of excretion), moving (excretion position changes); The time to go to the toilet was adjusted (disrupted the excretion of the biological clock), there were new animals or people at home (occupying the site), leaking urine (urinary problem, too excited, psychological unhealthy) may cause dogs to suddenly start to mess up. If Because of the above reasons, the owner needs to exclude the physical reasons according to the dog to the hospital. If it is not a physical problem, then it needs to be adjusted according to the previous habits, or reorganize fixed -point training.

[Supplement: Dogs with problems with the kidney or urinary system are prone to frequent and leakage; dogs in estrus are easy to urinate frequently; dogs with psychological problems are easy to leak urine. When the dogs are frequent and leak, the owner must take the physical examination to figure out whether it is a physiological problem or a psychological problem. .

[3] How to train a fixed point in the training room

There are many different methods in the designated point in the room. Some parents choose dog toilets+diapers, while others tend to train dogs to go to the bathroom or balcony. Parents of small dogs have cat litter. Large dogs have training dogs to use toilet Well, I will introduce the simplest and most convenient fixed training methods here, and it will also explain which body type of dogs are applicable.

1. Base+diapers training method: Applicable small dogs+large dogs, below 12 weeks of age

Prepare the nest for the dog first. It should not be too big. It is a bit larger than its body shape. It is just right to install the dog, and it is necessary to prepare a few more convenience to change it; Note. This multiple is the most suitable. The first few weeks of the dog is particularly fast, and the size of the nest and fence should be increased according to its body shape. The fence is covered with diapers, and the kernel foil is placed in a corner. Then you observe and record every day. For example, the dog eats several times a day, pulls several times, and when it is pulled, after a while, you can see which area it likes to excrete it (as long as it is cleaned up and keeps the fence, keep the fence, keep the fence. Clean, dogs are usually excreted in one area). After fixing, the owner can slowly remove the diapers in other areas. Finally, only the dogs like the dogs like to excrete diapers. It will only recognize excretion on the diaper, and then you can remove the fence, gradually extend the distance between the dog and the diaper, and finally fix the diaper to the location you want it to excrete (such as balcony, window, toilet). Completed the fence+diapers training method.

It should be noted that when the dog is excreted, if it is not packed immediately, it is very likely to eat the excrement for cleanliness (the dog mother does this), so be sure to change the diapers. It is a way to save the entire fence with a small diaper to save the entire fence. Which piece of dirty is changed.

[Note: Points]: The puppies are excreted many times, and they must be worked hard to change the diaper. It is not because there is no urine without the stool. , Dogs will play shit because of boring, roll, and finally develop the habit of eating shit. / The size and multiples of the dog’s nest and fence are best set up according to what I said. Excessive nests will cause puppies to accidentally pull them in the nest, and too small nests will make it sleep uncomfortable. / Base training method is most suitable for dogs during the dairy period. After the period of the milk dog, the dog’s sleep time is reduced, the exploration desires are enhanced, and this time involves social training and a certain degree of going out. If you are in contact with diapers, you can easily tear the diapers directly, so if the dog who is returned home has been more than 3 months, this method is no longer applicable.

I drew a picture to teach you how to teach milk dogs. The entire square in the picture represents the fence area.

2. Aviation box+dog toilet fixed point: suitable for small dogs, more than March ~ any age

Dogs usually have a certain ability to urinate at the beginning of 3 months. Note that I can take a small time, but it is not as unable to hold it like a milk dog. During this period, dogs have curiosity and desire to explore, but they still need a lot of sleep time. Its excretion time is usually after waking, after playing, and after eating. We can use this to train fixed points.

Prepare a aviation box, which is about the same size as the dog’s body. The dog can just stand in it. (The air box must also adjust the size as the dog grows up. In part, wait for the dog to grow up slowly and then open it slowly), and then put 1 or 2 things familiar to dogs in the aircraft box, such as the owner’s clothes, the cushion it has used, etc. Put it in, and then place the aircraft box on the owner, and even the owner can hold the box first to let the dog gradually get used to sleeping inside. Each time the dog enters the box The bones are tied inside to make the dogs get used to it. In order to make the dogs like to sleep in the aircraft box, it increases its sense of security for the box.

While the dog adapts to the airbox, the owner must open the box uninterruptedly and let it come out to eat, excrete, and play. Then, according to what I said before, every time the dog wakes up, after playing, and after eating, he must bring it out after eating, and after eating, you must bring it to you. The dog toilet must be kept until it can be pulled. As long as you take the time, it will soon pull it. When pulling, the owner will say password, such as “urine”. After pulling it, I personally think that there is no need to reward snacks. It is also possible to touch the dog to praise. Compared with the award without rewarding snacks, the attitude of the owner is more important. Do it wrong, never scold it, you must take the excretion as a natural thing. It will slowly develop the habit of excreting on the dog toilet without worrying about this matter will be blamed by the owner.

Summarize the general process of the air box training method: the dog wakes up -the outlet is excreted immediately to the dog toilet -free activity or play together for a while -back to the air box for dinner — about half an hour after meals (each dog situation is about Different, some are fast and some are slow) Go to the dog toilet to excrete -free activity or play together for a while -back to the air box to sleep -wake up. This is a repeated cycle process. In the process, you can join other projects, and time can also be adjusted with the age of the dog (but not too fast), but it must be aimed at the dog’s excretion time anyway. It should not be too long for free activity and playing. If the time is too long, add to the toilet once before returning to the air box.

[Points to note]: By taking care of, observation and understanding of dogs, it is important to quit the excretion time of dogs. In fact, taking care of puppies by pro -puppies, how many times to pull the dog every day and how many times, it will have a general understanding. When it wants to excrete it, take it in advance, and the effect is more effective. / When I first started teaching, every time the dog was excreted (regardless of whether the location was correct), the owner immediately shouted an export order (fixed a password, such as “urine”), allowing the dog to gradually combine the password and excretion, and then for it for it. It is very helpful when consolidating training or changing the location of the dog toilet. / Don’t scold the dog because of the wrong pull, remember the screenshot of the beginning of the article? Blame dogs because of excretion will only make the dogs afraid of excretion, which will hinder training, and it will not help to achieve the goal. / Dog toilet should not be too far from the dog playing area. It is best to set it in the play area at first. After the dogs learn to learn, it will move far a little bit. / The diaper in the dog toilet should often be replaced, and the surface is kept clean, otherwise the dog will resist and increase the difficulty. / When the dog is sleepy, it is a good opportunity to promote it to sleep in the air box to sleep. / Some owners spray urine induction agents on the dog’s toilet, and they can also consider combining use.


I highly recommend the air box training method. The training dogs are equal to a series of issues such as going out, car, medical hospitalization, owner to work, and separation of anxiety. Successful dogs can also use the air box training method. Since adult dogs may start to resist the box at the beginning, the time required is longer than puppies, snack rewards, toys companionship, owner to accompany Please do not lock the door before the air box. You must be consciously in and voluntarily enter, and your lock door does not exclude. After you can rest in the inside, you can be counted as the training.

If you do n’t want to use a aviation box, it will not work well to train the dog toilet alone, because the dog will not excrete it in the small space of the air box to stain yourself, so the owner has the opportunity to accurately excrete it, otherwise the dog will If you want to pull it everywhere, it is not conducive to the management of the biological clock.


In dog training programs such as bad dogs and dogs, air box training methods are common methods of dog training. If you think that you are close to dogs, you can go to these dog training programs. The air box process introduced here also belongs to the semi -cage nourishment/semi -free, not the dogs are not closed.


3. Aviation box+toilet fixed point: Applicable large dogs, more than March ~ any age


Large dogs are facing the problem of cleaning difficulties, large tastes, and diaper, so it is best to go directly to the toilet room to excrete, which is also convenient for the owner to clean up. The air box training method is the same as above, and no longer repeat it. The location is needed here.

The setting of the puppies and the setting of the aviation box should not be too far away from the toilet. It should be in the same room at first, so that the dogs will go to the toilet at any time. Since our toilet is the floor of the tiles, we should lay a padding plate at the lower position of the sink to prevent the dog from soaring on the paws and legs when the dog is excreted. Every time the dog is used up, the feet are rinsed up and raised and dried. Other points to pay attention to the main points like passwords, the attitude of the owner, the method of induction, etc., can refer to the dog toilet training method at the 2nd point, the reason is the same.

【Write in the end】

The above training methods include step -by -step disassembly. If the training rebounds in which steps, then return to the previous step, spend more time consolidation, check the training method, quit anxiety, and persevere.

It is best not to be used as a single training for fixed -point training, but combined with other training, especially the dogs who have done well in cage training and obedience training. How to train dogs, please move the essence area of ​​this group]

If you have better designated training methods, please leave a message in the comment area and learn together ~

I wish everyone a healthy and obedient dog ~~