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The sudden new crown pneumonia made the hustle and bustle of the Spring Festival suddenly quietly, and the common mission to fight against the epidemic also pressed the suspension key to the outdoor that should have been active. The Zhizhi Chengcheng, working together to resist, now seeing the clouds and sunny days, it is already spring flowers, sunny, facing the fresh air outside the window, the inside of the dust starts unconsciously, and the depressed passion can no longer resist the temptation of flowers like flowers. The bloom with vitality and self -confidence shows the random romance in the urban countryside, and go out to find the footprint of spring outdoors. Thanks to the evaluation opportunities provided by Nomo, so that I have the opportunity to wear a Discovery worker jacket to reproduce the charm of youth.

1. Brand and product profile

Discovery Expedition, which originated from the Discovery Exploration Channel in the United States, adheres to the spiritual connotation of “courage to explore and discover” through the continuous exploration of humanities, art and creative forces to inject the aesthetics of outdoor functions into trendy elements through the continuous exploration of humanities, art and creativity. The trend of the heart, outdoor fashion, value enjoyment and self -experience.

For individuals, Discovery is already an old friend. Once evaluated his sunscreen clothes, both functions and face value, it is by no means the death color in your impression, and the material is not a plastic film type with sweating. It is comfortable and breathable and sun protection, which impressed me. I am very happy, this time I got an evaluation opportunity for the 2020 new tooling jacket.

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The new Discovery 2020 new leisure worker jacket uses the retro trend of the tooling version in design, which integrates the unruly hip -hop element in the style. The overall looks retro, fashionable, and hard -core. The coat has four styles to choose from: the white contrast white looks good, the lively and bright yellow is in a good mood, the foreign interstellar blue is more stable, the mysterious space blue looks heavy without dull, the face value and value and value Both functions are suitable for both men and women and children.

The style I got this time is space blue. In order to let everyone understand it quickly, I put the experience video here:

Discovery 2020 new leisure worker jacket.mp4-fashion-high-definition complete genuine video online watch-Youku

2. Details and functional display

There is nothing special from the outer packaging. It is simple and ordinary with a self -seal plastic bag with a brand logo. Basic information about brands and products such as color size, material ingredients, standard categories, origin levels, etc., make you look comfortable, buy rest assured, and dress happily.

The coat adopts a retro trendy workflow design, with a two -way zipper with a hat, and the solid color color is exquisitely sutured. It is simply revealing a fashionable commotion. The slightly loose version and adjustable waist can not only ensure the space for the activity, but also highlight the well -known beautiful figure, but it also looks refined.

The fabric uses 59.9%polyester fiber+40.1%polyester and nylon composite fiber. It is a bit smooth and flattened. It has the function of breathable and anti -splashing. Give you a refreshing dress.

Three large pockets are posted, providing the largest storage space when you go out. Two open -handed insert pockets allow your hands to get the warmest and most intimate care. A zipper hides the chest bag, allowing you to have a private storage space. The biggest highlight of the pocket is that the pocket cover uses a traceless magnet buckle, simple and stylish, and the adsorption sound of “daemon” gives you a safe guarantee.

The front placket of the coat adopts a high -quality two -way YKK zipper with exquisite metal dark buckle. It can be described as dual insurance design, safe and solid, and the chest pocket zipper uses the brand logo to printed. It has a good concealment. Exquisite nylon rope, convenient and practical. The middle waist is a adjustable drawing line design, which can be arbitrarily adjusted according to personal preference.

The coat is a removable hat. There are drawers on the edge of the hat and the back of the brain to adjust the size and looseness, and better fit and protect the head. Essence

The cuffs are loose with magic stickers, simple and convenient. The left front chest zipper, right arm and back waist have brand logo, and the back waist LOGO is a 3M reflective printing process.

Third, wear and experience

The worker jacket I experienced this time is the size of the space blue L (175/96A). For me with a height of 173cm weighing 68kg, I belong to the normal wearing size. Confidence and stylish, without the feeling of tight beams and bloated, it gives people the charm of fashionable sunshine, full of tide. Young people can try to control the more vivid yellow and interstellar blue, and they look more energetic and energetic, while anyone can wear them.

Monochrome monotonous and satisfactory, it seems simple in design, but the chase of details has become a classic memory. The big pockets of the workers have once glory. The loose version and the extended hem are leading the fashion and trend. Slightly waist, it can highlight the beautiful figure. Sometimes the complex design may show off, but the lasting classic is often bred in simple.

It is often mentioned that men’s clothing and women are wearing, women’s wearing, but always feels not so pleasing to the eye, but this jacket is the same design of men and women. Men are dressed in tough and handsome. With chic, a slightly wide space adds a hip -hop style and trend, and then adjust the waist to be more fashionable and tempting.

The worker jacket is wearing leisure and commuting, which can meet the daily different living environments, such as walking shopping, leisure and fitness, self -driving cycling, etc., and there is no excessive exercise and pulling when leisure. The spirit, too much coverage, can not highlight the uprightness and masculinity of the body.

Sometimes when you go out or work, you need to carry too much portable items. There is enough room for storage on the front of the pocket. The traceless magnet button of the pocket cover is strong and strong, and it can completely eliminate your concerns. Zipper chest pockets can store important private items such as documents, private and anti -theft. The two -way zipper of the front placket gives you a free movement, especially when riding and hiking, there is no restraint of the hem, which is conducive to the rise and movement of the legs.

The outdoor outdoor is full of seduction. The recovery of life has created the beautiful mountains and rivers. However, due to the restrictions on the prevention and control of the epidemic, many places are still unable to get involved for the time being. They can only enjoy the gifts of nature in the nearby mountains, and release the passion that suppresss a winter.

Playing between mountains and rivers and shuttle in the countryside, the release of the body and the joy of the heart are fully displayed, so that the mountains are silent and reluctant to leave. The dusty soil is a little floating, and it must be a nostalgia for this coat.

However, seeing a few small holes in the back of the clothes were really heartbroken, after all, it is a casual coat. After all, it will take more urban care and less sunset.

The fitted clothes and decent matching will always wear a different visual effect. This dressing jacket has extraordinary tolerance. Whether it is a close -fitting underwear or a thickened inside, whether it is classic denim or fashion pants, it can be equipped with a jacket with a jacket. Forming a variety of mixed wear, there is no excessive demand for color matching, like my space blue with white or brilliant underwear is more attractive.

It happened to catch up with the rainy days, and the rainy split on the clothes was water -like. After more, it gathered into water droplets and slipped. However, long -term bubbles will make the clothes soaked in small areas, indicating that the effect of waterproofing is average, and it cannot be used as a major rainproof wear when encountering a severe climate such as storms.

The brand’s logo is looming on the clothing. It does not affect the overall design style of the work clothes, but also plays a certain role of embellishment and identification. It should also be regarded as the finishing touch.

Front ▼

Back ▼

Fourth, summary


1. Loose workstarial waist version, multi -purpose large pockets with hat design, fashionable and trendy;

2. The front placket uses high -quality YKK bidirectional zipper with metal hidden buckle, which is convenient and reliable;

3. Disassembly with drawing rope to adjust the hat, carefully care and easy to disassemble and wash;

4. Breathable waterproof fabric, easily deal with general changing weather;

5. Multi -pocket space, allowing you to carry items with you with greater choices.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Waterproof and scraping performance needs to be further improved.

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