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Everyone is inseparable from drinking water every day, so it is also important to have a healthy cup. What kind of cup is healthier? Which cup is best for drinking water? Pay attention to Xiaobian to learn more ~

What cup is healthy?


In all materials, the glass is the healthiest. Glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people drink water or other drinks from a glass, they don’t have to worry about these chemicals will be sucked into the stomach. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, and the cup wall is not easy to breed bacteria and dirt, so drinking water with a glass is the most healthy and safe.

Health Index: ★★★★★

Glass summary: safely drinking the safest

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stainless steel cup

Stainless steel cups are alloy products. Improper use of the heavy metal substance contained, harmful to health. In daily use, it is not a big problem in the stainless steel cup, but don’t use acidic drinks. If the juice, coffee, carbonated drinks are easily precipitated, and it is not safe to drink ordinary water. .

When cleaning stainless steel cups, do not use strong oxidizing soda, bleaching agents, etc., which are also easy to chemically react with stainless steel.

Health Index: ★★★ ☆☆

Stainless steel cup summary: Sheng ordinary water is not big, but don’t be acidic beverage

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porcelain cup

Ceramic cups are divided into two.

The first one: colorless glazed, inner wall colorless.

There is no glass cup, especially the inner wall should be colorful, which is also the first choice for drinking water. Not only material is safe, high temperature resistance, but also better insulation. Drinking hot water or tea is a good choice.

Health Index: ★★★★ ☆

Porcelain Soul Creative Ceramic Cup Couple Cup Coffee Cup with Cup Spoon Mug Cup 16oz

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Second: Colorful

Does your cup have beautiful colors and cute patterns? If so, please change as soon as possible. The color pattern on the ceramic cup is actually a paint that may hide the safety hazard. In particular, the inner wall is glazed. When the cup is covered with a drink or a high-powered drink, the lead oriented metal elements in these pigments are easily dissolved in the liquid, and people drink the liquid containing chemicals, which will cause harm to the human body.

Health Index: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Ceramic Cup Summary: It is best to use colorless glaze

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plastic cup

Plastic cups are also unwelcome. Due to the plastic, plastic is often added, including some toxic chemicals. When hot water or boiling water is loaded in the plastic cup, the toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water. In addition, the internal microstructure of the plastic has many pores, it is easy to hide the dirt, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, when purchasing a plastic cup, be sure to choose a cup made of food grade plastic in accordance with national standards.

Health Index: ★★ ☆☆☆

Plastic Cup summary: The hot water is easy to precipitate toxic substances.

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looking around

[Buy a plastic cup to see the number of the bottom]

Not all plastic cups are suitable for use as a glass. When you purchase, you must recognize whether there is a QS sign, there is a small triangle symbol at the bottom of the cup, which is their ID card.

1 PET: heat resistant to 65 ° C, cold -20 ° C.

HDPE # 2: It is recommended not to recycle.

PVC No.3: It is best not to buy.

LDPE # 4: is not strong in heat resistance.

No. 5 PP: microwave lunch box, storage box, high temperature resistant to 120 ° C.

PS # 6: Heat resistance, but cannot be placed in a microwave.

Other types of PCs on the 7th: water bottles, water cups, bottles.

Heenoor Plastic Cup PC Cup Car Cup With Cup Cup Large Cup 8075 Deep Gray 385ml

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