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Bring these creative stationery, you are the most beautiful baby after school

Toys, books, puzzle training courses, more interesting good things are:

Kuang Wan Science Market

Since the beginning of the summer vacation in early July, I believe that every student and friends have spent a more pleasant holiday time, but Kuang Wan has a “horror story” here to tell everyone that

The summer vacation is about to end

, I will start school soon …

Although the start time is usually in September, the specific time in each region is different. According to the understanding of the Kuang Wan, the school has officially attended the class from next Monday. Is it? In addition to the necessary homework review, of course, learning supplies are essential.

Alchemy brass model ruler

The ruler is a stationery that is often used in learning, especially in learning geometric drawing. This set of alchemy brass models made the commonly used ruler into various interesting shapes. Boil bottle and alcohol lamps, at the same time add additional functions on the ruler. The bottom of the round bottle is a quarrel. The triangular bottle can draw hexagonal, and many interesting patterns can be described on the test tube. At the same time, the ruler itself can also be used as a bookmark.

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Set Valley │PHAIDESIGN hand account drawing design Creative brass template ruler male love gift

National Test Pen

Whether it is a scum or a school bully, of course, the most inseparable thing when writing homework and doing questions is the pen. In addition to the conventional writing function, this national test pen also brings a little metaphysics bonus. There are four options: “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”. When encountering the questions that cannot be written, gently turn around and get a option randomly. The power is limited after all. If you want to get the correct answer, you need to study by yourself.

[Answer out] Pen · National Examination Pen | Writing Experience Better | Wood and Aluminum Combination | Dual Bearing Turbus | Pray for Blessing Artifacts

Of course, for the real school hegemony, it is not important for metaphysics or something. If you have strength, you have everything. You only need ordinary neutral pens to write homework and answer. At least 30 pens+30 pen cores, also equipped with mesh pens and pen holders, can definitely meet daily writing and use.

Three years of the second class of the second class, the student writing of the students writing a neutral pen suit 30/50 pens, 100 pen -core wholesale

Stationery set gift package

Most of the neutral pens are suitable for grade or above in junior high school. If they are still in elementary school, they are more suitable for this stationery set gift package. The gift package contains German Yiya cave pencils and 12 -colored pencils, large -capacity pen bags, straight ruler, straight ruler, straight ruler, and straight ruler. , Astromotives such as rubber and workbooks, such as scissors and rubber rods needed for hand -made classes, which basically meet the needs of primary school universities.

Derstewood set gift package Student learning utensils must be available for school opening

Fun Notebook

With a good pen, of course, you also need a good notebook, 3D origami, AR planet book, and notebooks that can play table tennis. There is always a notebook that can bring you a little fun in a busy learning life. Essence

Notebook special session

Master Cover’s self -adhesive film

Every student who loves learning will use a book skin to protect his textbooks. Master Cover uses high -quality food -grade CPP film material, which does not contain toxic chemicals, which is safe and reliable. At the same time, it has MagicBond to modify the glue design. Therefore, as long as the cover of the book itself is smooth, you can tear it repeatedly when the book is used, and it will not destroy the surface of the book.

Mai thinks of Master COVER Bao Shupi, self -adhesive film! Environmental protection and non -toxic, faster and fastest, the school season is necessary

Because the skin skin is made of a thin film, it can also be waterproof and oil -proof. If the cover of the book is turned over by the water, it does not matter if it is stained with oil.

The toughness of the diaphragm material is very tough, and it is not easy to tear it down manually. It can better protect the cover of the book. Even if the book skin is torn, the skin skin is not torn and deformed. Aging on the surface.

Le Tongju Bag

Le Tongju schoolbags can effectively transfer gravity. The internal and vertical locks of the schoolbags are used to use high -density webbing, which is highly fixed to ensure that the schoolbag is gravously concentrated on the back. The back amplitude adopts a new design, and the 6 high -density bounces the sponge body in the scapula, the middle back, and the waist. The weight of the schoolbag is balanced. At the same time, the pelvic pad design is combined with multi -unloading force combination to fully release the pressure.

Laotong Children’s Spine Bags Bags New Iron Man Series (6D Back S amaence) Children’s Tongzhong Tong

Tree -shaped air guideline design, with the “honeycomb” mesh breathable fabric and high -density rebound sponge, effectively buffer the impact of the schoolbag on the spine, gently protect the spine, and at the same time enhance the back air flow, quickly heat dissipation, and let the back breathing. The shoulder strap part is completely based on ergonomic design. The internal filling thick -density rebound the sponge, fit the shoulder curve, and disperse the force reasonably.

Of course, in addition to the special design of the structure and shape, the practicality of the schoolbag is also very high. The internal design is adopted, which can be classified and placed in various types of books to say goodbye to messy and easy to read. The umbrella storage bag, the storage is lighter.

The front bag of the schoolbag is designed to design independent space for brushes, money clips, keychain and other items. The layers are clear and clear at a glance.

The schoolbag fabric is made of high -grade anti -splash nylon material. The fabric is light, environmentally friendly and non -toxic, effectively prevent rainwater penetration, and protects the book materials in the schoolbag.

According to the development characteristics of teenagers, the adjustable and disassembly cricket belt is designed, and free scheduling, there is always your perspective.

Mizuiro environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable Crayon

Mizuiro is a very special crayon. Its special thing is that the powder of fruits and fruits is creatively used as pigments. It does not add other chemical components, even if you eat it by mistake. There are only three components of vegetables and fruits crayons. Vegetable powder, rice oil and a small amount of edible pigment. The proportion of edible pigments is less than one -third of the standard specified in the standard. Floor, it will not deteriorate, it doesn’t matter for a long time.

[No longer worried about children’s mistakes] Japan Mizuiro environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits Crayon 10 packs | Natural smooth color | non -toxic and harmless without quality | European and American CE certification

Compared with other crayons, because the adding less pigments with less pigments itself is light, the color of the crayons is not strong. However, the vegetable crayons are better in color. When depicting multi -level things, the color changes are ups and downs, and the levels are clear, giving you a strong sense of depth.

10 in each box, the colorful color of the crayons is not common red and green, but is named after vegetables. Even the three -year -old children know what color is purple potato, bamboo charcoal, corn, and black gallons. It’s right.

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