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Let the signal of each room be full of the family broadband into the real Gigabit era

【Qingdao News Network Original】

(Reporter Huang Xiao)

This year’s “two sessions” and “Gigabit Optical Network” were written into the government work report for the first time, which clearly required to increase the construction of 5G networks and Gigabit Light Network to enrich the application scenarios. When it comes to optical fiber, most people are no stranger. After all, it has been implemented for more than ten years. As early as 2015, Qingdao realized the construction of “Island Optical Network” aimed at optical fiber to households, and mentioned the speed of the network to 100Ms. Many people may have doubts, and they have already entered the household. What are the upgrades from 100M to Gigabit?

In fact, the construction of “Gigabit Light Network” is a new requirement for the terminal to speed up the terminal. The main position is every family. The operator launched the concept of FTTR, the abbreviation of “fiber to the room”. After the original optical fiber was entered, the indoor wiring still used traditional network cables. Like the earliest five types of lines, the transmission speed was limited to 100M. In recent years Speed ​​towards Gigabit sprint, and with the entry of optical fiber networking, family broadband will easily enter the Gigabit era.

FTTR allows each room to enable a smart life that is not stuck

Since fiber is not a new thing, why did it develop for more than ten years before entering the home of ordinary people? The network speed depends not only on the bandwidth of the network cable, but also limited to terminal devices, such as Wi-Fi panels, mobile phones, and home appliances. If these devices can only reach the speed of 100Ms, they can also experience the optical fiber in the family. hapiness. The advent of the 5G era, like opening the high -speed “gate”, promoted the upgrade of all home appliances and electronic devices. Taking 8K ultra -high -definition TV as an example, major manufacturers seem to have launched their own 8K products overnight. In fact, this ultra -high -definition display technology has long been realized, but the high -definition picture quality means that the volume of audio and video documents is larger and the transmission efficiency requirements are more. High, it was previously limited by the speed of the Internet and could not promote it. The advent of the Gigabit era has broken through the restrictions of transmission, so that many advanced technologies have been used, allowing us to be closer to smart life.

In order to promote the construction of the “Gigabit Optical Network” and let Gigabit Fiber enter the family, in May this year, Shandong Unicom launched FTTR full -house smart Gigabit fiber products, and also made the first to make users in the industry. The service commitment of Slowly Compensation “promises that many users have taken the lead in experience the smoothness of the Gigabit network. Whether it is online classes, playing games, or ultimate audiovisual experiences, no need to endure the hardship of being stuck. “”.

However, in the process of business handling, some problems also encountered some problems. When choosing a broadband package, users faced professional terms such as F5G, FTTH, FTTR, 10GPON, EPON, WIFI 6, and I do n’t know how to choose. In order to facilitate users to choose a broadband service that suits them, Qingdao Unicom launched the industry’s first “broadband star standard” in the industry. From the perspective of user perspectives, the broadband hardware facilities and service standards are standardized and unified. It is no longer necessary to choose which hardware equipment and how to network the network. Users only need to clarify their own network speed requirements. If you want to reach the Gigabit network speed in each room, then choose a five -star broadband; if you want a single room such as the study or audio and video room to reach the Gigabit network speed, you can choose a four -star broadband; Samsung broadband that can meet daily needs. The configuration of two stars and one star is lower.

“Five-star broadband is the whole house optical fiber network, each room can reach the Gigabit Wi-Fi broadband standard; the four-star broadband is the optical fiber household, and the designated room reaches the Gigabit Wi-Fi broadband standard; , The designated room reaches 500 trillion Wi-Fi broadband standards, technically corresponding to FTTR+ WIFI6, 10G PON+ WIFI6, and 1GPON. “Liu Weifeng, deputy general manager of Qingdao Unicom, said that different standards correspond to different networking solutions. The FTTR with a signal full of each room and reaching the Gigabit rate corresponds to the five -star standard.

At present, most home users’ demand for high -speed needs is concentrated in entertainment experiences such as audio and video, games, etc., and the efficient needs of online courses and work. However, with the popularity of smart homes, users will have higher demand for network speed. It is understood that at present, the FTTR full -house smart Gigabit Fiber Fiber Network can ensure that 256 devices are connected steadily, providing high -speed support for the interconnection between smart home networks. Without stuck and fast response, you can be called a smart life, otherwise all functions are chicken ribs.

“Invisible” optical cable installation is convenient and beautiful for 30 years.

For upgrading the whole house optical fiber, many people are worried that the re -wiring will drill the wall and punch the wall, affect the beauty of the interior decoration, and fear that the installation of trouble will be discouraged. So do I need to be re -wiring to upgrade the whole house fiber?

“The optical cable is much thinner than the traditional network cable. If the home is buried, the optical cable can be connected to the network cable. When the network cable is pulled out of the other end, the optical cable can be replaced directly into the previous line pipeline. Perform wiring. “In the business hall, Li Jidong, a gold medal engineer in Qingdao Unicom, demonstrated the laying of the” invisible “optical cable.

The diameter of this “invisible” optical cable is only about 1 mm, and it is transparent. It is not conspicuous whether it is on the black and white wall surface or wooden plate. It will be paved along the ceiling or floor foot line during the wiring. It will not affect the beauty of indoor decoration. Master Li said that the upgrade of optical fibers in the whole house is only one or two hours, and it can be opened on the day of installation, which is very convenient.

“目前已应用的项目最高达到2000兆,但这并不是光纤传输速度的上限,未来随着终端设备的升级,还能再提速。”为千兆网络提供终端技术支持的华为工作人员告诉记者, Setting traditional network cables with optical fibers is like a “highway”, which will not be outdated in the next 30 years.

FTTR is not only a necessary guarantee for the realization of smart life, but also an important component of the country’s “Gigabit Light Network”. It is inevitable to achieve a large -scale popularization in the next few years. At the same time, the acceleration of the network will also trigger a new technological revolution. High -speed data processing capabilities and more realistic immersive experiences will allow more artificial intelligence and virtual reality to be applied in more scenarios. These technologies will eventually enter our family , Make life more convenient and beautiful.

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