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Guigang summer camping is recommended, and go to see the brightest stars in the night sky together

Guigang Summer

Summer camping recommendation

Hot summer

It’s better to clean up the bag

Turn the tent into a mobile castle

Come and say a camping journey that goes away

Invite three or two good friends

Strang up in the forest in the wilderness

Talking in the starlight

The sound of birds is a wonderful story

The rain and mist of the forest, bringing the forest system healing

Guigang summer camping base

Welcome to Jun Lin

No · 01

Guiping Xishan Spring Camping Base

To say that Guigang’s famous camping place

It is the camping base of Xishan Spring

This is Guiping’s Internet celebrity punching holy place

Take the hot air balloon slowly rising slowly

The unique landscape and rural scenery are at a glance at a glance at a glance

Container room from minimalist industrial style

Go to the dome camp house of “sitting”

Star Mental Tent, motel

On the one hand, I look at the stars of the stars

One side is convenient for modern atmosphere

The valley wooden house is scattered and ranked on the foot of the mountain

Along the way is the dense bamboo forest

Heye’s stream

Full of charm, the aftertaste is endless

Turn your eyes and breathe gently

The unique fresh air in the mountains

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Xishanquan Automobile (RV) Camping Base

Bailan Village, Xishan Town, Guigang City, Guigang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

No · 02

Qintang Hemei Qintang Automobile Camp

Hemei Tan Tang Su is named after lotus flowers

Lotus, lotus puff, round leaves, dew

The breeze with fragrant fragrance

Clear lake

Bring a great experience in summer camping

From the morning, you can ascend the attic to wait for the sunrise

Choose a small boat

Deep in the flowers of the flowers

No need to fight

Have some idyllic fun

Fold a handle of the leaf to see the lotus flowers reflect the sky

Wind lightly

With the fragrance of lotus leaves, the sweetness of the lotus seeds

Remark this natural landscape is enough

Hemei Qintang Automobile Camp

140 meters in the east direction of Hejiawu Plaza, Qintang Scenic Area, Qintang District, Guigang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

No · 03

Guigang Ping Tianshan Camping Base

To talk

Count the Ping Tianshan Camping Base

Non -border night sky, pure fresh oxygen

Just like being embraced in nature, beautiful and simple

This is the original alpine camping

The tent supported in the original forest air

Echo the forest and trees of Yuanshan

Camping up the tent of the forest wooden seam directly

If you separate the world

Staining in the “empty wilderness” account camp

The scenery is even more absolutely

Yoyo summer, quiet night sky

Look up

You can feel the shock brought by the vast stars

In such a simple natural scenery

Sleep a good idea

have a sweet dream

It’s the best thing

Ping Tianshan Automobile Travel Camp

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guigang City, Gangbei District, Guigang City, Guangxi

No · 04

Guiping Longtan Auto Camp

In Longtan Automobile Travel Camp

A tent is a small nest

Get wild vegetables in the morning

Drifting in the forest at noon

Feeling childhood in Children’s Park

Sweating in the stadium in the evening

Romantic bonfire at night

Immersed in a natural bath

The aroma of barbecue lingering

Star in the sky

The people on the ground are busy busy

Be happy

Longtan Automobile Travel Camp

Guigang City, Guigang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Longtan National Forest Park)

No · 05

Qintang Jiulinghu Auto Camp

Watch the lake water in the Jiuling Lake Automobile Camp and connect with the sky

Watching the endless lake

Such as a light and elegant ink painting

The beautiful scenery is intoxicating

I don’t know if the cloud floats in the lake for a while, or the fish is in the sky in the sky

Gegate to retract the ground

The lush trees are from far to near

Standing on the lake and becoming a touch of oblique shadow in dusk

Linshui Building Pavilion echoed the car camp

Putting into a simple and peaceful scene

Time seems to become extraordinarily slow here

Jiuling Lake · Jinxiu Country

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guigang City, Guigang City, Qintang District, Shika Town, Shika Town, Guigang City, the south bank of Jiulinghu Reservoir in Shika Town, Shika Town, Qintang District, Guigang City

No · 06

Guigang Liangshui Mountain Ecological Tourist Scenic Area

If you still have time, go to Liangshui Mountain Ecological Tourist Scenic Area to check in

This is a good place to leisure and health in the suburbs

It has a forest wooden house, a tent hotel

There are high -quality natural mountain springs

There is also a natural oxygen that is yearning for people

The tent hotel is quite windy

The facilities are complete and the environment is excellent

The row’s transparent glass door makes the field of vision excellent

Just sit in the house, the surrounding scenery is unobstructed at a glance

Forest wooden house is built in pine forests

Forest trail, fresh oxygen

What troubles and unpleasant heads are behind

Address: Located in Sanling Village, Zhongli Township

The fun of summer is not just the video game in the air -conditioned room

There is also a relaxed journey to inhabit mountain forests

Lying in a tent to watch the sunrise and sunset

Crossing stars

And fireflies danced from the forest

Taking the sky as the account, the ground as the seat

Sleep with mountain forests

The correct way to open this summer

It’s better to start with camping

Source: Guigang Culture, Radio, Television Sports and Tourism Bureau

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Edit: Guigang Culture, Radio, Television Sports and Tourism Bureau

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