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Dam Ben and JLO are heavy wedding, my mother was injured unexpectedly that day, and netizens made up a big show

In July this year, the 53 -year -old J Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and the 50 -year -old (Ben Afflek) officially settled in Las Vegas as a husband and wife.

The relationship between the two turned around for 20 years, and finally ushered in a complete ending.

Under the witness of a small part of their relatives and friends, they exchanged rings on a small white church.

But what many people don’t know is that this simple ritual is not all the wedding.

A few months ago, the couple actually started to secretly plan a greater celebration party.

Originally, the party was held this weekend.

However, I did not expect that the mother of Daimen happened to fall unexpectedly before the ceremony and interrupted the original plan.

This celebration has been planned for four months.

The parties of the party are set at a manor of $ 8 million in Georgia and an 86 -acre manor in Georgia.

This mansion was bought in 2003 and had special significance in his heart.

At that time, he originally planned to marry J Lo here, but the last two ended in a breakup.

Now that the old land is returning, it can be regarded as making up for the regrets.

According to the original plan, this carnival party will continue to be held for three days this week-

There are wedding dinner dinner on Friday, the main ceremony is held on Saturday, and family barbecue will be held on Sunday.

J Lo and Da Ben also arrived in Georgia a few days before this week to prepare for the upcoming party together.

Many relatives and friends of the two have rushed to the scene one after another.

At present, the mother, sister, and her twin children who are confirmed: J LO. And the mother’s mother.

According to media reports, Da Ben’s “embarrassing” and alcoholic father who had a relationship with him was also present. And his brother Casey should attend an important ceremony of Saturday.

(Brother of Dashu)

Daimen’s ex -wife Jennifer Ghana was also invited, but because she worked in Texas, she couldn’t come, but their three children would still attend.

In addition to loved ones, the reporter revealed that the list of guests invited by weddings also includes: Matt Damon, Jimmy Cantimore and other celebrities, as well as


, Jennifer’s girlfriend.

(Jennifer Ghana)

The entire wedding celebration process has kicked off from the party carnival on Thursday night.

Guests who come to the party, ride ATV (

All -terrain four -wheel off -road locomotive) Play on the path set up for amusement in the manor.

At night, fireworks were burned in the manor and a bonfire was lit.

As the fireworks bloom on the top of the guests, the bonfire beating on the lawn, the joy of the wedding is about to be held, and the preparation process of the ceremony is also being advanced.

On Friday, local time, the trucks carried supply supplies uninterrupted all day, and the staff was so busy.

It can be seen that there is a huge white tent on the lawn.

A altar was built by the river.

On the day of the ceremony on Saturday, Jlo will get out of the home of Ru Cao, and then go to the altar to see her groom after a long aisle.

There is also a temporary building in the venue, but it is currently not known for the time being.

At the same time, the event dining car continued to reach.

Catering teams, high -end cocktails, and musical instruments are ready.

According to the information published on the official website of the catering company hosted by this wedding banquet, foreign media inferred that at the wedding banquet, guests would eat southern American cuisine, such as fried pork chops, oven fried chicken, cheese pink, banana pudding and so on.

Cocktail provides a variety of exquisite categories on the website, and the homepage also reads: you can provide customized services based on the customer’s theme, favorite tastes, colors, etc.

Want to come, the guests present not only witnessed the love of Dashu and Jlo, but also a full mouth.

As for the reception area of ​​catering, it is located by the lake.

The dock with a bundle has become a pavilion of the water, and the tables and chairs have already been arranged.

Such arrangements allow guests to enjoy food while enjoying the beautiful lake while they enjoy the food in soft weather.

Among them, the two pink chairs were left to the focus of the wedding -the groom and the bride.

On the lake opposite opposite the reception area, that is, the best vision range in the reception area, there are also equipment suspected to be equipped with fireworks.

The media guess that the wedding ceremony of Dashu and J Lo on Saturday may end with a firework event.

At present, a team of black SUVs and a number of luxury cars has been stopped outside the manor to pick up guests.

The couple also prepared a lot of activities for guests who came to the wedding for entertainment.

On Saturday, there were 6 horses of flowers, which were transported in a horse’s sale built at $ 3 million to be shipped in order to allow guests who came to the wedding to ride the wild in the wild.

And guests who like the four -wheeled mobility tools can use the ATV mentioned earlier, and they can also drive a small car to the golf course to play golf.

The intimate big book also installed the target road. Those who want to exercise but do not want to play golf can participate in flying saucer shooting.

As for people who prefer relaxes than exercise, don’t worry at all.

On Saturday, the couple even prepared SPA for everyone.

Obviously, Da Ben and Jlo spend their thoughts at this wedding.

According to media reports, the wedding planned for 4 months was only cost 400,000 US dollars, equivalent to about 2.72 million yuan.

The main plan of the wedding is Colin Kobei, which includes the preferred planner including Oprah, Jordan, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and many other stars.

His charges are also very high, generally ranging from $ 25,000 to 25 million.

It is conceivable that the reason why the couple invested a lot of time and manpower was nothing more than wanting everyone who participated in the wedding to feel their happiness.

However, it was never expected that before the formation of the ceremony on Friday, an accident occurred.

After noon that day, Da Ben’s mother accidentally fell off the dock and scratched her legs.

Someone saw the ambulance drove into the luxury mansion quickly. After about 20 minutes, it was quickly drove from the highway to the hospital under the escort of the police.

Fortunately, the injury was not particularly serious. After arriving at the hospital, Daben’s mother immediately accepted the wound suture.

Da Ben and J Lo also rushed to the hospital.

I saw a big T -shirt and shorts, a hat, and a red nail polish on the fingers. He was condensed and stood outside the building silently.

J Lo was a handbag, wearing a skirt, and his face was not excited a few days ago, and he looked very frustrated.

Soon after, Daimen’s mother was sitting in a wheelchair, her legs were wrapped in gauze, and they left the hospital with them.

The “episode” on the day of this wedding can be described as fast and fast.

However, after the news was reported by the news, many netizens immediately opened the Tucao mode.

Some people think they just want to use the wedding hype:

“How? Are they going to get married once a month?”

“Weekend wedding? How many weddings did they have?”

“Let the circus show start!”

“This is the omen.”

Perhaps because the time of the incident was too coincident, many netizens even made up a war -piercing war in their brains, and felt that there was another strange thing:

“Is she pushed down?”

“It feels more like J Lo pushed her mother from the dock. I want to see if she will swim.”

“Hahahahaha, she may not be able to fall intentionally by herself, just to stop the wedding again …”

“How did she fall down the pier, but her hair can still be dry?”

“His mother seems to be saying: let me leave here!”

However, more people are still concerned about the mother’s mother:

“I hope my mother will get better soon.”

Many netizens have sent blessings for their carefully prepared weddings:

“Baby, I just want to tell you, you are great, the big book and the whole family are. I love you!”

“I hope JLO and Daimen are happy, I really love you, lady.”

“I hope JLO can spend a wonderful wedding weekend !!! I am really happy for you and the book !!! Soul partner.”

Fortunately, the mother’s mother was not seriously injured. According to foreign media reports, the original wedding activities will also be carried out normally as planned.

I hope everything will go well this time.

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