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Let the Teana Music often accompany you, 1MORE MK801 headphones start with evaluation

Today, with the improvement of people’s living standards, music has become one of the indispensable companions in people’s lives and work. As a 1MORE has always had its own unique insights in R & D, in recent years, many high -cost -effective and excellent audio -quality headset products have been launched. Today I brought it to you. Recently, the 1MORE MK801 headset, as the first headset of the 1MORE brand, this headset has collected many excellent technologies in one. Excellent sound quality and cost -effective headset products, that is, 1MORE MK801 headset.

First of all, let’s take a look at the packaging of this headset. The packaging of 1MORE MK801 headset is more exquisite and atmospheric. When I saw it at first glance, it felt that it was full of noodles, very graded, and contained in mysteriousness, so that people to it for it for it The inside is full of expectations. On the back of the box, you can see the parameters and technical information of this headset. At the same time, it uses multiple languages ​​to express it, making the product quite international style and feels quite high -end.

Open the packaging, you can see the combination of black and red color adopted by the headset presented in front of us. In addition to the 1MORE MK801 headset in the box, lying quietly on the foam card slot, the other accessories of the headset are placed in a long box separately, with a collection bag, instructions, and audio cable. For neat, here is a family portrait of this headset.

This headset adopts the design of the audio cable separation. The audio cable can be easily inserted on the headset, and for the control of the headset, the audio cable design is condensed. The line control is bright red. Although there is no text on the line control, as our control use, we can perfectly control the use on Android phones and iPhone, adding a help to the intelligence of the headset.

1MORE MK801 headset is a fungus design, which comes with an earmuffs that can wrap the headset. The surface of the earmuffs on the leather surface is very soft, and the material of the earmuffs is also very skin -friendly. It does not have an invasive discomfort after some earmuffs on the market. It is very soft and flexible. After wearing it The space reserved in the earmuffs makes the ears completely embedded in the earmuffs without a sense of oppression. This method of covering can make the ears in a closed state, which can effectively weaken the “invasion” of external noise and make us have better sound quality performance.

The weight of the 1MORE MK801 headset is very light. If it does not contain audio cables, it has only 235 grams. It comes with a 1.2 -meter -long audio cable. The audio cable adopts a detachable and anti -entangled design, combined with the three -key wire control button on the audio cable, which can be easily controlled.

After this period of time, the sound of the 1MORE MK801 headphones has a more rounded sound. Low frequency and quantity, elasticity is powerful and non -turbid, tight and powerful, and the amount is enough but not blindly bombarded. It is my favorite low frequency. The sound of the intermediate frequency is also more moist, the density is good, the human voice is slightly back, and the knot is clearer and accurate. Men and women are more suitable. It feels a little cloudy in high frequency bright and clear. It is not so translucent under the wireless sound, but it will never make the ears feel uncomfortable. The sound quality of the game headset does not have.

Through a period of use experience, the 1MORE MK801 headset wearing headphones, whether in appearance, wearing or music listening, it does provide quite satisfactory results. earphone. With its equipment, whether it is on the mobile phone or on the PC, the 1MORE MK801 headset can bring good listening enjoyment. Its price range is 299 yuan. This headset is worthy of our own!

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