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Waterproof anti -falling outdoor phenomenon with heat imaging! AGM G1S Pro Evaluation

[Foreword] Now the mobile phone brand is getting more and more rolled, and the subdivision products are becoming more and more abundant. For example Regardless of a magical mobile phone brand -AGM. Speaking of which, the PO owner heard that the AGM brand met when the brand was in contact with the elderly. Later Instead, the product is a three -defense mobile phone with higher standards than ordinary mobile phones.

brand introduction

Although the three -defense machine belongs to the niche market, many well -known brands have emerged in recent years. The most famous of which is the AGM mentioned on the PO owner. As a high -tech brand specializing in smartphone design, development, and production AGM formulated more stringent OEPT standards than traditional three -defense mobile phones, and AGM’s mobile phone product lines are also very rich, such as X5 pure version, G1, G1 Pro, and the latest listed G1S Pro and other different types of products.

Recently, PO Lord has also started this new product of AGM G1S Pro. As for this three -defense 5G mobile phone experience of the main thermal imaging instrument function, let’s take a look at it ~~

Product opening

It is estimated that when you see the word three -defense mobile phones, you may have thought of its purpose. As the name suggests, the three -proof mobile phone is a mobile phone with dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof functions. Deep, but for many outdoor sports players, three -defense mobile phones should be very common equipment. Therefore, many ordinary users’ initial impression of the three -defense mobile phone may be that they are more and less funny, but after reading this evaluation, they should have changed their three -defense mobile phones.

The G1S Pro uses environmentally friendly paper outer packaging. The youthful packaging design also conforms to the product positioning of G1S Pro. The packaging uses up and down and closing method. At the first glance of the packaging, you can see the mobile phone body.

In addition to mobile phones, there are paper instructions, product cards, Glory stickers, spare waterproof plugs, card needles, Type-C data cables and 18W chargers.

Although it is not equipped with headphones as most mobile phone brands, it is relatively rare with charger.

It can be seen that the appearance of the G1S Pro is not much different from the current mainstream mobile phones. The front is a 6.53 -inch LCD water drop screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels. The yellow inner frame design is also very eye -catching.

The functional module group behind it covers a variety of accessories, including the main camera in the upper left corner, the macro camera in the upper right corner, the flash in the lower left corner, the night vision camera in the lower right corner, and the middle thermal imaging instrument, and the thermal imaging instrument two The raised “>

The fingerprint unlock key, the NFC area and the seat charging contacts are distributed below the fuselage, different from the mirror/drawing texture back shell of most mobile phones. The Kaofa texture on the back of the G1S Pro makes the details of this phone full. phone case? No need at all!

At the top of the left side of the fuselage is the TF/SIM card slot (extended 512G TF card). It is protected by waterproof plugs and can be opened with a card pick -up needle. Card needles can actually be opened.

The raisedness of the hexagon on the top is a laser pen, and the small hole next to it is a pair of microphone.

The bottom is also protected by waterproof plugs, which integrates the Type-C interface and 3.5mm headset interface, next to the main microphone.

On the right is the volume key and power button.

The measured weight of this mobile phone is about 318g, and it has a certain sense of heavy weight on the phone.


This phone is different from conventional mobile phones. For the first time, it does not require various account binding and process activation. It can be used after turning on the key on the side of the fuselage.

Like other brand phones, AGM G1S Pro also pre -installed several commonly used apps such as Youku, Weibo, UC, etc. Users can also enter the application center to search and download the software they need.

Mobile parameter

Open the settings — About the mobile phone can see the configuration of this phone in detail. In addition to the screen resolution of 2340×1080 and the configuration of 8G+128G, you can also see that the mobile phone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon eight -core processor. Snapdragon 480 chip (equivalent Snapdragon 845), the battery capacity is as high as 5500mAh.

The AGM G1S PRO score is scored 343491 through AnTu Rabbit running score. The measured other parameters are as follows:

The mobile phone supports three unlocking methods: fingerprint, facial, and password. The measured fingerprint and facial unlocking response recognition are very fast. The mobile phone not only supports dual -card dual standby functions, but also supports 5G full Netcom. Even if it is used as a main mobile phone, it is completely fine.

Internet connection

This mobile network has a high degree of recognition, you can quickly search for the surrounding WLAN network, compared with the iPhone11 used by the PO master at a glance. At the same time, iPhone 11 can only be searched for 2 to 3 networks, and AGM has searched 8-9 networks. Essence

Font/brightness adjustment

In the settings, you can also adjust parameters such as brightness and font size according to your own needs. The mobile phone also adds functions such as automatic adjustment of brightness and eye protection mode.

Three defense certification

As the leader of the three -defense mobile phone brand, the AGM G1S Pro also has three types of protection certifications, respectively, 810H certification, IP69K certification, and IP68 certification, which can be soaked in an environment of 1.5 meters of water for 1 hour, while resisting 100BAR 80 ℃ The waterproof capacity of hot water is also a drop -proof ability that will not damage from 1.5 meters from 1.5 meters. And support the mobile phone activation within one year of free water warranty and once -off warranty.

Thermal imaging function

After speaking of basic functions, of course, you need to experience the thermal imaging function of the G1S Pro pushing. This is also the biggest different feature of this phone and ordinary mobile phones. According to an introduction, the resolution of the thermal imaging module is 256×192, the thermal refresh rate is 25Hz, the temperature measurement measure The range is -20 ℃ ~ 550 ℃.

PO owner chose two products with high comprehensive evaluation on the e -commerce platform as a comparison.

From various parameters, it can be seen intuitively that whether it is the temperature range or resolution, the thermal imaging function of AGM is more powerful, and the mobile phone can be used directly as a thermal imaging instrument.

Of course, the parameters are the same thing. It will be more intuitive to see the effect directly. /K), temperature range and other parameters.

Thermal imaging is also divided into two models: classic and professional. Both modes support shooting and video functions. It can also quickly share photos and videos to APPs such as QQ, Weibo, WeChat.

The classic mode can adjust the color board, delayed camera, and the whole frame temperature. In addition to the above functions, the professional mode also increases regional temperature measurement, image mode (thermal imaging/dual screen/fusion/painting in painting), temperature measurement parameters, images, images Calibration and other more professional options.

Laser function

In addition to thermal imaging function, there is also a more interesting function is the laser pen. You can turn on the pull -down function list on the mobile phone. The laser pen function can usually be used as a PPT explanation or cat walking. The actual measurement found that the projection distance is also far away, but do not illuminate the eyes of others when using it.

Night vision function and other shooting functions

In terms of taking pictures and videos, G1S Pro does not hesitate. In addition to the photography mode of different modes, the night vision function is added. Enter the night vision mode through the camera function. The test environment.

When there is no light source around at night, with the lighting light, it can also clearly see the near -distance environment through the night vision video function.

From the actual photos, the light of the near -view will be more sufficient, and you can also see the outline of things more clearly when shooting the vision.

In addition to the built -in night vision mode, the camera can also choose night views, video (optional resolution 720p/1080p), camera, portrait (selfie) and other conventional camera functions. The camera mode also added 10 categories including movies, food, black and white Filter mode and professional camera mode.

The camera supports a maximum 10 -fold zoom, and the following figure is a photo effect display of 1, 5 times, and 10 times.

The following are the effects of ordinary photos and ultra -clear photos. The left side is the ultra -clear mode. The range that can be enlarged in the mobile phone photo library is much larger than the normal mode on the right, and the details are clearer.

The G1S Pro native camera and the iPhone11 can see the warm color.

Video playback

Movies that play 1080P Blu -ray in iQiyi and other audiovisual apps are also smooth.

Gaming experience

Open the full special effects in the glory of the king. The number of frames can also be stabilized at 60fps, and it may be because the fuselage is thick enough, so it feels that it will be hot during the game but not obvious.

Mobile phone charging and battery life

AGM G1S Pro has a built -in battery of 5500mAh capacity. After a few days of PO, the PO was found to consume up to 5%to 6%of the electricity all day long. Even if it is used to watch the video, in the state of 100%brightness 100%volume, less than 5%of the electricity is used in an hour.

The glory of the king was running for 1 hour in a row of 100%and the full effects opening state, and the measured power consumption was about 17%.

The mobile phone uses 18W fast charging technology, and supports the seat charging (the seat charge device needs to be purchased separately). The mobile phone starts charging at 25%of the power, and the power is measured by the detection table by about 12W.

The electricity volume after half an hour and an hour after charging is shown below. After an hour, the measured electricity can be charged from 25%to 70%.


In general, as a three -defense mobile phone, the AGM G1S Pro is also not weaker than some mainstream brands in terms of performance and operating experience. It is definitely the best choice for some users who work in special environment and have the needs of thermal imaging.

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