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Many people think that floral photography is very easy, in fact, flowers are one of the most difficult things. This way, some people may hold against opinions, think that flowers are very glasses, shooting is not difficult, then see if you shoot the floral work, how much can I be called good? Just like other photographic types, it takes a lot of time and effort to shoot amazing floral photography. Even though it is a very intuitive theme, it is still necessary to understand the tips and techniques. Although post-processing technologies can help increase the quality of the picture, many highlights in floral photography are done when shooting, which requires the camera to set the lens and lens when shooting. In recent years, in recent years, the skills and prompts to be summarized in the actual shooting of flowers are given to you, hoping to help you.

Shooting flowers, please remember to use the water

You must have seen beautiful dew floral works, and photographers arrive at the shooting place early, shoot small and delicate dew drops on flowers, shoot them in the morning light. But you may not know, this “dew” effect, many photographers are produced! Simple things such as small water bottles can create this natural effect quickly. Of course, in some cases, you don’t need this, for example, after the cold morning or rain. But in most cases, as long as you bring your own “Rain Tool”, you will make your shot and real things difficult to distinguish!

Shooting Dew flower to complete three things. First of all, if there is more dust above the flowers, then clean it with water. Second, the water droplets will naturally be formed in different parts of the flower, so that the works look more more, the audience will have more interest in your photos. Third, the water reflected in the water will make your flowers look more vivid. So shooting flowers, please remember to use water.

Shooting flower macro and close-up

There are many different ways to shoot floral macro and close-up. You can use a telephoto lens and use the minimum focus distance (marked outside the lens) to make it in a focus state. Many photographers use specialized macro lenses to shoot flowers close. You don’t have to use professional macro lenses for floral photography. But if you intend to be dedicated to macro floral shooting, it is necessary to buy such a lens shot. In addition to this, you can use an extension tube or use a magnifying glass and a reverse ring or the like to take a macro work, and they can accurately focus on more close-to-distance flowers. Keep in mind that close-up close-up and macro lenses can most touch the works of the audience.

Shooting flowers using shallow depth

For floral photography, it is necessary to shoot main body (floral) and background separation is necessary. You can do this in many ways, for example, you can use a macro or long lens, use a large aperture, and shoot flowers from many different angles.

When shooting, the depth of field will be very shallow, so it may cause some part of the flowers to be partially focused and other parts cannot be marked. Your main body (flowers) is very clear, the rest of the background does not have a focus. By using a large aperture, such as F / 2.8 or F / 4, you can achieve this effect, if you happen to use the telephoto lens, the separation effect will become more obvious. You can play an idea when shooting, see which aperture setting is closest to the effect you want. If the light is sufficient, you can reduce your aperture value to F / 11 to F / 16, or even f / 22. You can also increase the distance from the flowers and cut images in later processing. Most modern cameras have enough million or 10 million pixels that can be cropped, still maintaining high quality images. Another convenient technology that realizes full focus, called “stack”, here is not explained in detail, and will be introduced later.

Shooting Flowers, make sure the camera is stable


The photographer wants to be as clear as possible in the focus area in the image. But for floral photography, sometimes it is easy to do. Weather conditions and illumination conditions sometimes make floral stability to a luxuriant. For this reason, many photographers use tripods. This allows your device to remain as close as possible, combined with the 2 second countdown of the shutter line or the camera and the function of the mirror presence and other functions. Even if there is no wind, the flower can still be moved (after all, it is a living plant). So if there is still no focus, please use the faster shutter speed. The windy days can be used to secure the flowers using a special flexible clip. Or use a reflective plate, an umbrella, etc. to stop the wind, and make the flowers stabilize as much as possible.

Of course, shooting flowers don’t always need tripod. You can shoot perfect floral works without using any of the above methods. However, if you take macro or close-up, it is very important to stabilize you. At this point, you may use the minimum focus distance, and the depth of field is very shallow, so any vibration will be very obvious in the picture, please remember that the handheld shooting should be carried out under very ideal light conditions, unmembacted light due to camera shake, It may eventually take a very blurred photo. In this case, use tripods, tripods can not only help you avoid vague, and force you to calm down to choose the most suitable shooting angle and shooting.

Please shoot flowers in a multi-perspective

Please do not use the same angle throughout the flower process. Please walk around, try to find a few different angles and composition, photographing more interesting images. Try to see the flower from different angles. For example, you can try to shoot flowers from below. A method for getting a very interesting lens is close to the focal flowers.

Just as I mentioned before, your lens has the smallest focus distance, you can use it here. First, select the flowers to be the main body, then focus on top, so that the other flowers behind the main body and is very close to the end of the lens, then the second flower becomes very blurred, becomes a very abstract background. We usually look at the world on the plane, so try to shoot flowers from the perspective outside the horizon, whether it is from below, straight or through another perspective, you will make more changes, your work will become More excellent.

Please simplify background reduction interference to the subject

If you shoot a messy background, even the best flowers will look messy. This is a common sense, but it will often ignore this problem during shooting. Therefore, in order not to let your body integrate in the chaotic background, please simplify it as much as possible! The beautiful flowers in the prospect must be fully concerned to keep the flowers for the visual center.


The form of dispersive attention is different. Sometimes your background is too messy. Sometimes, the picture focus is too much. It may also be a color cause (if this is the case, consider black and white images). Sometimes, too bright or too dark areas will keep your eyes away from the shooting body. In order to avoid distract, try to be cautious when shooting. As mentioned earlier, use tripods to let you think and carefully plan you want to shoot images. Personally think that in today’s tips, it is most important to reduce interference to the subject.


Use real-time view to ensure accurate focus

Real-time view is a feature of most modern cameras that allow you to ensure accurate focus while patterning. Open Real-Time Scene, you can see your composition on the LCD screen and adjust it as needed. After obtaining the desired composition, you can zoom in on the screen area you want to focus and switch to the manual focus mode on the lens. Then you can use the focus ring on the camera on the flowers. Please test some tests when shooting, make sure the LCD screen is enlarged to ensure that the object is clear. To use this trick correctly, you’d better use tripod.

Learn to make creative shooting with light

One of the most creative methods of floral photography is to shoot in a super realistic way using light. You can use this technology in a relatively dark environment, using longer shutter speeds and “draw” on the subject during the shutter. First install the camera and the lens on the tripod, then place the subject in the picture in the picture. It is best to have a shutter line and use the countdown Selfie setting. Open the shutter to start exposure and use a small light to draw a part of the flowers under the light. After the shutter is closed, check the image on the LCD screen and adjust it as needed.


It is also possible to take the track with a camera moving. In a dark environment, it can illuminate some of the flowers in the flashlight, and use a slow shutter, such as 1.6 seconds or slower. Moving the camera while moving your own track movements, using the flash of the flash or the rear curtain synchronization to shoot. It can get very dynamic floral works.


Shooting flowers and flowers


You can choose a flower and shoot the flower opening cycle through a series of days or several weeks. You can do this in flowers or stores that you can plant in your home backyard. A very interesting method is to record a flower, you have a new flower or seed. You can shoot it in a few days or weeks, and show its changes when it starts to flow, until it is finally withered. Depending on the number of photos you filmed, you can even make a delay video at the end of shooting.


Shooting black or contrast color background floral works


Shooting Black Background Flowers, you can use a relatively high shutter speed, you can use flash to assist in shooting flowers. In manual mode, you can set the shutter speed to 1/125 or 1/90, set the aperture to F / 5.6 or F / 8. With low-power manual flash, you can provide just right light to quickly illuminate the subject without making the background. Or make the flowers away from the background. These settings will vary depending on the light of your environment. If you use this technology, you can not fully take a black background, you can use the Lightroom to adjust the brush or shadow to easily change it black. Another way to make your image is to use different colors to form a comparison with the body flowers. You can bring a color background or canvas with a color during shooting.


Photographing abstract floral macro works

Enhance the “macro” to a new level, you can shoot your flowers and take a completely abstract picture. If your lens is focused, you can also be done by selecting a later crop. When shooting photos, look for contrast shapes, colors, textures, and rays. Let your creation flow.

Shooting flowers, please don’t rush to press the shutter

When shooting, you may want to quickly capture the chance of ever-changing light and a slightly longitude. But when you shoot flowers, sit down before you shoot, relax and spend a little time to observe it. Take some time to see your main body, check their colors, shapes and textures. View and find outstanding ideas that highlight its beauty or create amazing composition. After spend a little time, you can think about other photographers a little more, and then press the shutter.


Shooting the sun starng effect at noon


Just as I mentioned before, I arrived at the shooting place in advance, you will help you take the best light. But shooting flowers is not always a early morning. If you skill, you can also shoot amazing floral work at noon. Light shooting, you can create a star manner. Use a small aperture when shooting, ideally between F / 16 or F / 22. Be sure to use tripods and use real-time view so you can preform and focus.


Use reflective board auxiliary shooting

Sometimes the most beautiful topics are not the brightest. Flowers may not have contrast in a cool place or thick vegetation, or in a cloudy sky. A simple way to lack of light is to reflect the light back to the body and make it look more vivid. If you have no reflective board, you can make one yourself. Any type of reflective material can work here, even a white poster or painted cardboard. These are not the easiest to carry, but it is not easy to save under wet conditions, but you can work at a critical moment, you can help you get the right light.

Floral photography summary

Compared with other photographic types, you have to schedule time to arrange time to take time to shoot. And floral photography, you have to do it to your own yard or nearby park! There is no need to go to an exotic place to get amazing floral photography. It can also be taken outdoors. You only need to find them! Flowers can also be purchased from the flower shop. Water can be used to assist in shooting; to ensure the camera is stable; shooting macro or close-up floral work; you can use shallow depth of field, multi-angle shooting; you can shoot a black or contrast color background; shoot a creative flower work with light; shoot The work of the star mangoma, etc. In short, the flower photography is endless, and the side of the studios; constantly trying more innovation, excellent works often exchange!

Some pictures in the article are from the Internet, just to address text content, no business, if you have comments and suggestions, please privately believe in me. Here is a thousand thousands of light shadows, sincerely welcome you to explore the problem of photography and improve the level of photography. If you have a satisfactory mobile phone floral work, please send it to the discussion area for everyone to communicate, thank you!