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FANUC M19’s main axis positioning failure, must read articles

If you want to handle the spindle failure (non -precision mechanical failure), you must figure out the control method of the spindle, the connection method between the spindle and the spindle motor, and the feedback method of the encoder. In the theory, the practice can be repaired by the bust. Whether it is the M19 positioning failure or the speed of the speed is not allowed, first of all, we must figure out.

1 MZI encoder (the most common)

This encoder is behind the FANUC spindle motor, and the fan in the red lid can only be seen. The main axis of the main axis and synchronous bands is the most common, setting parameters 4002.0 = 1. The theoretical diagram of the control is as follows:

2 A external encoder connection (the most commonly used lathe, Fang Bo)

When the external encoder is broken, unplug the JYA3 plug and modify the 4002 parameter to 00000001. It can shield the external encoder failure to report to the alarm to determine its good or bad.

3 AS external encoder (jya4, Zhengxuanbo)

4 Close to switch positioning (often used to add high and low speed)

5 BZI/CZI (external) encoder (commonly used in car and milling composite machine tools, with a CS axis)

6 BZI/CZI (built -in) encoder (built -in is commonly used for electrical main axis)

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about M19 connector, hope it can help you.