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Life creation art: How to make a creative branch bowl?

The branches and bowls made of branches,

You can use candy, storage,

It can also be used for round or square for tray.


Prepare materials

The materials that need to be prepared are as follows:

1. Branches and straw;

The length of the branches is 5 to 10cm.

If it is the branches that are just recovered, it is best to let it go naturally as much as possible in a ventilated place.

2. Scissors of branches;

3, glue gun

4. Bowl or plate (for setting)


Make three steps

1. Bottom positioning

Put a few branches on the bottom of the bowl.

At the bottom, you should choose a thicker branch.

2. Use glue to stick to the connection of the branches

Squeeze the glue to the two branches at the bottom, and then press the connection between the branches and the branches.

Each branch sticks at least two places.

In this process, be careful not to encounter hot melt glue.

While adding branches and gum, the branches are gradually covered with the entire bowl of the entire bowl until it goes to the edge of the bowl.

3. Make three layers of branches to increase solidity

Continue to stick the branches to the edge of the bowl, and the last sturdy layer of branches and bowls are completed.

In order to increase its firmness, it is recommended to overlap at least three layers of each finished bowl and firmly stick these three layers together.

If you want to make a tray, you can make it on the desktop.

Come and operate with your child,

It helps the development of children’s motivation and thinking ability,

It can also increase the intimate relationship between you and your child!

Welcome to pay attention to life creation!

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