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27 fashionable and cool modern balcony decoration concepts are worthy of your copy

The balcony can have a variety of design methods and styles. You can give it a thousand appearances, but I want to share my favorite solution -modern decoration concept.

Color scheme and style

First of all, decide whether you just want a modern style or to add other things. It can be Scandinavia, minimalism, modern, rustic, Bohemian style and other styles, and they look completely harmonious with modernity.

Second, think about the color scheme you want: these can be neutral, black and white, black, white and gray or light -colored wood. There are many color schemes that complement the modern style, which can also include bright colors.

An individual and bold modern balcony, as an outdoor living room, has potted plants, a white sofa and a cushion long stool, a wooden and leather chair and bright decoration.

A chic modern balcony, black and white, with neutral sofa, black chair, black round table and many green spaces

The chic modern balcony, built -in cushion long stools, metal chairs, round tables, potted plants, cooking or supply of drinks

A cool modern balcony, with a built -in cushion bench, a small seat, potted plant and lamps on the entire wall

A cool modern balcony with artificial living walls and floors, a cool double sofa, potted plants, and a small table with green plants and candles

The simple balcony of modern style, bamboo, a few neutral chairs, and a coffee table with candle lanterns is a cool idea

The simple modern balcony, equipped with wooden rock chairs, tables and some pillows and potted plants. It is a cool space

Large modern balcony with living room walls, cream sofas with pillows, and stone -made tables with weird lamps are a very elegant and chic space

A long modern balcony with a sofa in the corner, a plant with personalities in the flower pot, a sofa bed with many pillows and a small table.

A cute and warm balcony with a colorful wooden bench with white interior decoration, potted plants, small cushions and striped carpets

The cute modern balcony is equipped with rattan furniture, potted plants, lanterns and baskets. It is a cool space to enjoy outdoor and fresh air

Modern and bright balcony, with living walls, comfortable double sofas, bright wicker tables and blue -green woven chairs, and some flowers

Decoration and shape

Modern balconies can be designed in various ways according to the area you want and the size of available space. It can be a restaurant or living room, or it can be a small corner of reading, relaxation and enjoying drinks, or even orange gardens, but the climate here is also important. Select furniture according to the purpose and function of the balcony, do not mess up the space, especially small space. Green plants are incorporated as much as possible, from potted plants and planting to real walls and floors. Printing textiles, flower pots and carpets will add fun to the balcony, and the lights and candlelights will help you light up. Get inspiration from the ideas we prepare for you!

A modern and charming balcony with a live wall, potted plant, a wooden coffee table and a cyan lounge chair. It is a cute space

A modern and stylish balcony with colorful wood on it, with a dark large chair, a table and a potted plant plant, and a cobblestone on the floor

The modern and warm balcony, with colorful decks, built -in benches, and flower bed with many succulents

Modern balcony, with wooden decoration walls, wooden stools and chairs with potted plants, and a round table. It is a cool and concise space

Modern balcony with wooden board furniture, potted plants, candle candles, tableware and tea utensils

The modern Scandinavia balcony with black decoration walls, black endings, beautiful pillows, potted plants, jaoseki cushions and pillows

A modern small balcony has become a real orange garden with a modern wooden sofa bed with many potted plants and flowers around

A small and cool balcony with some potted plants, a woven chair with a stool and the magnificent scenery of the city is an ultimate idea

A small and simple balcony with potted plants, a gray small double sofa, and cool scenery, a cute space that is abolished and relaxed

Modern small balcony with black decorative furniture, double sofa, round table, potted cactus, light string and green plant

Modern small balcony with a tropical style, equipped with lounge chairs and printed pillows, wooden coffee tables and potted plants

Fashionable balcony, gray walls, woven chairs, cool round tables and potted green plants, are a concise and bold space for enjoying space

Fashionable modern balcony, with sofas in the corner, green plants in the flower pot, dining space with barriers and metal chairs, lounge chairs are a cute space

Fashionable modern balcony, with bright colored tables, several bending chairs, personalized potted plants and candlelights

The warm modern balcony with privacy screens, some weaving furniture with hair clip, a low table and potted plant

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