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How to choose the table and chair is the best, how to choose the dining table and chair

Choosing a suitable dining table and chairs in the restaurant will directly affect the utility of the entire restaurant and the degree of aesthetics. We have seen many examples that have been disturbed and influenced by the overall aesthetics due to improper selection of dining tables and chairs in use. Therefore, we think it is necessary to popularize some knowledge about how to choose dining tables and chairs.

How to choose the table and chair is the best

The solid wood dining table highlights the grade

The solid wood dining table is a table made of natural wood. The texture of the wood can be seen on the surface of the dining table. Its advantage is that it uses natural wood, its appearance is more natural, strong and durable, and green and environmentally friendly. (Generally, solid wood furniture with qualified production process) does not contain artificial additives, and there is no hidden danger of pollution.

Note: The solid wood is precious, and the dining table is frequently used. Therefore, the solid wood dining table should be waxed regularly and pay attention to protection.

Marble dining table refined fashion

Natural marble has structural denseness, good pressure resistance, natural texture, thick texture, solemn and majestic, very small lineflating coefficient, high rigidity, high hardness, strong abrasion resistance, small temperature deformed Long, non -magnetized, non -stagnation, not affected by humidity, and plane are determined. The marble table is the best choice to pursue personalized decoration and luxury decoration.

Note: Dyeing of marble with raw materials is prone to radiation. The table on the marble table in winter is easy to be cold, and the best family of elderly and children is paved with meals and food.

Glass dining table avant -garde

The glass table is more traditional wooden dining table, the style is more brave and avant -garde, and the function is more useful. In terms of the wood dining table, the glass dining table will not be affected by indoor air, and it will not deform due to the inappropriate humidity; the comparative fabric and cortex are simpler and small to occupy the space; The simplicity and fashion of the type of glass dining table and the desire to compare other products are the advantages of other products.

Note: Most of the glass dining tables on the current market are tempered glass raw materials. Although it is strong and temperature -resistant, it is necessary to carefully select qualified and high -intensity to strengthen the glass table to avoid the desktop burst of the desktop, especially for families with children to choose the glass. dining table.

How to choose dining tables and chairs

Fangtai: 760 degrees × 760 degrees square platform and 1070 degrees × 760 degree rectangular platform is commonly used dining table size. If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, a six -seat dining table can also be placed in a small corner, and the table can be pulled out during meals. The tables of this type of dining table are best to shrink. Taigao is best around 710 degrees, which is convenient to use.

Roundtra: If the house’s private house is square and rectangular, you can use a round dining table to get better space adjustment. Another advantage of Yuantai is that the number of people sitting is greater tolerant. As long as the chair is pulled away from the table, you can sit on many people, not as inconvenient as the square sitting corner. The diameter of the round table can be 2-3 people in diameter, 4-5 people at 750 degrees, 5-6 people at 900 degrees, and 1050 degrees to 6-7 people 1200 degrees to sit 8-9 people. In general small and medium-sized units, the size of the dining room is often too large in the dining table of 1200 degrees. It can be customized for a 1140-degree circle, which can also sit 8-9 people, but it looks spacious. If you use a dining table above 900 degrees, although you can sit with many people, it is not advisable to place too many fixed chairs. If 8 chairs are placed in 1200 degrees, it is crowded. 4-6 chairs can be placed as appropriate. Kaijin Channel: Also known as an extended dining table, it can be changed from a 900-degree square or 1050-degree round platform to a 1350-1700-degree long platform or ellipse, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized units to use it for a long time with people and guests. When buying, pay attention to its mechanical structure. It should be smooth and stable when opening and closing, and it is easy to accurately accurate when completing.

Dining chair: The seat of the dining chair is like 430 degrees-480 degrees, which will be more comfortable. The seat is too high and too low, and it is not comfortable to eat, so it is not advisable to eat sofa. Some dining chairs make 50 degrees of cushions and snake slingshots below, but eating is not as comfortable as the above chair.

In order to prevent yourself from buying the table and chairs, you regret it. It is necessary for everyone to read the tips for how to choose the dining table and chairs above. I hope we can help everyone about the purchase of dining tables and chairs above. If you have other knowledge you want to know about decoration, you can follow our website.

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