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Discover new highlights of leisure

Visitors experience the zhengzheng recuperation project in the advanced area of ​​Boao Le City International Medical Tourism.

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The family is in the snow field.

The elderly couple take a sleigh.

People’s vision

Enjoy happiness in sports, Kang Yangshun is physically and mentally and mindful.

The improvement of living standards makes health awareness more and more popular. After the busy work, after intense study, and a hurry, people have more opportunities to stroll on pastime and exercise and fitness.

In the place where you live, you can enjoy the hearty of exercise at any time; go to a distant city to run a marathon, run hard while enjoying the scenery of the different places; you can even make a special trip to recuperate. , Let the mood calm down.

Boao Beach walks freely

Reporter Huang Xiaohui

Ms. Zhao Heng in Shanghai had an annual leave and enjoyed a healthy journey with her family in Boao, Hainan. “We come for health.” Zhao Heng said that in the first zone of the international medical tourism area of ​​Boao City, the 5 -day journey was fulfilled and relaxed.

After Zhao Heng stayed at a maintenance center of Boao, he first accepted a comprehensive and meticulous medical examination. The maintenance center arranged acupuncture, massage and other traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy projects based on the results of the physical examination, and the medicated diet that conditioned the body. It solved the pressure of work pressure to her. Insomnia.

This is not the first time Zhao Heng has come to Boao. A few years ago, she had arrived here, and there was nothing else except for visiting the Boao Forum forum. The name of Mu’s “medical health” surprised her here, and the international hospital and the recreational centers were up. Zhao Heng said that in the past, she would choose to go to European countries such as Switzerland, Germany and other European countries for recreational tourism. Boao gave them a new choice -no need to run abroad, and travel is no longer just ” String around, buy and buy “.

“The work and life of big cities are fast, and the pressure is high. You must go forward every day. If you do n’t go, others will push you forward.” After Zhao Heng came to Boao, the whole person relaxed, and he was eager for a long time. Slow life for a long time.

Starting in the morning, playing Tai Chi in the pastoral scenery of Boao, pacing along the Boao Beach, flowering in the afternoon, chatting the piano, waiting for the winter night of the lantern, and the festival of music on the outdoor sports, breathe deep in fresh air every day, Yi Ran comfortable.

Zhao Heng, who will retire in a few years, now consciously slows down the rhythm of life: “After the economic conditions are good, the concept of human life has changed. With the concept of great health, more attention to disease prevention and health care, and more Willing to choose from Kangyang Tour. “

24 -hour exercise fitness relaxation

Reporter Zhong Ziwei

At 9:30 in the evening, Li Fengcheng, who was working in a business company in Xiamen, has just ended a day of work. It is not uncommon for such overtime. “In the past, I could only find a restaurant to eat supper, but now there are new places.” Li Fengcheng said.

Li Fengcheng’s new choice is the 24 -hour gym that Xiamen has quietly emerged. “In the advent of national fitness, consumers’ requirements for the gym are getting higher and higher.” Zhang Yixing, the person in charge of the gym, introduced. “Traditional gyms are generally 10 am to 10 pm. Experience needs to be improved. “

In June 2017, the gym that focused on the “24 -hour non -snoring” opened on Huming Road, Siming District, Xiamen. “Such business models can not only facilitate more office workers, but also disperse people to make equipment better.” Zhang Yixing said.

After walking out of the office building, for 5 minutes, Li Fengcheng walked into the gym lightly. Here, not only the business hours are extended, but the fitness experience has also been upgraded. By equipped with the smart bracelet, Li Fengcheng built the door to open the door and use equipment. At the same time, the bracelet can also record daily sports data in real time. In the fucking room, members can also click on the course to play and watch the action demonstration on the screen. Fitness at about 10 pm. After an hour and a half, Li Fengcheng left with a sweat. “Doing exercise after overtime is not only conducive to physical health, but also relaxing work pressure. You can sleep well when you go home.”

Speaking of the future, Li Fengcheng expressed his hope that such a 24 -hour gym can be more, making everyone fit for more convenience. “At the same time, I also hope that 24 hours of gym can increase projects such as swimming, fighting, etc. to make our choices richer.”

Facilities are humane, and the details are warm.

When you go out, people’s attention is inseparable from food and food. I am tired of driving and get a cricket in the high -speed service area; take the children and the elderly to the bathroom without too much worry; the body is uncomfortable, the 24 -hour smart pharmacy is waiting for you; pull the suitcase hard, walk on the bags on the sidewalk The special lane for the box, save a lot of effort …

More and more humanized facilities appear in every corner of the road, scenic spots and cities, bringing convenience and warmth to you and me who walk on the way.

The third bathroom solution problem warms the heart warm heart

Reporter Pan Junqiang

Speaking of travel, Li Yanru, a senior “donkey friend” who lives in Beijing for several hours. However, as soon as he said that taking his child out of travel, she was a little bit embarrassed.

Why is this? “I traveling with my children, I met three dilemma, such as toilet difficulties, breastfeeding, and difficulty changing diapers.” Li Yanru said. Her husband is engaged in engineering work, and she can’t be accompanied by staying in the wild all year round. She likes to travel. “She also wants to accompany her children to touch nature and feel the cultural landscape.”

Entering the cold winter, Li Yanru thought of Jinan to see, “The winter in Jinan is beautiful in the old house.” Then go and leave, choose a weekend, take a three -year -old daughter to Jinan, swim in the Tu Tuquan, then visit Daming Lake, experience it Take a big bowl of tea in Jinan. But drink too much tea, it must be convenient. At the toilet in the southwest gate of Daming Lake, Li Yanru wanted to enter the women’s toilet, but saw the third bathroom next to him. She immediately took her daughter, pushed the curtain, and walked into it. “In the past, adults were uncomfortable, let alone children!” Li Yanru said.

In the third bathroom, various facilities made Li Yanru shine. There are only toilets used by adults and toilet for children. “I didn’t expect it to be so intimate.” Li Yanru said that she helped her daughter finish the toilet and fixed it on the child’s seat. “When adults are in the toilet, they are afraid of children running around.” Li Yanru introduced that there is also a mother and infant station for changing diapers here, which can put the child on the mother and infant platform similar to the small bed and change the diapers for the child. “Take a child out in winter, change the diapers outside, the child is too cold. In this third toilet, it is convenient and protects privacy.” When she was traveling outside, she found the scenic area manager and begged them to hold the child. Li Yanru gave her daughter to her daughter. Change diapers.

“Feeding is also very convenient.” Li Yanru remembered the embarrassment of the former. When her daughter was not weaned, she went to a scenic spot to play in a scenic spot. The daughter was hungry and kept crying. In the bustling crowd, she finally found an unmanned corner. Feed daughter. “If there were third bathrooms at the time, there was no such embarrassment.”

Li Yanru also discovered that this third bathroom provides toilet paper, disposable diaper, etc., and there are armrests for disabled people next to the toilet and sink. The cleaning inside was clean, there was no odor, and the air fresh agent was sprayed. “If there are bathrooms built for special groups in the scenic area, it is too convenient to travel with baby!” Li Yanru lamented.

The solution in the rest is lacking and comfortable

Liu Xinwu Wang 吾

“There are still 200 kilometers in Chengdu. Do you want to rest for a while?” He Man drove from Chongqing to Chengdu on a business trip and had lunch in the Yurong high -speed dragon service area.

At this moment, a staff member came over and asked with a smile, “Ms., there is a rest cabin provided by the high -speed service area for passengers. Do you need to know?” I saw an eight white plastic box in the end, which looked like a space capsule.

Scan the code, bind mobile phones, pay, the cabin door slowly opens in front of He Man. The “space cabin” is like a double -layer bed in the student dormitory. On the dark leather mattress inside, a sex sheet and blanket are neatly placed.

“There is an air conditioner, can change the ventilation, as well as the charging socket and free WiFi, which is smart.” It took 18 yuan, slept for an hour, and woke up, and he was refreshing. “I used to be sleepy, either washing my face and continued to drive, or I was curled up in the car for a while, which was very uncomfortable. Now, I can lie in the rest cabin. Say.

According to the on -site staff, since the putup in October 2017, nearly 300 passengers in the service area’s rest cabinet stayed, and most of them were young people who travel and travel.

Today, in Chongqing, the “tentacles” of intelligent services have gradually extended to highways. In September 2018, the smart container hotel was also introduced, and the “food delivery robot” also appeared in the restaurant.

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