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Ye Qin did not expect that a set of priced of 199 yuan of pet suit, more than 300 pieces were sold during the New Year.

Give your cat’s new year service, the first essentials are red, and the clothes must be symbolized with auspicious image, “blessings”, lanterns, firecrackers, humans, pets can not be less.

The lion dance costume of this cat, is made of red, green and yellow, with two big eyes in the head, made into the eyes, looking into the fleece, the body is part of velvet Cloth, more retro, more advanced than ordinary cloth. The cat puts up clothes, watching the lion dance like a run.

This is the most expensive pet suits in Ye Qin shop. As a new year, the shovel is a blood book.

Give pets


Suits for pets can be simple than humans. It is also a sleeve, collar and hat, to concentrate on a cat of more than ten kilograms. And well known, the cat is liquid, let the cat master will feel the four feet into the clothes, so that each sleeve has enough comfort, cloth is also Ye Qin to the accessories market, can not be too heavy, There is a soft texture that makes the pet feel comfortable.

Cat and owner wear the same plaid skirt

Spring long sleeves, summer t-shirts, winter down jackets, pets and people’s clothes have no difference. The best clothes are sold in the store, you can turn your cat into Donald Ducks, with a playful little ass, this dress is priced nearly one hundred yuan, hundreds of people in every month.

Although people are willing to spend money for pets, when they play three digits, Ye Qin is still hesitating: Does anyone buy such expensive clothes to a cat or dog?

Unexpectedly, a order was sold in the evening. Next, in a month, Ye Qin sold more than 50 pet clothing. In 2020, the sales of Ye Qin stores exceeded 1.3 million.

“The smoother, the better, you can’t exceed one pound, otherwise the pet is very uncomfortable,” Ye Qin said, asking for giving up those beautiful and complicated ornaments, such as pearl, thick lace and buttons. Most pets are paste patterns, and pets in the button style may not be worn, and the zipper style may clamp the soft hair.

The hardest is the design of the clothes, most of the human clothes pattern is in the chest, and the pet clothes are displayed on the back. The same clothes are different, and the cat’s clothes are often narrower, and they are longer, and pet dogs The body is very different. The difference in large dogs and small dogs is bigger than the fatteen male and the thinnest girl. The pet clothing has never been a one, put a small Taddy and Golden hair together, size from xxs to xxl.

Once, a customer photographed the smallest dress, a black and white two-color dairy clothing, after delivery, customers send Ye Qin to buy a family show: Xiaoke, the family put on clothes, running almost Tell. Ye Qin found that Keji legs were big, so it was particularly considered when designing clothes.

Later, the store specialized on the “short-legged exclusive clothing” to Keke and Fight.

Short legs Kiki and its exclusive clothing


Imported food, smart toilet, automatic water dispenser, pets over fashion and exquisite life, pet companion robot, pet training school, pet blind date, pet birthday party, pet funeral … The shovel is willing to spend pets on clothes and food More.

In 2020, the number of urban dog cats in the country has exceeded 100 million. The pet consumption market reached 206.5 billion yuan, 57.1% of the pet owners regarded pets as their own children, their mentality and raising children have a cut: I can’t suffer, I Some, pets must have.

In 2020, the coldest winter, the pet dog’s down jacket became popular business, and a life living in the north revealed that he raised a short dog. He worried that he had a cold when he was a dog. 9 pieces of down jackets, “The most expensive is PRADA new, 4,300 yuan”.

Summer dressing down the dog, can evaporate through moisture, take away the hot air on the pet; Meiyu seasons are wearing raincoats to pet dogs, let them go outside the rain; the original pet fashion brand Lazy Eazy The “hard pet protective clothing” has been launched, and the pet’s skin care is reduced, and the home will be disinfected and can be effectively protected to a certain extent.

In 2017, the luxurious down jacket branded (Moncler) collaborated with Poldo Dog Couture, launched a designed down jacket and winter clothing capsules designed for dog design. In November 2018, H & M announced working with Italian clothing brand Moschino to create a pet clothing. In August 2019, the luxury brand Burberry launched a defined dog T-shirt, the media calls, and the pet is one of the followers of the street trend fashion.

In addition, LV, Hermès, Gucci, Versace, etc. fashion giants have launched pet-related jewelry, although they sell prices, still being greatly sought after.

When the pet clothing store, Wu Qiqiao, when did the pet clothing business, the teacher of the clothing questioned her: “How can people give the production line to do clothes?” Soon, he didn’t think so, the source continued order He realized that the sales of pet services can be worn better than people.

Wu Qiqiao designed a “four beautiful people” pet Hanfu, “At the same time as possible of the four beautiful people of the four beautiful people, combined with their life story and design and transform in the hearts of the future”, this dress has Two long sleeves, divided into powder, red, blue, gray four colors, ultimately, these four sets of lace, gemstone pet clothing pricing 520 yuan, have a set of four pieces of 1888 yuan.

Cat wearing Hanfu “back to a smile Bai Meisheng”

Put the cat to the cat, accompany the dog to accompany the robot, and wear your wallet, and you can’t grily.

Emotional projection

Pet Hanfu fire, Ye Qin also designed a pet JK uniform, like human uniforms, divided into two pieces, and a beautiful red bow. The first batch of goods sent, the buyer fed back to the problem, the cat struggled, and the short coat slipped from the neck.


Does cats like clothes? For most cats, this may not be a comfortable thing.


Ye Qin made a reform, stitching the upper and skirts. In order to facilitate the event, the skirt only left half, cover on the butt of the cat, and the bow tie from a separate bow tie is a big bow on the back. Three-piece combination of human beings is integrated. “Although it does not conform to the style of JK uniform, this is the best for pets.”

Cat puts up JK uniform

People have brought the love of pets in all aspects, once, there is a girl to find Ye Qin, want to make a set of clothing, she hopes to make the cat and wear clothes every day. In the end, because the custom service is too cumbersome, Ye Qin did not take this single business.


Ye Qin tried a pet wedding dress, which was hand-made by himself. The most expensive light yarn on the market was chosen. The whole is not heavy, but it looks a thick texture. This wedding dress embellished with the flowers made of pearls and colored cloths. Every sequin is the glue with glue with glue. For pet hair, the glue is also the most expensive, 50 grams of water will spend more than two hundred. In the end, this wedding dress is priced at 999 yuan, and it is very much in the suit with it.

This wedding dress has not yet sold, Ye Qin is also quite curious, what kind of people, what kind of cats will eventually become the owner of this wedding dress.

Someone ran to a store of Taobao to do cat Hanfu, “Why do you want to dress with clothes?” A buyer replied straightly, “Because take pictures, don’t it?”

Pet economy, it seems to have a better life, but essentially, mainly satisfied or the demand for pet owners, after all, the pet cat in the heart, heavy gold, may not have a traffic cardboard box interesting.