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It’s winter, is your forklift ready?

Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and the south has officially entered the cold winter climate, is your forklift ready? In harsh environments, efficient operation of forklifts requires good lubrication, and a variety of special oils play a vital role. This issue introduces the knowledge of commonly used oils on forklifts and precautions for use, hoping to help you in winter.

Oil change cycle

It is important to change the oil in strict accordance with the maintenance requirements specified in the operating guidelines, and most Linde forklift trucks have the following oil change intervals:


500 hours

Oil, heavy grease, chain spray must be changed

Every 1000 hours

Transmission oil and gear oil must be replaced

Per 2000

or 3000 hours

Hydraulic oil, antifreeze, brake fluid must be replaced

Remarks: The oil change interval may be different for different models and different working conditions, please strictly refer to the maintenance instructions of the specific forklift model

Antifreeze is important

In the cold season, when the forklift is stopped, the radiator may swell and crack due to the icing of the coolant, and the engine cylinder block may be frozen, and high-quality antifreeze can not only “prevent freeze”, but also provide more protection.


The freezing point of Linde forklift special antifreeze and anti-rust liquid can reach -36°C, which ensures the performance of the forklift cooling system in a low temperature environment.


The engine and its cooling system are made of metal, which is easy to corrode and rust in contact with water for a long time, aggravate internal wear, and the metal residue generated into the engine combustion system, lubrication system, and heat dissipation system will cause further wear. Linde forklift trucks are specially designed to form a protective layer on the metal surface of the cooling system and effectively prevent surface corrosion.


Using water as coolant is easy to produce scale problems, and the scale adheres to the metal surface of the water tank and water jacket to affect the heat dissipation effect, and it is also difficult to remove. Linde forklift special special antifreeze and anti-rust liquid is made of distilled water, containing anti-scale additives, which not only does not produce scale, but also has the function of descaling.


The boiling point of Linde forklift special grade antifreeze and anti-rust liquid is generally about 105 °C, and the boiling point will be higher because of the pressure during use to ensure that it does not boil at high temperatures.

Key points for oil use in winter

Before entering the cold protection period, do seasonal maintenance work in advance,

The engine and chassis are made of cold lubricating oil

The hydraulic fluid can be changed from size 68 to gauge 46 or gauge 32

Antifreeze needs to meet the freezing point requirements

In extremely cold environments, the oil can be changed from 15W to 5W or 0W specifications

The lubricating performance of the lubricating oil is reduced at low temperatures, which will aggravate the wear of the engine parts.

The cold engine should be warmed up before starting in the cold season

There should be enough warm-up time after starting the engine normally

, so that it runs at low speed and light load until the oil in the engine, transmission, hydraulic system becomes hot;

Forklifts stored in the open air should be filled with antifreeze

, in order to avoid freezing the engine, the effective use period of antifreeze is more than two years, and it should be replaced in time when it expires or finds that the coolant is dirty;

Check the level of all lubricating oils regularly

If there is a deficiency, it should be supplemented in time;

Buy from formal channels

Qualified diesel fuel that meets the local minimum temperature standard, and precipitation filtration before use.

Improper use of oil is a hidden danger

Lack of oil or use of inferior oil will lead to severe wear of components, cylinder pulling, and even engine scrapping↓↓

Inferior hydraulic oil is easy to fail, which will lead to critical, hydraulic drive component wear, hydraulic valve damage, etc. ↓↓

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