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Gentleman’s Night Seven Wolves won the Ruili “Men’s Style” Annual Style Jacket Brand Award

On June 11th, the Oriental Gentlemen’s Night – The 12th Anniversary of Men’s Fashion was held in Shanghai, and Seven Wolves won the Ruili “Men’s Style LEON” Annual Style Jacket Brand Award for 31 years of perseverance and renewal of jacket items, and continued to hold the throne of the “King of Jackets”. Yu Ru, vice president of Fujian Seven Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd., was invited to the scene to receive the award on behalf of Seven Wolves. “This! is the overall champion of “Original” and well-known music singer-songwriter Deng Jianchao appeared at the event wearing a seven-wolf culture jacket, with a delicate dress style with oriental elements, showing the fashion charm of the Y generation “wolf youth”.

Seven Wolves won the annual fashion jacket brand award of Ruili “Men’s Style”

Gentleman’s Night shines throughout

As a fashion media committed to enhancing the image of Chinese men, “Men’s Fashion LEON” has been exploring the oriental charm that belongs to Chinese men and promoting it. The “12th Anniversary of Men’s Fashion” held by it is an annual award ceremony with great scale, influence and credibility in China. The ceremony was star-studded, well-known artists Zhong Hanliang, Yuan Shanshan and others were dressed up to attend, and other celebrities in the fashion, business, technology and art fields also appeared, and Seven Wolves, as the leading menswear brand in China, was invited to attend.

“This! is the overall champion of “Original” and well-known music singer-songwriter Deng Jianchao wore seven wolf wolf culture jackets and walked the red carpet to capture countless films. Deng Jianchao is known as “the most fashionable singer, the most fashionable to write, and the most singing among bloggers”, and his excellent musical literacy, young and fashionable personal image complement the brand image of men with character advocated by Seven Wolves.

From a powerful singer to a street photographer, the transformation of multiple identities is like the seven-wolf culture jacket worn by Deng Jianchao that night – “men have more than one side, but their character is always the same.” The jacket is made from Seven Wolves’ cotton-polyester jacquard fabric to ensure a relaxed and comfortable fit, while being wide and shapely, giving it a gentlemanly look before you make a move. Adorned with a wolf totem symbolizing the spirit of the Seven Wolves brand, the gorgeous velvet texture looms under the flash, showing the oriental aesthetic in a low-key manner. The baseball collar design shows youthful vitality, and the motorcycle silhouette creates a statement label, highlighting Deng Jianchao’s light charm between boys and men, which is bound to set off a new round of jacket popularity.

Deng Jianchao performs the seven wolf wolf culture jacket

With the outstanding fashion performance of the jacket piece, Seven Wolves lived up to expectations and won the “Men’s Style LEON” Annual Style Jacket Brand Award. For the award, Yu Ru, vice president of Fujian Seven Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude to the fashion industry for the recognition of the Seven Wolf brand and jacket items. Seven Wolves will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, organically combining product design, exquisite technical craftsmanship, transcendent industry quality and unique wolf culture that follow fashion trends, and inject a steady stream of fashion vitality into Seven Wolves’ classic jackets.

Yu Ru, vice president of Fujian Seven Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd., received the award

The star chooses the Seven Wolf Jacket

The wolf culture jacket worn by Deng Jianchao is from the Spring and Summer series of Seven Wolves with the theme of “Guardian • Symbiosis”. Li Zhe, head of the brand and marketing center of Seven Wolf, introduced to the organizer that Seven Wolf focuses on the core jacket design and quality upgrade this season, further creating diversified fashion through product upgrades, and showing the public the continuation and innovation of the core of brand value. Among them, the wolf culture jacket pays more attention to environmentally friendly materials in the choice of fabrics, and the body is lighter and thinner, so that the clothing used in daily frequency is both environmentally friendly and can show a high-grade texture. The animal protection jacket released in the same series continues the DNA of the seven wolves “all things live together, protect for love”, uses fashion as a carrier to awaken the public’s sympathy for the natural environment and animal protection, and leads consumers to explore the beauty of harmonious symbiosis between nature and life. Li Zhe said that in the future, the seven wolves will present the charm of more than one side of Chinese men with a new posture and consistent insistence on quality, set off a new trend of Chinese jackets, and let Chinese fashion lead the world.

As the first domestic menswear brand, Seven Wolves has led the fashion trend of the industry with pioneering high-quality products since its establishment in 1990, interpreted fashion through a young perspective, created classic explosive models that keep pace with the times, and showed the cultural spirit and lifestyle of Chinese character men, which is also favored by many stars.

Whether it is “domineering president” Ming Dao, “rock youth” Bai Jugang, “Golden Horse male protagonist” Ruan Jingtian, “Hundred Change Movie Emperor” Zhang Yi, “sweet and cool boy” Wu Jiacheng, etc., many well-known celebrities upper body Seven Wolf Spring Summer 2021 series jackets are enough to prove that Seven Wolf jacket products have been unanimously recognized in the fashion field and have become a must-have classic item for men with character.

Mr. Seven Wolf Jackets on more than one side

The “King of Jackets” deserves it

In the era of explosive consumption, the brand’s classic pieces are the anchor point to lock in consumer memories. For the Seven Wolves, this anchor is the jacket, from the color-change jacket to the stand-up collar plaid jacket to the double-sided jacket, through its innovation and extension in different eras, resulting in a richer range of products. The product promotes the continuous development of the brand in the iteration, and the concept of the brand to keep pace with the times also feeds back the product to better innovate, and the two complement each other, jointly creating the “king of jackets” seven wolves with both fashion and classic.

Everything in the past is a prologue, and the thirty-one-year-old seven wolves are still very “young”. In the future, Seven Wolves will always maintain the wolf spirit of forging ahead, innovation and change, lead the fashion trend, and constantly set a new benchmark for China’s men’s wear industry.

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