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In the hot summer, the secret of smooth skin

Summer heat, a lot of sweating will lead to rough skin oil, enlarged pores, has a very direct impact on the female body and skin, so summer skin care is more important, indoor and outdoor temperature changes make the skin unadaptable, the most obvious symptom is the skin appears dry, exposed and tight symptoms.

In summer, the skin is easily sensitive, the summer air is humid, the bacterial multiplication is accelerated, and the skin is prone to dryness, itching and redness. In summer, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, the human skin has strong oil secretion, especially the facial skin loves to produce oil, which is prone to keratin accumulation, resulting in clogged pores, and it is easy to close the mouth, acne, and acne. In summer, ultraviolet radiation is direct and intense, and the ultraviolet radiation of the sun is easy to cause sunspots and photoaging on the skin.

Summer skin care should pay attention to cleanliness, summer facial skin oil secretion is strong, daily cleaning must be in place to prevent pore blockage, but remember that the facial skin can not be over-cleaned. In summer, we must do a good job of sun protection, physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen are all arranged, sunscreen is applied, sunscreen must be done well when going out, sunscreen must be removed, and skin management and stability repair are done at night. The most important thing is to better choose skin care products suitable for summer use, summer is different from winter, summer is suitable for refreshing texture, to hydrate and maintain stability-based skin care products. The mask assists in hydration.

WEI Azure Beauty Qin Lotus Radiance Strength Emulsion

Retail price:¥480 Size:100ml

“Strong repair, balance and stability”, effective in soothing the skin, opening the skin water circulation, conditioning the skin water and oil balance

Core Formula:

High-energy HARMONIANCE – moisturizing and repairing, revitalizing the skin

Ceramides – build a protective film on the skin’s surface and unlock skin strength

Dendrobium Essence – Regulates the skin’s balance of water and oil, protects plumpness and elasticity

Sophora sophora extract – replenishes plant nutrition and energy, and cares for delicate and soft skin

Usage scenarios:

Daily hydration, use throughout the four seasons to repair the skin’s damaged barrier

WEI Blue Beauty Three-Layer Texture Mask

“Three layers of cleansing, one done”, deep cleaning and purification, absorbing oil and dirt, astringent and tightening pores, clear and delicate skin, moisturizing and moisturizing, healthy and transparent radiance

Three-layer kaolin formula – intensely wicks away pore-clogging dirt and dead skin cells

Rhodiola Rosea and Ganoderma lucidum are the main seven herbal extracts – promote skin metabolism, improve dull skin tone and rough skin texture, tighten and tighten pores, relieve and prevent protrusions and blemishes caused by clogged pores, thoroughly cleanse the skin without tightening, and reproduce delicate, even, and smooth skin

Clean and smooth pores, add follow-up skin care, daily makeup and makeup, deep cleansing of the skin

A clear body scrub with azure light


Rich in fine brown sugar granules, this clear body scrub contains patented extract of photoglycyrrhizin, lactobionic acid, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, acetylchitosamine, etc., combined with Ural licorice extract and angelica, goji berry and other traditional Chinese medicine extracts with a patented formula, the texture is soft and smooth like ice cream, gently exfoliating old and wasted skin, relieving dullness of the body, and brightening the smooth, delicate and supple even-toned skin. Suitable for all skin types.

It is recommended to use in a bath, 1-2 times a week, for better results.

1. Wet the whole body and take an appropriate amount of body scrub.

2. Gently massage the whole body, focus on the knees, elbows and other joints, and appropriately extend the stay time.

3. Rinse the whole body with warm water after use.

Main ingredients and effects:

Smooths skin and gently “brushes acid” to brighten

1. Lactobionic acid: brush acid new generation AHA, gentle and not harmful to the skin, sensitive skin friendly, accelerate skin rejuvenation

2. Photoglycyrrhizine patented extract: reduce the activation and production of dull cells, inhibit the production of dull enzymes, inhibit the production and size of melanin, and reduce redness

3. Ural licorice and reed, angelica, salvia, dogwood, goji berry and other traditional Chinese medicine extracts compound patent formula group: significantly improve skin microcirculation, overall skin even, translucent, rosy, bright, delicate, plump skin

4. Brown sugar: Rich in brown sugar particles, it can remove excess keratin, smooth the skin, and make the skin transparent and delicate

5. Triple muscle brightening factor (niacinamide, tranexamic acid, acetylchitosamine): inhibits the migration of dull factor, reduces the deepening of skin tone caused by external environmental factors, evens skin tone, promotes water and oil balance, and maintains skin health

Core Formula:

Usage scenarios:

Quality Skin Care Product Recommendations: OEM/ODM Coffee Exfoliating & Refreshing Body Scrub