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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Hold on, fried sauce noodles~

56 days after the new coronavirus disappeared,

Under the condition of stable control of the epidemic across the country,

We have gradually let our guard down

Start looking forward to a pleasant Dragon Boat Holiday

On June 11,

Cunning viruses in highly similar ways,

Proclaim the return to the world.

The second wave of the epidemic, which began in Beijing, is menacing.

As the ancients say: He who walks a hundred miles is half ninety.

This sudden situation in Beijing,

Once again, a wake-up call for everyone

Before the successful development of the new crown vaccine

We must be mentally prepared to coexist with the epidemic for a long time

Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, ventilate more, and don’t pile up

will become our living habits,

Epidemic prevention materials should be prepared at any time~

Smart parents in addition to stocking up on masks

These essential supplies for baby epidemic prevention are also indispensable!

Baby hand and mouth wipes

The epidemic rebounded, and everyone began to stock up on masks again

But don’t forget

Droplets are not the only way the virus spreads.

The new coronavirus can also be spread through aerosols and contact, and to be well protected, it is necessary to:

Ventilate frequently, wash your hands and pay attention to hygiene

Disinfect often, wear a mask, and do not pile up

When it comes to washing hands frequently and disinfecting frequently, as a baby, it is inseparable from hand and mouth wipes.

Epidemic prevention and control, especially to have two “diligence”,

Wash your hands and wipe frequently.

Babies are small and should not wash their hands and mouth several times a day,

And if you go out, it is not convenient to wash your hands and face,

Ordinary water cannot wash stubborn dirt.

Therefore, hand and mouth wipes are convenient and necessary.

Baby cotton towel

Mianrou towel, I believe many mothers

Hoard a lot from the time your baby is born.

Parents who have babies understand,

Cotton soft towels are really indispensable~

Don’t say that babies can’t wash their face, farts, and hands,

Bao’s mother can also wipe her face with a cotton towel.

Our commonly used face towel,

If it cannot be dried in time,

In fact, it is easy to breed bacteria,

Especially babies, the skin is more delicate,

If you are not careful, it is easy to cause skin inflammation.

Therefore, cotton soft towels are really a good parenting thing for parents and parents,

Although inconspicuous, it must not be less!

And, the more the merrier!

Saliva towel

Babies in teething not only love to drool,

I also like to take things everywhere and stuff them in my mouth,

It’s just a little devil with a mouth,

The mouth is not idle for a moment.

In order to satisfy the baby’s appetite and wipe the baby’s saliva,

Moms choose to buy saliva towels.

There are many types and shapes of saliva towels,

Tethered, concealed, petal-shaped, oval, star, square…

Xiaojin is more recommended petal-shaped,

It can be rotated and used with high utilization.

The choice of fabric of the saliva towel is more recommended gauze,

Or soft cotton cloth with good absorbency and the like.

Gauze bath towels, children’s towels

Gauze bath towels can be said to be the most used baby item in summer.

Suitable for both mother and baby, the utilization rate is super high.

After the baby bathes or swims, use it as a bath towel to quickly dry the water to prevent cold;

The thickness of 6 layers is also very suitable for making a baby’s small quilt, thin and breathable;

When taking your baby out, put it in a stroller;

When the baby is asleep, use it as a blanket;

When the mother feeds, cover it up;

Change your baby’s diapers and put them under the body for cleanliness.

Not only for babies,

It is oversized, and it is large enough for adults to use as a bath towel.

Take a nap or catch up on a drama and drink tea in the air-conditioned room,

It’s also good to make blankets.

Working moms,

Rest on your shoulder during naps to protect yourself from the cold.

Usually on the knee,

Wearing a beautiful skirt is not afraid of the cold in an air-conditioned room.

The epidemic situation in Beijing once again tells us that the epidemic has not passed, and for the sake of family and their own health, we need to do a good job in responding to the normal epidemic~