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The long-heard Emma Xiaoqiao Q160 is deeply loved by young people, and today we finally got this car and made a detailed evaluation report.

Today brings a static review of Emma Xiaoqiao Q160.

High-value appearance Cycling becomes its own landscape

The appearance of Xiaoqiao Q160 is as beautiful as the name, at a glance, the whole vehicle has smooth lines, the integrated design looks extremely comfortable, and the overall styling trend does not lose a sense of technology.

The most attractive thing is the LED multi-head lens headlights of the car, plus the shield-shaped lampshade, which looks like a safety sign from a distance.

The design of the light system is very careful, the front turn signal is integrated with the car body, the rear turn signal tail light is integrated, and the geometric shape of the tail light is very exquisite. In various scenes, the visibility of the entire light system is high, and it can be seen at a glance in the crowded crowd at night, simple and outstanding.

The one we reviewed is the basic pearl white, and there are seven versatile colors such as pearl swan gray, Mu snow blue, peach leaf pink, etc., the versatile color system you want can basically be satisfied, and riding on the street is the most beautiful scenery.

Intimate configuration The quality is evident in every detail

The details of the Xiaoqiao Q160 are also very fine, and the wide foam cushion is excellent in terms of elasticity and support, and there will be no back pain after a long ride.

What’s more intimate is that Xiaoqiao is equipped with a 48V24Ah lithium battery, which is not only safe but also very lightweight, and girls like me with little strength can carry paper with one hand without pressure, and what boyfriend they need.

In addition, the car’s wing-shaped pedal deepens the entire pedal space, the front lateral space and side space are much more spacious than ordinary electric vehicles, and the long legs of 1.8 meters are easily put down.

There is also a hidden hook in the car, which folds to allow more room for leg movement. Put it down and hang your helmet, school bag, milk tea and other daily necessities. The leakage hole under the toolbox can effectively prevent water accumulation in rainy days, and the quality can be seen in small places, and the welfare of the detail mania is woody.

Coupled with the USB charging port with dust cover in the car, as a severe road dementia patient, my mother no longer has to worry about my mobile phone running out of battery and finding my way home.

It is worth mentioning that the brake shock absorption function of Xiaoqiao Q160 adopts the front disc and rear drum, which can brake at short distances and park safer; It also uses front and rear hydraulic shock absorption, and when driving on bumpy roads, the front and rear double-sided shock absorption absorbs and relieves the shock feeling, which is safe!


Overall, Xiaoqiao’s cost performance is still very high, not only simple and fashionable appearance, 100 kilometers of endurance and comfortable riding experience are better than many other national standard vehicles, the overall performance is very surprising. Whether it is for parents who pick up their children, or young people who go to work and school, this car can fully meet people’s travel needs.

As an electric vehicle of the engine MAX series, we will continue to bring you old drivers about the specific riding experience of the car in the next time, and share with you the “hidden skills” of Xiaoqiao Q160.