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Yesterday, Shen Mengchen sold a shirt on a platform, thinking it was a normal news, but I didn’t expect that such news was still on the hot search.

Can be on the hot search is because this shirt actually sold 900 yuan, sure enough, the celebrity is rich, bought a shirt is nearly a thousand, I thought she bought this shirt at a higher price, second-hand resale only sold 900, never expected ah, is three times the original price, but really a good hand for cutting vegetables.

The shirt sold by Shen Mengchen:

Original price shirt:

Netizens have complained about her, the original price of this dress is only 300 yuan, and she sells 900 yuan, it is said that it is not free shipping, and the overall price is almost three times the original price, which is really ugly.

900 pieces for a shirt! I bought 30 pieces on a certain night, which is enough for me to buy thirty pieces, a full thirty times!

Careful comparison, nothing found, should be the same model.

As soon as this matter came out, Shen Mengchen really stabbed the “hornet’s nest”, and netizens “bombarded” her in the comments, and netizens questioned her one after another:

Is it really so short of money?

Do you really cut the fans as leeks?

Is it poor crazy? and so on, some netizens ridiculed

A 900-dollar shirt, a star wearing it is so valuable?

Buy it and smell it? No taste can be returned no.

Although this dress is such a high price, but there are still people willing to pay, it is understood that this shirt has been bought, I have to say that there are really many rich people, I don’t know if this buyer understands the situation, or understands but still chooses to buy, that must be a loyal “dead fan”.

Alas! When I also have such loyal fans, I won’t go to the class, wait for the boss to feed. (Haha, pure joke.) )

In this matter, my own thoughts are as follows:

I rarely wear shirts, thinking that clothes can have functions such as covering the body, preventing cold and keeping warm, and good looks are second.

If I want to buy a shirt, I will only buy dozens of pieces or a hundred and a few pieces, and I will not consider a shirt that exceeds 130 yuan.

Although it is said that you get what you pay for, but often hundreds or thousands of dollars of clothes, I am doubtful, for me, clothes are nothing more than materials, workmanship in place is a good clothes, those brands of hundreds of thousands of clothes are nothing more than in the quality screening of more excellent, the service life can meet the basic requirements of customers, leave a good impression on customers, but also to the brand has laid a good reputation, the brand effect is born, to reach a certain popularity, the clothes sold are in short supply, the price is raised;

But these clothes still need to be processed by machines and manually trimmed, and what is the difference between them and those tens of yuan clothes?

In fact, the profit of the clothing merchant who sells 100 yuan will be more than 50 yuan; High-quality clothes cost up to more than 100 pieces, and with the blessing of the brand, merchants can sell them for hundreds or thousands, and the profits obtained from them can be imagined.

I didn’t wear 900 pieces of clothes, and I wouldn’t choose to buy such 900 pieces of clothes. Of course you can think I’m a turtle, that’s okay;

If you have money, how many such 900 pieces of clothes or thousands of clothes you want to buy, then buy, anyway, it has nothing to do with us, it is your money, it is your own labor income, you are not distressed, we will not worry about that.