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High-tech smart watch this product has become the next important development direction of the information technology industry, well-known companies in various countries to develop smart watch news endlessly, all indications, the war of smart wearable is about to begin! Today we bring this Emporio Armani Connected composite smart watch from Emporio Armani, the entry-level brand of the famous Italian fashion brand Giorgio Armani, which has the appearance of a traditional watch, but has a high-tech intelligent “heart”.


In terms of packaging, Armani Emporio ArmaniART3002 adopts traditional cardboard watch box, the external black body, the front side is the watch renderings and Armani LOGO, the two sides are the commonly used smart function icons display, and the back is the relevant text description of the mobile phone information. The overall packaging image highlights the texture and has Armani’s usual luxury temperament.

Instructions on the back

The white inner box, except for the front Armani LOGO, has no other description, the overall simple and generous, thick and calm feeling.

Internal watch box

Instruction manual and paddles

Unfolded watch box and paddles


Although Armani Emporio ArmaniART3002 is a smart watch, it is completely incognizable from the appearance alone, and in the time display, there is no difference from ordinary watches, the watch adopts a circular design, and there are two function dials inside the interface, one large and one small, of which the large dial is used to display the time, and the sub-dial can display the date and movement progress.

Armani Emporio ArmaniART3002 uses quartz movement design button battery power, no need to charge, insignificant battery life up to half a year, support Android and iOS client connection, provide sports steps, music control, smart reminders and other common smart watch functions.

Armani Armani ART3002 adopts a brown leather whip strap, which complements the gold case, and the overall exudes an elegant texture, which looks very tough. There are also metal straps available throughout the range to meet the user’s individual needs.


The left strap is embossed with the Armani logo

Strap buckle

There are three raised metal keys on the right side of the dial, and although they look the same as a traditional watch, they do have completely different functions. The upper button is the date/activity tracking button, the middle button side can switch the second time zone time, and the lower button can set the functions of playing music, remote photography, and finding mobile phones.

The interior is a coin cell battery, so Armani also provides a paddle that can be replaced by itself, and the words “OPEN” and “CLOSE” are marked on the top position on the back of the dial, and the corresponding operation can be followed with the tool.

Use of paddles

The style after removing the bottom cover, in which the battery capacity is a 3V standard battery, and the official notice tells that the standby time is about 6 months.


As a smart watch, mobile phone application APP must be indispensable. Simply search for “EA Connected” app installation in the store. Like common smart watches, the first use needs to bind the device, turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, put the phone and the phone together and follow the steps to match and bind.

After the device is matched, you can set the corresponding functions, such as the time calibration of the watch, the setting of three common function keys, as well as your personal information, weight and target step count.

Like common smartwatches, it also has common functions such as sleep tracking, motion tracking, message reminders, remote control of photography and music playback.

Motion monitoring is one of the most basic functions of smart watches, and the Armani Emporio ArmaniART3002 is no exception, which is ready to monitor the number of steps, mileage and energy expenditure generated by the user during wearing. At the same time, you can also view the detailed exercise data of the past day through the APP, so that you can better adjust your exercise status. In addition, you can also set your daily exercise goals, you can check your sports goals through the small watch face, and grasp your exercise progress in real time.

The three function keys on the right side of the Armani Armani ART3002 watch face mentioned above can be customized, and it is usually set to successfully control music control and remote photography.

In addition to the common step counting function, music control, photography, there are more intelligent reminder functions, the watch may be set accordingly on the APP, such as alarm clock, message reminder and the function of finding the mobile phone (start the phone ringtone). Among them, the function of mobile phone search is more intimate, when your mobile phone cannot be found, you only need to press the set function key, the phone will ring, it is very easy to find your own mobile phone.

For a business person, it is inevitable to travel to various countries, then jet lag is a headache, with Armani Emporio ArmaniART3002 you don’t have to worry, it can be dual time zone display. You can set the second time zone location you want to display on the mobile app, and the watch face will automatically display the time in the corresponding time zone by pressing the function button of the setting.


Armporio ArmaniART3002 as a high-end business style smart watch, it not only has the texture and process technology of traditional business watches, but also follows the trend of technology to add more intelligent functions. Objectively speaking, for business people, what is more important is the temperament that matches it, and the wisdom function is more of an auxiliary role, which can be commonly used like step counting, music control, finding mobile phones, etc., and other functions will be relatively weakened. Perhaps we can see it as a reminder of our own health, so that we can enjoy work and life, and do not forget about health.

As a smart composite watch, it not only allows users to experience the charm brought by traditional watches, but also allows you to feel the high-tech intelligent experience. Now, this watch has been sold in the official flagship store of Jingdong Armani smart watch, and has a variety of colors to meet your personalized needs, and the price is also very powerful.