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When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, how should you choose? This issue of Bai Bai has helped you find the best bridesmaid dress color for each wedding theme and style, see which one suits you~

Choosing a bridesmaid dress color is one of the most important tasks on your wedding to-do list, and you need to decide if you want all bridesmaids to wear exactly the same outfits (which is the most traditional route) or prefer a funky mash-up look with different dress styles.

01 gray tone

Pair light and dark gray bridesmaid dresses with different fabrics (velvet, chiffon, crepe, etc.) for a modern look.

02 Little white dress

Some people think that only brides should wear white. But as more and more newlyweds break wedding traditions and make their own rules, more and more people choose white as their bridesmaid dress. White can match almost any wedding theme, from classic to bohemian.

03 Soft metallic color

A shiny bridesmaid dress is a stylish way to bring a glamorous atmosphere to your wedding. Dress the bridesmaids in pastel complementary colors, such as neutral champagne and pale pink, for a romantic look.

04 Taupe and gold

Warm neutral colors, such as gold and taupe, make the color of bridesmaid dresses pleasing and suitable for a wide range of skin tones. Choose a medium-length casual dress and add a green bouquet to create a stylish and laid-back wedding aesthetic.

05 Brownish-green

Green tones with brown undertones are like neutral colors, and we like rustic themes or outdoor weddings (maybe desert weddings). Loose braided and high-heeled sandals help complete the outfit.

06 Cream yellow

We know that yellow is not neutral, but colors like buttery cream yellow with few shades are almost as versatile as off-white or ivory styles. This sunny hue is perfect for spring or summer weddings.

07 Pink

Pink is one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colors of all time, and our favorite way to incorporate it into your wedding dress is by matching it. Most bridesmaid dress designers will offer multiple types of dresses in each color, which makes it easy for your “maid” to choose your favorite blush style while still matching with others.

08 Gradient pink

If you like the look of your bridesmaid dress, but want to give it a makeover, have your bridesmaids wear a mix of all the different colors. A set of blush, lavender and dusty blue sky (with proper grooming, elaborate floral motifs) creates an eclectic feminine hue.

09 Light purple pink and light blue

We call this collection of lilac, peach, purple and blue the “fruit sorbet” palette because it’s refreshing. These colors look good in any season – enough to punch holes for a spring or summer wedding, but can also be turned down to match the fall or winter wedding theme.

10 Mix and match roses

If you prefer vintage style, bridesmaids wear a mix of pink tones, patterns, and fabrics. Not only does this give the bridesmaids the opportunity to find a dress that will make them feel completely comfortable, but the dress will continue to be used after your wedding.


Two-color purple

Purple is another preferred wedding color for autumn couples, but this palatial color is glamorous all year round and suitable for all skin tones. The palette of dark plum bridesmaid dresses with contrasting lavender dresses is rich and vivid.


Periwins and violet

The colors of these icy blue and purple bridesmaid dresses are especially dreamy for winter weddings. Create the most balanced group by choosing two or three colors, then let the bridesmaids pick dresses that are similar to each other in neckline, length, and fabric.

13 Mix and match navy blue

If you want your bridesmaid dress to never go out of style, navy is a delicate color for any season. This dark blue shade can be made less formal by wearing a dress with a different neckline of the “maid”.

14 Teal with white

Matching skirts and tops are stylish alternatives to the regular bridesmaid dress selection. For moody wedding vibes, consider a dark turquoise skirt with a white cropped top.