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Skin burns do not need to be a “post”


Qingda’s first stem cell “creation” cost is low, and the patient’s pain is swaying and searched.

The skin is largely burned, no need to leather surgery, use this “creative” to put the stem cells “post” to achieve the rapid regeneration of the skin. Yesterday, the topic of “Qingdao University’s first stem cell creation” rushed to the network hot search, the people’s daily newspaper and other official media have been forwarded, and praise it. Recently, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education announced the results of the 7th Shandong “Internet +” College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Among them, Professor Xu Wenhua, deputy director of Qingdao University Inspection Department, the team of prince’s master’s degree in the 2019 clinical inspection diagnosis, the leader of the world’s 4D printing stem cell carrier, the leader of the global 4D printing stem cell carrier, the Golden Award, the main competition The first place in the graduate creative group.

Stem cell repair to solve burning pain points

“The degree of medical education in school is obvious. I didn’t hesitate to choose my alma mater.” Wang Zaibo, the head of the project, was 7 years in Qingdao University. This research project is taken by him, which is designed to use new stem cells. The carrier helps burn the patient to transplant the skin, solve the problem of skin burns, and damage the wound area.

Prince Bo said that there are two commonly used skin burns repair methods. One is leather surgery, transplanted with healthy skin, peel, leather, patients with pain, and easy to leave permanent scars; Artificial repair materials, now mainly relying on foreign imports, high treatment cost, long repair cycle.

To solve this pain, you need to find a suitable repair material. In recent years, stem cells have become a research hotspot in the field of global renewable restoration, and have been listed as “Science” magazine as the first year of the top three scientific breakthroughs for two consecutive years. This provides you with new ideas. Professor Xu Wenhua, the teacher of Prince, on the basis of its research, and the team found that stem cells can solve the above pain points, and solve the material problems, what ways have become new challenges. “Most of the stem cell products on the market use in vivo injection methods for treatment, but when the skin is damaged, the lack of wound can lead to the low amount of direct injection cells, and the repair effect is not good.” Prince Bo said.

4D print magic “creation”


As the study continued to deepen, the team put forward the concept of developing new stem cell carriers using 4D printing technology, which is the world’s first core technology that proposes the implantation of 4D printing stem cells, everyone named “skin for this new stem cell carrier” Source “. Compared to 3D technology, 4D technology has added time dimensions, which can change the shape of the printing products over time. “Doing so, you can make stem cells with the change in body temperature, increase cells from solid state into gel-like, can help the cells stay in wound, not easy to fall off.” Prince Bo did an image metaphor, skin source The singularity is like creation, it can be sticked to the burns, there is no need to stitch and the cost is low, which can significantly reduce the pain and reduce the repair cycle.

This idea changes the drawback of traditional local injection stem cells. The final skin is also able to absorb by autonomous degradation. At present, the clinical preliminary experiment of the project has been completed, and 8 domestic and foreign invention patents, 10 PCT patents 10 15 of the high-level SCI papers, and more than 10 medical institutions such as Zilu Hospital, Qingdao Central Hospital, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Qingdao Central Hospital, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital have reached a strategic cooperation. Prince Bo said that this technology will be able to radiate the whole country in the future, not only help the skin burns, but also extend to diabetic leg erosion, corneal alkali burns, cervical erosion patients can help, promote a large number of patients return to the labor position. (View Sea News / Qingdao Morning Post reporter Zhong Shang Lei)

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