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Girls will start using moisturizing eye cream after the age of 20, and women after the age of 30 will have higher and higher requirements for eye cream, because the fine lines around the eyes will slowly deepen at this age.

Which eye creams are suitable for 35 years old

See below.

What is the best eye cream to use for a 35-year-old: It’s skin with red ginseng snail eye cream

Reference price: 290RMB/15ml*2

Why it is recommended: Snail Eye Cream contains the signature snail ingredient of Esijia, the difference is that this one uses a patented snail secretion filtrate of edible red ginseng, and also contains six-year root red ginseng extract, which is very nourishing. This model is designed to be easy to carry in the shape of a pen, and the head also has a rollerball massage, which is also suitable for white-collar girls who usually need to use their eyes for a long time, and has multiple effects such as soothing, calming, whitening and anti-wrinkle. It is easily absorbed, and is helpful for reducing edema and removing dry lines.

Recommended users: In fact, this nourishing effect is very good from the perspective of ingredients. And also anti-wrinkle ingredients. Friends around the age of 35 can try it. The main thing is that it is easy to use and the ingredients are reliable. This price will not be distressing for office workers.

What is the best eye cream for a 35-year-old: Filorga Sculpting Eye Cream

Reference price: 399RMB/15ml

Reason for recommendation: Philoja is a cosmeceutical brand from France, and the name of this eye cream is not inferior to his family’s ten complete patches, and it is also domineering. 360 degree sculpting eye cream, as the name suggests, it can effectively tighten your eye skin, smooth fine lines and enhance eye vitality. Women who use electronic devices for office and long-term eye use can improve many eye contour problems. The eye cream is packed in an interesting package with easy rotation press, hyaluronic acid and two peptides, which are lightweight and easy to spread, not only firming and hydrating, but also eliminating dark circles.

Recommended users: This eye cream has a good reputation in the field of anti-aging, and 35-year-old friends with more serious eye skin problems can try this sculptural eye cream.

What is the best eye cream to use at the age of 35: Decorté Moisturizing Revitalizing Eye Cream

Reference price: 490RMB/15g

Reason for recommendation: This eye cream from DECORTÉ is specifically aimed at small problems around the age of 35, such as dark circles, dullness, lack of elasticity, etc. Although the bottle has a small capacity, it is very durable, and the gel texture is easy to push open. The moisturizing molecules inside this one are small, so it absorbs quickly, which is particularly good for removing dry lines. This eye cream has also won the first place in the Cosme Eye Cream category, and the effect will not disappoint for beauty lovers who pay more attention to eye skin care.

Recommended use group: DECORTE is originally a noble lady-level brand, plus the name of DECORTE brand, there is no doubt that it is an eye cream that 35-year-old women with certain financial strength can choose.

What is the best eye cream to use for a 35-year-old: La Mer Eye Concentrate Eye Cream

Reference price: 1700RMB

Why we recommend it: This eye cream from La Mer contains many precious ingredients, such as copper gemstones and iron-rich energy ores. These ingredients tighten the skin around the eyes and lighten pigmentation. Despite the high price, this eye cream comes with a so-called “Silver Blend Introduction Stick”, which is paired with this specially designed introduction stick (which helps the product to be better absorbed and can also help reduce eye swelling). The introduction of a stick and eye cream treatment is more than enough for the 35-year-old eye skin with fine lines and edema.

Recommended people: 35-year-old sister paper who has certain financial strength and wants to alleviate the aging state of the eyes.

What is the best eye cream to use at 35: La Prairie Caviar Qionggui Eye Cream

Reference price: 2300RMB/20ml

La Prairie caviar eye cream basically has no other shortcomings except expensive. This all-round is an all-around for 35-year-olds who have fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, eye bags, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and other problems around the eyes. Enriched with caviar, sweet almond protein polymers, marine lifting essences, biomimetic peptides and more, the eye cream also has a dedicated introduction stick that can be massaged to aid absorption.

Recommended group of users: Women around 35 years old with good living conditions should not miss such an eye cream. Despite its expensive drawbacks, the packaging, contents and configuration of this eye cream are worthy of its status as a lady’s product.

NO1. Kiehl’s Avocado Moisturizing Eye Cream

Reference price: ¥300/14ml

Reason for recommendation: The popular star of the Kiehl’s family, the avocado eye cream that comes to mind when it comes to eye cream. The texture is very thick, but after emulsification, it is like water, moisturizing and not greasy, and it feels great to use. Hydration and moisturizing are done well, lighten dark circles, fine lines are not obvious, and young drops of sister paper around 20 will feel more useful.

Ingredients and benefits: Contains high-risk preservatives and 4 acne-causing ingredients, of course, there are also some skin-friendly ingredients, avocado resin, butylene glycol, avocado oil and sodium PCA have moisturizing ability, tocopheryl acetate and PCA copper antioxidant. By the way, it also contains isodecyl salicylate, which is not suitable for pregnant women.

NO2. Caffeine Energizing Eye Cream

Reference price: ¥220/15ml

Reason for recommendation: This eye cream is also designed for young skin, and the orange packaging is very special, and the mood becomes beautiful after reading it. Flesh-colored creamy texture, somewhat heavy, applied around the eyes need to be massaged to absorb, summer to hydrate and moisturize is more useful, dry skin is also completely enough.

Ingredients and benefits: There are 49 kinds of ingredients, and because of the addition of mica, it will be a little brighter after applying it around the eyes, which is suitable for daytime use. This eye cream also has a certain effect on edema, but it is basically useless for dark circles and fine lines.

Although there are many types of active ingredients, unfortunately they are all backward, and the actual content is not much. On the contrary, silica and phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesine as preservatives rank very high~ The overall feeling is not successful, however, there are no highlights.

NO3. Bright Placenta Whitening Elastic Firming Eye Cream

Reference price: ¥61/30ml

Reason for recommendation: This eye cream is a bright-colored master dan, and it is one of the most repurchased eye creams in Japan. Combined with massage, it has a certain effect on fine lines and dark circles. The texture is a relatively viscous frost, it is difficult to push away, it feels gray and moisturized, suitable for dry skin, and oil skin will feel not very easy to use.

Ingredients: This eye cream is formulated with pure oil without water as a solvent. There are many types of active ingredients, and they are all relatively high-end, with a certain ability to moisturize and remove dark circles. However, it contains a small amount of alcohol, preservatives, and fragrances, so sensitive skin should be used with caution.

NO4.fancl Eye Cream

Reference price: ¥159/8ml

Reason for recommendation: FANCL eye cream is mainly additive-free, and it feels safe and easy to use when used. This eye cream is designed for young people and is suitable for sister paper around the eyes of 20 years old who do not have any serious bugs. White translucent creamy texture, refreshing and easy to spread, skin absorption without stress. Like other skin care products of Fancl’s family, the shelf life is only 60 days, and Mumeng does not have to worry about running out, because one is only 8ml. The eye cream ingredients are very simple and do not overburden the eye area.

Ingredients: Aloe vera leaf extract rejuvenating, anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory. Sweet almond seed extract soothes anti-allergic and rosemary leaf extract antioxidant. These active ingredients are good, but unfortunately they are too low in the ranking. Overall, there are no very functional ingredients, moisturizing and hydrating is enough, but improving fine lines and the like is insufficient. Fortunately, it does not contain alcohol, coloring, fragrance and preservatives, and is gentle and safe, so sensitive skin and pregnant women can use it with confidence.

Do eye creams need to be used morning and night?

Eye cream is to be used sooner or later.

The skin around the human eye is relatively fragile and can be damaged by various things, such as computer radiation, ultraviolet rays, etc., day or night. Eye cream, on the other hand, minimizes the damage caused by various substances to the skin around the eyes, while replenishing the nutrients and moisture needed by the skin to make the eye area more elastic.

Which eye creams are suitable for 35 years old