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The text | a view of history

Editor| Historical view

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ”

It came from inside the house

The sound of noisy machines

, as if one was opened inside

Small factories


Looking in the direction where the sound came from, the sound turned out to come from the bedroom of this family.

Through the bedroom door, one

Giant yellow iron drum

It came into our eyes,

It seems that the sound is coming from here.

We looked around again, and it seemed that there wasn’t even a bed in this bedroom.

When we focus on that again

Striking yellow iron drum

On the time,

We were surprised to find that

There is a living person here

And he only showed his head outside this yellow iron bucket.

This man’s name is Paul, and he’s 75 years old this year.

You may not believe it.

Paul from

Six years old

It started because of a “

Strange disease

“And had to

“Live” in this big yellow tin can


It’s been 69 years

For more than half a century, Paul, who was “trapped” in a large iron tank, could not turn over or move,

And this big iron jar that imprisoned his physical freedom continued his life all the time,

Yes, he has no choice,

Once he leaves this jar

Or something broke down with this jar

Paul’s life would die in a matter of minutes

I’m sure everyone is curious at this point

What is this weird big tin can

Paul got it again

What kind of disease

Do you have to stay in it?

In fact, this disease is not uncommon, and there may even be people with this disease around you and me,

Its name is called


And this disease has a more widely known name –


Diseases throughout human history

The history of polio is much bigger than we think


Although we rarely hear of records of polio found in any ancient book,

But there’s a look coming from

Egyptian frescoes from 3,000 years ago

The presence of polio can be demonstrated.

This is about the fourteenth century BC ancient Egyptian stone carving,

The man he painted above is obviously a poliologist.

One of his legs is as thick and strong as ordinary people, while the other is small and weak,

No matter how you look at it or think about it, this is a polio patient.

Perhaps this is not the world’s first case of polio,

But this is the case in modern human archaeology

The earliest case found

From this we can almost infer the history of polio,

Maybe already

Throughout the history of human civilization

At least 3,000 years of history is certain.


The name polio is not accurate

Because the disease does not have to be prevalent only in childhood or adolescence,

Many are in the prime of life

Young and middle-aged people are infected with this disease

The most famous and influential of these infections is former US President Franklin



President Roosevelt Jr. was already infected with “polio.”

39 years old

Not at all the age of a “child”, but he is still infected with this disease,

So it’s a little unsafe to say that this disease is called polio.

Therefore, it is still commonly known in academic circles

The disease, as its name suggests, is caused by a virus called polio.

This virus will

Disrupts the nervous system of the infected person

Causes muscle tissue of an infected person

Loss of regulation of the same nerves


Limb atrophy occurs

Serious will make

The lungs stop working

direct threat to life,

Since the susceptible population is predominantly immunocompromised children,

Hence the name “polio”.

This virus, which has fought against humans for thousands of years, has been used in the past

American history


Several large-scale outbreaks

In severe cases, schools are closed, but even so, the number of infections will continue to rise.


Large-scale public health events

Naturally it will cause the United States

Attention of the medical community

In addition to those medical specialists who work to cure or eradicate the disease,

There are also some experts who choose to go

How to save the lives of infected people

Conduct research in this area,

And the result of their research is the one we talked about at the beginning.”

Large yellow iron can

And its name is “

iron lung

A colorful “iron lung life”

“Iron Lung”, the name is still very straightforward and concise, you can guess his role by listening to his name,

That’s right, this huge yellow jar is a machine used to help those who have lost the ability to breathe to keep breathing,

He passes through the machine itself


To the inside of the tank

Air pressure is adjusted

Thus helping people whose lungs are out of work

Passive breathing

And this device has saved countless children’s lives since its introduction in 1927.

Among them is Paul, born in 1949.

Paul’s story is also very dramatic and tragic.

He is

6 years old

Unfortunately infected with polio,

It didn’t take long to develop

Severe grade

, his breathing is about to stop,

His family, anxiously, agreed to use “iron lungs” on Paul to save his life.

And it was when Paul was put into the “iron lung”

A few months later

, polio

Vaccines are available

And so Paul became

The last batch

Iron lung man

I can’t imagine Paul’s mixed emotions about living in this tin jar for the future.

But I know that if it were me, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to continue living.

But Paul accepted it all.

Paul is in the process of becoming”

“After that,

In the hospital room with other “iron lung people” who share the same fate

They lived together for 17 months

It’s going to be almost a year and a half.

There is no shortage of others around Paul.”

“Because of the failure of the “iron lung” itself or some failure of the hospital


This experience is still fresh in Paul’s memory,

In the testimony

The fragility of life

Instead of being crushed, Paul was

Ignited the fighting spirit in my heart

Since then, he has been firm in his heart

To live


And he

Live wonderfully

After thinking this, Paul immediately proposed that he wanted to go home, and Paul’s parents agreed to him.

After confirming with the hospital, Paul’s parents will be equipped with Paul’s “iron lung”

Transferred the power bank

And put it

Loaded into a truck and sent home

A few months later, Paul returned to school in this way.

Although he was different, he never felt inferior.

In order to complete his studies, Paul actually learned in the iron lung

Write with your mouth, draw and even play games

Maybe these things themselves are ordinary,

But this for a person who can only “move his mouth”,

This is undoubtedly one


His strong will allowed him to succeed

Got into college

, and made in a row

Three degrees

of diplomas.

At the same time, Paul trapped in the “iron lung” is not unable to work to earn money,

After he graduated from college, he became one

Professional lawyer

Yes, he dragged this steel body to the courtroom to defend many clients,

Even if he has his life, he can’t do without this tin can

Still colorful

But Paul, like us ordinary people, has his own troubles,

And this annoyance can be fatal at any time.

Always controlled by machines

That was in 2008.

There is also such a situation in another city in another state of the United States

A man who has lived on an iron lung for half a century

But this man named Odell did

Died because of a sudden rainstorm

Because of heavy rain and lightning, the town where Odell is located

Sudden power outage

Perhaps for other families this is nothing more than a night without entertainment and lights,

But for Odell who needs electricity to keep his iron lungs working at this moment,

This night will be the last night of his life.

Paul’s whole body fell after seeing this news


Among them,

He himself is not worried about things like sudden power outages, he is worried about the failure of the iron lung itself.


The advent of vaccines

, iron lung this kind of thing gradually

Withdrew from the stage of history

Nowadays, there are no manufacturers producing such “old antiques”,

It can even be said nowadays

Only one component is damaged

, this “iron lung” is going on


In fact, some people have advised Paul to switch to modern ventilators to maintain his life, but Paul said that he did not want to.

Because he used to be when he was younger

Tried other ventilators

But those devices made Paul feel more or less physically unwell.

There are even devices that can expose his lungs, which are already fragile due to atrophy

Fatal injuries

Therefore, he had to continue to use this bulky and old iron lung to survive.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he couldn’t change it

Their own life and death are controlled by machines


In order to be able to live better,

Paul looked through the Internet to find out if anyone was selling used iron lungs for him to replace parts later.

But these second-hand goods are either decades old, or the parts themselves are incomplete.

For this reason, Paul had to ask “capable people” to help him maintain and repair the iron lung.

Paul uploads his story and his own needs


It was made quickly after the on

The attention of tens of millions of netizens

And some netizens contacted one for him

Career mechanic

Repair iron lungs for him,

And at this time Paul was already there

The last person in the world still using iron lung


The iron will of the “iron lung man”

After solving his worries, Paul finally had the time and mood to enjoy his “retirement life”,

But Paul was not a man who was willing to be idle,

He began to use a pen, even a computer, bit by bit

Write down your life story

To this day, his autobiography is complete

Published as a book

And made abroad

Nice sales


“Accompanied him for nearly 70 years,

At the same time, his “

Heart of Steel

“Also accompanied him for nearly 70 years,

Now go back to Paul’s life,

Went to college, received three diplomas, worked as a lawyer, wrote an autobiography, and has tens of millions of fans on the Internet,

Do you dare to believe that this is the work of a man lying in a tin can who can only do things with his mouth?

If it were you, you could be like Paul

A man with an iron will

Is it?

Note: The picture comes from the Internet


iron lung

Iron lung man

Iron lung man