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Bar counter in the office

“Bar” comes from the English transliteration “bar”

Roughly refers to a small place to meet, chat, and socialize

As a situational design preferred by the 8090s

Nature is indispensable in office design

Its existence is not limited by the size of the space

It is not limited by the functions used

Design a small square bar

Make office, leisure and entertainment fun

#01 How to design the bar.

One of the biggest features of the bar is the high height of the countertop, usually people choose a high bar stool or standing to lean, full of style. However, some people may feel that their feet are too far from the ground and do not feel safe, so they can refer to the picture below and choose a suitable height match.


♪ Lingxing Office Headquarters

✈ Shenzhen.

The bar counter takes into account the independence and connection of functions, and as a transitional space between the office area and the public area, its interpenetration makes the use of the space flexible.


♪ NOARK Electric

✈ Shanghai.

As the darling of the shared area, the long bar has become the place where people stop for the longest time. Clean tones and warm and casual wood elements are used to create a suitable space for leisure activities.


♪ Coca cola.

✈ Istanbul.

The multi-faceted restaurant is decorated in grey and white, accentuating the main area of light oak, anthracite and red. It is a place for visitors and employees to dine, as well as for casual socializing and informal meetings.


♪ Instinctools

✈ Minsk.

The design theme of this office is to pursue youth, so it uses a variety of bright colors, and creates a visual connection in the lounge area with clever decoration, which helps employees to effectively relax and communicate here.


♪ TikTok

✈ Los Angeles.

TikTok’s café design reflects TikTok’s community spirit, inclusivity, and fun. Guests are warmly welcomed while serving daily lunch and dinner.

#02 The role of the bar.

In the entire office design, the bar counter is the most inconspicuous but the most flattering area. It is not only small in size but also practical, it can be used as a space partition, and can also become a place for employees to take a break and chat outside of work. Use the office bar to make our work more interesting.



Many companies will design a small kitchen according to their own needs, and for the needs of such open kitchens, the design of the “bar” can be both beautiful and practical.


♪ VANSEA Marketing Center

✈ Shaanxi.

Geometric furniture and ocean blue colors work together to complete the avant-garde art style that designers need. Against the backdrop of wood and gray, blue is more striking and clear, allowing people to enjoy the comfort of being hugged by a refreshing embrace.


♪ V Office

✈ Russia.

Materials with rich texture and high-end texture fill the entire interior space, such as concrete, plywood, plaster and cinder brick, which are presented in the form of partition walls in the building.


♪ Amber Meeting office

✈ Sian.

This simple bar counter is integrated into the reception area and used as a contact function. Inspired by the forms of stone, water and gravel, the designers chose furnishings with flowing lines and natural block faces, so that the reception area reveals a vibrant vitality with affinity.


♪ Greengrass Office

✈ Korea.

The fresh and pleasant cream green is the dominant color of the space, creating a vibrant scene. It’s an environment that’s enough for people to quickly settle into a highly motivated state.

#03 Material of the bar.

Most of the time the bar is a customized product, to be tailored according to the specific environment and decoration style of the office, but in general, the material of the bar generally includes three types:

Artificial stone, stainless steel and wood.


♪ TreeMusic Group

✈ Melbourne.

Artificial stone

It is a commonly used material now, is imitating the surface texture of natural marble, has similar to marble mechanism characteristics, in hardness, luster and wear resistance are better than natural marble, and colorful, bright color bar is very suitable.



✈ Stockholm.

Made of stainless steel

The bar is more suitable for industrial style offices, this material of the bar is tough and stylish, the surface is smooth and can be colored in a variety of coloring, highly decorative, and not easy to corrode.



✈ Manchester.

Wooden material

The bar will give a warm atmosphere and make the overall environment of the office more relaxed. Teak, walnut, cherry, etc. can make beautiful bar tops. Whether it is style or color, the wooden bar can give you more choices.


♪ Azora Office

✈ Madrid.

The polished and rough surfaces contrast throughout the project. It is the meeting of origin and variation, the meeting of roughness and smoothness, the transformation of chaos and order.


♪ Headquarters

✈ Chengdu

The entire space in the office is based on white and decorated with red. We wanted to present a more attractive office environment with a simple design language and pure color combination.

#04 Depth of the bar.

The depth of the bar should be according to the function of the bar, the office bar is generally used for employees to take a break for a cup of coffee, or lunch at noon, but in any case, the depth of the bar is generally at least 40-60cm, this width of the bar is also more convenient for storage.



✈ Wuhan.

The space uses low saturation, pure materials hope to express a sense of tranquility in the space, and the use of skin color tones is also extracted from the brand tone, jumping from the background color and integrating with the office atmosphere.


♪ Dongxiao Interconnection

The island bar is a great place to relax while receiving guests or to gaze out from the terrace. Clean colours and natural light make it appear bright and spacious. The warm wood finish conveys a graceful rhythm that subtly balances the toughness of black marble.


♪ British Land Properties

✈ London.

Old renovations made of Douglas fir are discreetly demolished and repurposed into kitchen facilities and social spaces, or used to make desks, joinery and furniture.


♪ Dentons LLP

✈ Netherlands.

The bar can also be used as a desk or work area, and it is recommended that the bar be designed with sockets to facilitate the use of laptops.


♪ Ruitian Investment

The style of the coffee break area is closer to the design of the coffee bar, and the whole is expressed in a gray tone. The monolithic nature of the naked roof is compensated for with a round chandelier to create a visual center.

When designing a bar, it’s important to consider all areas as a part. A good design can be integrated into the interior space. Office bar design There is no fixed standard for the bar counter, so try to use some scattered indoor space. After the distribution line is moved, it can be installed.

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