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Kirin mattress is a mattress brand with better product quality on the market at present, and it is also loved by many consumers. So what is the quality of Kirin mattress? What is its latest offer? Let me introduce it to you.

How is the quality of Kirin mattress

Kirin mattress belongs to Kirin bed, committed to the development and application of sleep system, the main products cover soft bed, mattress, bedding and a series of bedding. The company is equipped with professional machinery and equipment, has more than 20 automatic spring soft mattress production lines and sponge production lines, and has established a raw material testing center to strictly control product quality.

Kirin mattress series has more specifications, mainly including Kirin K series, Jinbang Kirin type, coconut brown AB type, Kirin Star type, electric bed, bag king type, brown plate king type, etc., the appearance is noble and atmospheric, the texture is soft and hard, and the service life is long.

The mattress is selected from high-grade raw materials and high-quality spring steel wire, processed in accordance with international standards, and has passed repeated tests by national testing institutions with reference to Nordic standards, with destructive tests up to 100,000 times, and has been crushed by 16 tons of road rollers many times, and still ensures that it is intact.

The mattress is made of warp and weft interwoven jacquard fabric, highlighting the high-end atmosphere, wear-resistant and breathable, no dyes, no formaldehyde, environmental protection and health. High-tech cotton is shaped by high temperature and high pressure, zero formaldehyde, which can reduce the pressure per unit area of the mattress and improve the hardness of the mattress.

Kirin mattress has built-in high-density wave sponge, no formaldehyde, environmental protection and breathability, high-density support, superior elasticity and support. The contact between the mattress and the human body is more comfortable, and the blood flow of the body contact surface is protected. High-quality environmentally friendly natural latex, environmentally friendly and breathable, improve the skin-friendliness of the mattress fabric, have massage effect, and promote the smooth blood flow.

Kirin mattress high-quality brushed springs, integrated winding, high density and thin, high hardness, “press and stand” process treated spring bed core, decomposition unit area pressure, strong support and bearing pressure, good resilience, long-term use is not easy to deform and dent. Corner double reed reinforcement to prevent the mattress from collapsing due to heavy pressure. Unique spring lock technology to avoid damage caused by exposed spring mouth. Kirin mattress adopts 3E coconut dream dimensional bed core, plate type mattress, no collapse, strong support for human pressure distribution.

Kirin mattress latest offer

E Qilin-Fengtai Qiuyue 1500*2000*220 hard ¥ 2749.00

Qixia maple love 1200*1900*60 hard thin ¥ 1620.00

Danfeng Chaoyang 1350*1900*170 thin hard ¥ 2514.00

Danfeng rain 1500*1900*240/¥ 1999.00

E-Kirin – full 3D1500*2000*180/¥ 13866.00

Blossom Fugui 1800*2000*250 hard ¥ 6980.00

Can the introduction of the editor give everyone a better understanding of the quality of the Kirin mattress? Xiaobian also provided you with some of the latest quotations of Kirin mattresses, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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