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Hollow louvered glass windowIt is a traditional shading product, generally using artificial rope or mechanical methods to open or close. Relying on advanced technology, the blinds are installed in the insulating glass as a whole, and the magnetic force is used to control the blinds in the insulating glass, which can be easily lifted or flipped 180 degrees. Which is the best choice for insulating glass built-in louvers? Let’s take a look together.

Hollow built-in louver recommended brand

Yingjie Company is an innovative enterprise with professional solutions to building energy conservation and shading. Main production: magnetron hollow built-in louver series, electric hollow built-in louver series, magnetron hollow honeycomb curtain series, electric hollow honeycomb curtain series, and personalized customized series. The product not only has the advantages of concealment, sealing, sound insulation, but also has the contemporary popular simple fashion style.

What is a hollow built-in shutter

When it comes to blinds, are you still thinking in your mind, not easy to clean, easy to damage, hollow built-in shutters can solve your concerns, hollow built-in shutters are to place the shutters in the glass cavity. This design highlights the heat preservation, sound insulation, dust prevention, safety, etc. of the hollow, and the blades are closed and unfolded by manual, magnetron or electric, so as to realize the lighting and shading functions of the hollow built-in shutters.

The hollow has the charm of built-in louvers

The biggest charm of blinds is that it is transparent and opaque, which can not only adjust the brightness and darkness of the room, but also achieve a good ventilation effect. Also as a kind of shading and energy-saving doors and windows products, hollow shutters will be the traditional shutters and insulating glass into one, not only save the use of space but also realize the insulation and shading function of doors and windows, can replace curtains to decorate the doors and windows in the home, but also can cooperate with a variety of doors and windows types, a variety of colors to meet individual needs, widely used in villas, offices, residences, hotels and so on. When the sunlight shines through the blinds into the room, you laze and enjoy the gifts of nature, making the whole atmosphere seem gentle.

The hollow built-in louvers are suitable for scenarios

Blinds can control a variety of home styles, whether it is kitchen, living room or bedroom, bathroom, etc. can make the whole home decoration look high-end atmosphere, whether it is a small apartment or a villa, can show its unique advantages in its space.