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Gucci’s Gucci Signature briefcase launched this year features a retro low-key embossed print and delicate leather.

Since Gucci creative director Alexander Zhuo? Since his appointment, Alessandro Michele has continued to break the mold and create a unique style that not only continues the historic brand identity, but also gives it a new DNA that perfectly reflects the new Gucci aesthetic.


The Gucci Signature briefcase is made of new concept Gucci Signature leather, and the embossing on the leather is designed with the initials of the brand’s founder Guccio Gucci, which shows the aristocratic atmosphere with a smooth touch and a firm structure.


Whether it’s a tie with a tiger’s head from Gucci Garden, retro-inspired aviator sunglasses, G-Timeless watches with bees and hearts, GG Marmont belts, double-breasted coats or Donnie loafers, these stylish pieces full of history can create a vintage and chic literary and chic business style!

The new concept Gucci Signature leather is made of carefully selected fine calf leather, which shows the delicacy and elegance of the leather. Fitted with two pockets for a mobile phone and a protective tablet pocket for your phone and computer, this men’s briefcase is fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap with leather padding, making it the perfect outfit for business men!

全新概念Gucci Signature皮革采用精挑细选的上等小牛皮,尽显皮质的细腻与雅致。此系列男士公文包内部分别饰有两个手机口袋及具保护作用的平板电脑内袋,可放置手机及电脑,并设有带皮质垫衬的可调节式肩带,既贴心又实用,配上低调奢华的外观,绝对是商务男士出行的最佳装备!

In addition to briefcases, there are also cross-body bags, clutches and wallets, all of which are mainly monochrome. Among them, cross-body bags can be selected according to different needs, including metal buckles and zipper closures; The specific zip-closure has leather handles on the back and can be used as a clutch when the strap is removed. Worn with Smart Casual Look, this bag is casual and chic, with a mobile phone pocket and zippered pocket inside, and a lightweight and convenient exterior.

There’s also a clutch with a wide bottom that has plenty of room for your belongings and can also be used as a toiletry bag, making it a great item for business men on the job.

In addition to the basic black, the long clips in the same series are available in hibiscus red and dark green for a full and bright color. The tie is mainly made of silk and wool, and the embroidered motifs on the tie are all from Gucci Garden, including tiger heads, foxes, bees, hares, butterflies and floral motifs, all of which are playful and childlike details, whether worn with formal or casual clothing, you can instantly transform into a vintage chic gentleman!

古驰今年推出的Gucci Signature系列公文包,复古低调的压纹印花以及细腻考究的皮质,奢而不华,简而不凡。

Donnie’s collection of loafers combines simple, sophisticated and vintage elements, with the brand’s famous web webbing and metal distressed double G buckle on the upper, reflecting Gucci’s unique aura and character. Dating from the 70s, this collection of square toe is a highly recognizable loafer with an unrivalled Vintage atmosphere, making it a must-have pair of versatile loafers for men.