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The phrase “please front seat drivers and passengers fasten seat belts” reminds us to take safety precautions and be alert to “unknown dangers” all the time, but some drivers replace seat belts with seat belt inserts for convenience, comfort, and “quietness”.

Seat belt inserts are not “safe” Seat belts are lifelines

In the past, some drivers and front passengers were unwilling and did not like to wear seat belts, so they would buy seat belt inserts on e-commerce platforms and insert this insert into the seat belt jack, so that the on-board system would not sound a “drop” sound, nor could it identify that no one was wearing a seat belt, and the seat belt insert could “eliminate the safety noise”. And there is also an upgraded version of the seat belt socket on the market – seat belt socket extender, specifically to deceive traffic police and other traffic enforcement personnel, as long as this extender is inserted into the seat belt socket, not only can fool the on-board system, but also encounter traffic police inspection, the driver can quickly insert the real seat belt into the extender, thereby escaping traffic penalties.

The driver uses the safety insert to bury hidden dangers for safe driving, loses important safety guarantees, and for a long time to use the safety insert, other parts inside the car will also be damaged, and the seat belt can no longer be fastened. Therefore, wearing a seatbelt is not only about obeying traffic laws and regulations, but also wearing a “protective belt” for your own life.

Seat belts can age Maintenance is important

If it is not safe to use seat belt inserts, can seat belts keep occupants safe forever?

In fact, seat belts will also “strike”, so that seat belts are no longer “safe”. If the seat belt is aging, the occupant will slip out of the seat belt due to the loose seat belt at a critical moment, which will cause occupant damage; At the time of the traffic accident, the airbag had been stretched out, but due to the excessive tension margin of the seat belt, it could not be tightened in time, and part of the momentum was not eaten, but the entire burden of the human body was handed over to the airbag, which would also seriously cause injuries to the occupants.

So, how do we know if a seat belt is aging? There are the following situations that can be checked, such as: some vehicles have a larger age and a long service life, and the seat belt will age, mainly in the aging of the internal spring coiler, the seat belt is too loose or cannot be tightened in time; The seat belt has been subjected to a strong tensile load during use, and the seat belt should also be replaced; Whether the airbag detonates after a vehicle is involved in a collision will also affect the use of seat belts.

Therefore, if drivers encounter the above situation, they should go to the vehicle maintenance station in time to do a comprehensive overhaul of the car seat belt and safety system.

Fasten your seat belt and your life is safe

Now that we know how to check for aging and damage to seat belts, let’s learn about the correct way to fasten seat belts.

First of all, passengers need to adjust the position of the shoulder of the seat belt to adapt it to their height; Secondly, when wearing the seat belt correctly, the shoulder strap should cross the chest cavity, and the waist belt should fit snugly against the hip bone, so that the impact force in the event of an accident acts on our bones and not on our soft internal organs; Finally, after fastening the seat belt, the buckle will make a “pop” sound, and pull it again to make sure that the seat belt buckle is fastened and not damaged.

In addition, pregnant women must also wear seat belts when driving and riding in cars, paying special attention to the position of the belt, which should not be worn above the stomach, but should be straddled below the lower edge of the stomach, and the shoulder straps only need to cross the center of the chest; Children under the age of 12 wear seat belts in cars, because height restrictions do not play an effective protection, and too tight fastening will cause serious strangulation to children in the event of an accident, and tying too loosely is likely to fly directly out of the seat, so children should still be equipped with safety seats and wear child seat belts.

Conclusion: When a traffic accident occurs, seat belts can play a great protective role, so no matter how fast the car is, no matter where you sit, please fasten your seat belts and wear them correctly to protect your life.

Replacing seat belts with seat belt inserts Life can’t stand jokes