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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Creative Planet Lollipop

Don’t think it’s impossible to play with Earth, the solar system lollipop designed and launched by Vintage & Confectiions can help you achieve it, with the familiar solar system planet as the theme design, there are eight shapes, each representing a planet. In order to create a cosmic feeling, the outer layer of the candy of the sphere is specially made black, and edible glitter is added to create the visual effect of a little starlight.

Stapler skyscraper

In the eyes of ordinary people, a staple is a staple, and in the eyes of artists, it is a skyscraper.

Mermaid thermal blanket

Inspired by Polish designer Marcela Kawka, the Warsaw Mermaid body warmer will be the most intimate little padded jacket this winter:

Information such as material and price should be unknown, but this shape is really beautiful, as long as you put it on, you will immediately transform into a mermaid ~ with a half-body design, super suitable for sitting in front of the computer to work overtime, or staying up on the sofa to watch American dramas ~

Creative hula hoop washing machine

Nowadays, almost every household has a washing machine, and there are all kinds of washing machines. The washing machine was invented to help us save the effort and trouble of washing clothes, and now, a Korean designer has done the opposite and designed a hula hoop washing machine.

The inside of this hula hoop is empty, pour in the clothes and detergent to be washed, and then you can start washing. It’s just that now it seems that you can only wash some small items, such as handkerchiefs or socks, etc., after all, larger things can’t be put in, but this does not affect this movement and saving ideas.

Zipper shoes

An idea from the British company Fitflop, zipflop (Zipflop), is almost equivalent to using a zipper to combine the sole and two uppers, making tying shoelaces super simple – just pull the zipper! It’s so practical, in addition to being used as a shoe, it is also very unique to use as a handbag or wallet…

A jacket that blocks the cell phone signal

There are times when you want your phone to be “Hello, the number you are calling is temporarily unavailable”!

From the creativity of designer Victor Johansson, this jacket can block the mobile phone signal, it is very simple to use, throw the mobile phone into the inner pocket and get it ~ If you need it back, take the mobile phone out and you can find the signal again, convenient and easy to use!

Instant coffee in flat packaging

Three designers, Young-an Seok, Young-woo Choi, and Se-ryung Nam, jointly invented the design of turning the coffee packaging directly into a cup, tearing the opening on the top of the package, pouring hot water, stirring the label as a mixing stick, and immediately have a cup of fragrant coffee ready to drink!

Dial faucet

Inspired by designer Eun ji Byeon, Rotary Dial Style Faucet uses an ingenious way to control and time off the faucet:

There is a dial pad on the faucet, just like the one on the old telephone, there are three scales of 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 15 seconds, when you use it, you can put your finger on the desired scale and rotate it to the end, release it to get out of the water, and it can be automatically turned off when the time comes. It is very suitable for use in public restrooms and other places, in addition to saving water, considering the hygiene of public items, this scheme of not having to touch the faucet after washing hands is obviously more reasonable~

Transparent playing cards

Playing poker is also a deceitful thing, it is best to practice diligently, so that you can be happy when holding 4 2’s, waiting for the opportunity to give the enemy a fatal blow – but how boring it should be, I mean, since tennis and the like can make athletes’ skirts shorter and shorter to improve entertainment, why not poker?

Well, the Japanese also think so, such as this, from the design of MUJI, transparent playing cards (PP Playing Cards), the whole body is crystal clear, only on the four corners of the opaque origin, printed with different suits – holding in the hand can still avoid the other party from seeing their own cards, but this looming, is undoubtedly the best mood~

Cherry blossom tree cut out of McDonald’s paper bag

Japanese artist Yuken Teruya specializes in showing the vitality of art through paper, and in a recent work called “Notice-Forest: What Victory Tastes Like”, he uses the American version of McDonald’s takeaway paper bags as raw materials, and uses the incredible paper-cutting technique to concoct a tree that grows in a paper bag.

“Zoo” in books

Animal Bookmarks is obviously creative and funny.

The “jungle bookmark” design by a Korean designer is not just a bookmark tool, but also a nice decoration to make your bookshelf full of fun. The bookmarks are made of ultra-thin and soft metal.