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Another small coat was completed

For a science student, changing the name is a hard injury, the name Xiyan is good, “Qixi” started, the appearance is not bad

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the beauty clothes first. This little dress is crochet-bonded, because the orange thread knitted a small dress last time, only 2 balls are not enough, and I thought of matching it with white crochet lace

Small clothes are woven quite quickly, very simple, and there is no process diagram

The neckline lace pattern was shared by Sister Liuli in the group, thanks to the illustration of the neckline lace pattern shared by Sister Liuli

The pattern of the neckline and bottom is the neckline hook and neckline ruffle lace of the ice cream set painted by Kohoku, and I would like to thank the sisters again for their selfless sharing

『 Xi Yan 』

Thread: German cotton thread

Dosage: 2 balls of orange, 1 ball of white

Needle: colorful birch 3.75 ring needle, can hook 3.0 crochet needle

Size: Length 34cm, bust 50cm


Admire the beautiful clothes I knit slowly

Weaving instructions:


Start 61 needles, knit a row of washboard knits, open the back piece buttonhole.

10 stitches on the left and right of the posterior, 8 stitches in the sleeve, 21 stitch in the anterior piece, 1 stitch each of the 4 rhizomes. The front piece is needled down on the front and 1 up and 1 down on the reverse side.

Add needles on both sides of the stem, add to the 8th closing circle weaving, and add 7 more needles for a total of 15 times.

Separate the body and sleeves

Split the sleeves, 38 stitches in the sleeve are threaded with waste thread, the stem needles are counted on the body, and 2 stitches are added under the armpits respectively, and a total of 108 stitches are knitted on the body.


The front piece continues to weave in a pattern, without adding or subtracting until the needle is collected from the armpit measuring 3 cm.

Pick a needle along the inside of the braid on the edge of the needle. The next circle knits 2 stitches plus 1 stitch (you can also knit 1 stitch plus 1 stitch, I don’t have enough skirt first) for a total of 162 stitches. Knit without adding or subtracting to receive the needle from the armpit measuring 18 cm.

Use 3.0 crochet needles to hook long needles along the bottom edge, one braid hook one long needle, one braid hook one long needle, one braid hook two long needles, according to this law hook a total of 216 long needles, and then hook the hem lace 18 flowers from the second circle of the illustration.


38 stitches plus 2 stitches under the armpit, a total of 40 stitches without adding or subtracting 6 rows, changing the white thread to knit 1 row of lower needles, and then weaving twisted single thread 4 rows, according to the single thread to receive the needle.

Lace pattern at the neckline

3.0 crochet needles along the washboard needle, hooking 7 flowers from the second circle illustrating the lace pattern.


The 3.0 crochet needle hooks 61 short needles along the starting needle position, and the second circle is hooked according to the illustration pattern.

Finally, nail the button and finish the work

The picture above illustrates the neckline lace pattern

Neckline and hem pattern

• end •

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