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There are many ways to apply lip stain, and many people don’t know how to apply it, so teach you some tips

What is lip stain? Lip stain is a liquid lipstick that can cover off our lip lines, and it is not easy to fade, compared to solid lipsticks, it is more color-oriented, so many makeup novices are more inclined to choose lip stain to make lip makeup. But because it is liquid, many makeup novices are still unskilled in the operation of lip stain, so that it is uneven when reading lip stain, so today we will teach you how to apply lip stain. Let’s watch it together!

Lip stain

1. The correct way to apply lip stain for beginners.

Beginners always apply uneven lip stain, why is that? That’s because I haven’t mastered the following methods.

The first thing we need to do is lip care, we first add a moisturizing lip balm to apply thickly to the lips, then we choose the right lip stain, and then use the sponge brush head that comes with the lip stain to dip a little lip stain liquid, if you accidentally dip too much, put it on the edge of the jar to scrape off a little.

Then brush the head of the sponge, put the lip stain liquid on the lips, and then apply it with your fingers, do not use the lips to paint the lip gloss, nor can you use tools such as brushes to brush the lip stain open, because the fingers have a little temperature, if you use it to apply the lip stain, you can make the color of the lip stain self-heating, it will be more saturated, and it will be more durable.

Next, we dot a little more lip stain liquid onto the lips and then use our fingers to smudge them again. That’s it. If you like the feeling of moisture, then you can go here, but if you like the matte feeling, take out a paper towel and gently sip it on it, and the matte effect will come out. Compared to the moist feeling, the matte effect presents a more saturated color.

2. Thinly apply lip stain.

For lip stain, there are also thin and thick coatings. We first cover the dull area around the lips with an air cushion, then take out our own lip stain, scrape the brush head on the edge of the bottle to avoid too much liquid on the brush head and damage the lip makeup, then we put the liquid such as the sponge brush head in the center of the upper and lower lips, and then gently spread the liquid on the lips with the fingertips, and then use a lipstick pen of the same color to apply lipstick on the area just covered with the air cushion, so that a thin lipstick makeup is complete.

3. Apply lip stain thickly.

First of all, we first cover the lip color above and below the air cushion family’s lips, or you can use lip primer to give the lips a base, then we take out the suitable lip stain, put the brush head on the tube wall, scrape off the excess liquid, and then use 2/3 of the brush head to outline the shape of the lips, remember to outline in order from left to right, and then put the brush head into the tube, dip the liquid, fill all the lips that have just been outlined, and here a thick lipstick makeup is completed.

If you want a matte effect, wait a few minutes and gently sip a napkin to create a matte effect.

4. Lip biting makeup.

First I cover the original color of the lips with an air cushion or concealer, then apply a small amount of lip stain to the center of the upper and lower lips, then gently purse the lips, push the lip stain outward a little distance, and then use a cotton swab to mix the lip gloss and the edge of the concealer, so that the lip biting makeup is complete.

The woman bit her lip

Lip stain

Lip stain

Lip stain

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