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Lord Fan said: Bridesmaid dress の心機

(Text | Shenma brand, authorized business fan release)

Gillian, one of the two sisters of the Twins, recently held a wedding in Los Angeles, wearing Jenny Packham’s 2018 Adorn wedding dress and married sweetly~

Before getting married, Gillian actually often served as a bridesmaid for her friends, and at the weddings of Chen Yanxi, Zheng Xiyi and Li Xiaoran, she was known as the “most beautiful bridesmaid” (Yan Hao can’t help ~) ↓

This time it came to her own wedding, Gillian also prepared a very heartfelt bridesmaid dress for the sisters, from


, deep V neckline, neckline with lace design, color silver-gray, also very compatible with their own wedding dress↓

It looks like a fairy tale dreamy, the style is sweet and elegant, and the friendship with Asa for decades can also be reflected in the care of the bridesmaid dress~

In recent years, celebrity marriages have become more and more high-profile, and every wedding in addition to the bride and groom in the headlines, the bridesmaid group has also been turned over together – especially the various clothes of the bridesmaids, which have also become the most concerned point of the melon-eating masses ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Usually, the bridesmaid dress is prepared by the bride, so the quality of the bridesmaid dress is directly related to the bride’s net worth, status, and aesthetic (heart) beauty (machine).

And because of these differences,

Bridesmaid clothes, there are “three, six, nine, etc.”~

For example, some have purchased a first-class big brand, which looks high-end and classic; Some are more heart-to-heart niche or customized; Others are “strength pits”, dresses prepared for bridesmaids like 100 pieces a dozen in the zoo wholesale market

Spicy, Shenma-kun will take you to see how the bridesmaids with different configurations and styles wear drops ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

——( • ̀ω•́ )✧——

☆ “Own family” bridesmaids in luxury big-name configuration ☆

First of all, let’s take a look at the configuration of these “biological bridesmaids” – they are all super first-line big brands or couture, and the bridesmaid dresses are classic, simple and atmospheric~

☞ A bridesmaid dress, won the title of “Back Killer”

Princess Kate, who married in 2011, not only wore Alexander McQueen’s haute couture gown, but also brought a white set to her bridesmaid sister Pippa


Bridesmaid dress, about 2500 US dollars, the style of the bag, very show the figure~

The sister married into the British royal family, and Pippa wore this skirt as a “royal prince”, which can not only show the nobility and taste of the royal family, but also not be too pompous and lead to being thrown eggs by the masses~

This skirt also made Pippa stand out at that time – since she was a child, she was compared with her sister, and she was pressed by her sister Kate in all aspects, and this time the bridesmaid dress showed her slender, bumpy figure ( • ̀ω•́ ) ✧ Many people were attracted by the back photos in her wedding, and some people commented on the Internet that it was like “fairy under the fan”, and also won the title of “back killer”

It seems that a good figure + big-name white dress = how to wear it looks good, after all, in Western culture, white is the embodiment of wedding holiness ( • ̀ω•́ ) ✧ In addition to the sister of Princess Kate above, the bride below is also looking for her own sister as a bridesmaid, and the choice is also a white dress dress ~

☞ Indifferent face + Chanel dress dress = supermodel bridesmaid

British IT girl, model and actress Bobby Devay, married in 15 years, the bridesmaid is also looking for her sister Cara Delevingne, both sisters are closely related to Chanel, so the bridal dress and bridesmaid dress are Chanel↓

But the cute Kara, wear this

Chanel nipped-in dress

, the supermodel aura is not covered, plus a “stinky face” that has remained unchanged for ten thousand years, it looks very cold and beautiful~

☞ The blue dress can hold the sexy and charming

In addition to the white dress, blue is also a color with pure meaning, and it is also suitable for wearing at weddings~

Nikki, the second miss of the Hilton family, held her second wedding at the age of 15, this wedding she chose a white Valentino openwork carved wedding dress, and her sister Paris Hilton was her chief bridesmaid~

The dress worn by Paris Hilton came from

American luxury brand Dennis Basso

, Even Miss Hilton, who has always been known for her wildness, has a quiet fairy aura. The upper part of the skirt is cinched at the waist, and the hem of the skirt has a good sag feeling, which can not only see Paris Hilton’s beautiful figure, but also not too wild like the wrap skirt she usually wears~

☞ Romantic purple needs to be worn by high-end design + fairy people

In addition to pure blue, purple can also represent the meaning of wedding romance – the sense of déjà vu of the lavender garden in Provence~

Zhang Liangying has always been

Tony Ward

Lovers of TW have worn TW’s haute couture dresses on the stage of “I Am a Singer” before. At the wedding, he not only wore his family’s million wedding dresses, but also prepared TW customized dresses for four true girlfriends ↓

Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei and Pan Chen, the 4 girlfriends are all wearing purple, but no matter from decoration to skirt design, they are different, and each piece costs 60,000+ yuan.

However, purple dresses are actually not easy to wear well, and they need to be time (high-end design) + location (sunny weather) + people (beautiful or at least photogenic to be white) to wear beautiful, such as “fairy sister” Liu Yifei is very well controlled↓

☆ Good sister of heart-walking configuration ☆

The bridesmaids in this configuration are treated quite well, although the brand is not a big name, but it is also carefully chosen, mainly niche brands and customization, and the price is about 10,000 yuan.

But how effective the upper body is, it depends on the style design, as well as personal talent, and whether you have added chicken legs ( ̄▽ ̄)/ to the photographer

☞ The colors and styles are full of fairy

Liu Yifei’s college classmate and actor

Zhou Yang’s wedding

It was held in Koh Samui, the bride wore a white openwork crochet wedding dress from Pronovias, and the bridesmaid group wore a Morandi Lake blue dress, the overall style was fresh and elegant, echoing the entire wedding background. ↓

Although the brand is unknown, the dress is very fairy and beautiful, and the five bridesmaids (Liu Yifei, Mo Xiaoqi, Li Danni, Wang Liwen, Zhou Ting) all look very temperament~

This set of photos, the photographer is also very powerful, many people feel beautiful after reading it, especially Liu Yifei, his skin color is very white, coupled with the temperament of practicing dance, this skirt sets off more “fairy” φ (>ω

☞ The bridesmaids’ appearance adds points to the dress

When Chen Yanxi got married, the bride and groom chose Guo Pei’s custom-made traditional style dress, which is said to have been handmade for nearly 4,000 hours. It is also prepared for the bridesmaid sisterhood

Pink embroidered dress customized by Kaoru Fuji

——Fuji Kaoru Custom is a store that opened in Beijing in 09 that specializes in customizing traditional style dresses, with custom prices ranging from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan↓

The small pink dress, a combination of Chinese and Western, is more special, and the gold embroidery part on the lapel feels very fine. On the whole, the bridesmaids’ appearance also supports this little dress, after all, the Internet comments this bridesmaid group as “the most beautiful in history” ( ̄▽ ̄)/

☞ Whether the bridesmaids look good in the dress depends on whether the filter is used or not

In 16 years, Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong held a wedding in Bali, wearing traditional bridal costumes, but prepared for the bridesmaids (Liu Xinyou, Ye Qing and Guo Xiaoting) from the source

Jenny Yoo

The Western-style pink gauze dress, the “hard photo” looks quite soft ↓

Jenny Yoo is a Korean-American designer brand specializing in designing and making wedding dresses, with an average price of about 2,000 yuan. This bridesmaid dress not only tests the wearer’s skin tone, but also extremely challenges the photographer’s level…

If it is too realistic, it will appear dark and not slippery, without texture… So, pick a bridesmaid dress for your friend, be sure to pay attention to this light pink skirt really white! White! White! (Important thing to say three times) wear it to look good, Asian skin is generally yellow, choose this style need to be cautious ( ̄. ̄)

If you look at the beauty of the above for a while, the soap flakes of soil feel very awkward for a while… Spicy, the following may be a little spicy for the eyes╮(╯_╰)╭

☆ Plastic friendship bridesmaid group configured by the strength pit daddy (girlfriends) ☆

Whether it is plastic friendship, you can see it in the choice of bridesmaid dress~ This thing, regardless of the value, although sometimes the price is expensive can also reflect friendship, but the style is ugly, nothing can make up for it

☞ “My bridesmaids are all my hostesses”

When it comes to the strength of the best seed player is none other than AB, his bridesmaid group, dressed so miserably, few people can understand this traditional style series… Especially “best friend” Ni Ni…

At first glance, it looks like a welcome lady in the scenic area… And it’s still the effect of knocking over the palette…

AB and Huang Xiaoming’s wedding is very grand, inviting all kinds of immortals, the whole wedding is full of trenches, but the bridesmaids’ dresses are general, in the luxury of the “public move” of the bride, not at all good, but also said by netizens as “AB and her palace maids”…

Purple and tulle really test the texture of the skirt, and if you don’t get it right, it will become a purple chiffon fluttering sleeve of about 100 pieces on a certain treasure

Let’s take a picture with a better filter effect, it seems that the painting style is better, but I still want to advise AB, since there is such a big wedding, it is better to take snacks for the bridesmaid sisters…

☞ The colors and styles are all clouds that sky

At the wedding of Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang in 2011, they also chose a lilac bridesmaid dress for the bridesmaids, and the three bridesmaids were Li Xiaolu, Wang Jiayin, and Xie Nan~

This set of purple dream (squeeze) fantasy (milk) bridesmaid clothes also caused a lot of sensation at that time, and Shenmajun wanted to help the girls code… Especially Li Xiaolu in the middle…

A bandeau skirt with a large bow tied around the waist shows off the “beautiful” bodies of the bridesmaids… One wonders, are you sure this isn’t a nightclub party? It is recommended that when choosing this type of dress, you should first ask your bridesmaids if they can accept this scale ( ̄▽ ̄)/

△ “People are beautiful~”

☞ It’s also hard to wear purple with blonde hair and blue eyes

You may also find that purple is a color that is beautiful to think about, but it is actually difficult to operate.

When Rihanna wore Badgley Mischka to be a bridesmaid for her friend in Hawaii, the bride also chose purple as the dress code. Friends have put on purple dresses, the effect is well, some can, some are also 20 pieces of free shipping…

Wedding is everyone’s big day, everyone wants to be perfect~

In addition to ensuring that you are beautiful, the matter of choosing a dress for the bridesmaids also needs to be considered in many aspects, just thinking about romantic dreams is not enough, but also combined with the bridesmaids’ own situation to operate~

Otherwise, behind the beautiful bride stands a bridesmaid who is even a group of bridesmaids who play a play, which is also a thunderbolt ( ̄▽ ̄)/

(This article is authorized to be published by Business Fan|Source: Shenma brand)

——( • ̀ω•́ )✧——