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Hello everyone.

What is the most utilized pair of pants in summer? Take me, for example, these white shorts. Versatile, comfortable and cool. And it can be formal or casual. The applicable occasions are quite extensive.

White is a very refreshing color, which is very suitable for the summer atmosphere, bright and fresh. whereas

White shorts

It’s very versatile. It can be combined with almost any color top. There’s a lot of room for collocation. And the style is very varied, yes

Intellectual formality

, too

Casual and casual

。 It is also suitable for a wide range of people, and young girls can wear it, as well as middle-aged women. Let’s talk about white shorts today, see what kind of white shorts are popular this year, and how they are matched.

What kind of white shorts are trending this year?

There are many styles of shorts. This year’s popular white shorts have these characteristics. One is

The waist line is relatively high

, so that it is relatively tall, and the proportion of the body is well divided. The second is

The legs are looser

, so that even if the thighs are thicker, the legs will appear thinner against the background of wide-leg pants. The third is

The legs are relatively long

, four-and-five-minute long shorts are the most popular and more atmospheric. Hot pants that are too short instead look petty and rustic.

White is easy to see, so the fabric of white shorts should be

Relatively thicker

, in terms of material, there is pure cotton. Flax. This is more comfortable to wear closely. White denim makes the most shorts. No matter what fabric the shorts drape well, so that it is atmospheric. It’s also very textured. Like the shorts worn by Li Qin in the picture above, it is very representative. Such shorts have a large space to match, which can be formal or very street-like.

Who are white shorts suitable for?

White shorts are suitable for a wide range of people. Anyone can wear it. The young girls wore white shorts and open-waisted tops, fresh and energetic. And you can wear it to work, shopping, and partying. What style you want depends on the matching top. No matter how you wear it, it looks good.

Many people have the impression that shorts are the exclusive clothes of young girls. People over forty are not allowed to wear it. But this year’s popular white shorts, relatively longer, four or five points in length, middle-aged women still look quite good to wear. Decent and generous, yet young. You can wear it even to work. In the picture above, Li Qin wears such long shorts, middle-aged women can also wear them, if you have to be a little short, then longer will do. Just like the pants on the right side of the picture above.

Let’s take a look at how white shorts are matched.

Matching idea 1: knitted cardigan with white shorts, elegant and stylish

White shorts are a good match, but want to wear trendy. It still takes some thought. Recently, people are using it

Knitted small cardigan

Pair it with white shorts. Just like Li Qin is so matched. A mint green cropped cardigan with a dark green open-waisted camisole underneath, white high-waisted shorts, and a pair of white sneakers.

For cool girls, it’s nice to wear a waistless short-sleeved knitted cardigan with a pair of white shorts. For example, wear a small purple knitted cardigan, button it up, and wear it as a V-neck sweater, with a pair of white shorts, revealing a small thin waist. Trendy and hot, cool street wear.

Matching idea 2: Shirt with white shorts, can be intellectually capable, can also be fashionable and stylish

Shirts are a very common item. That’s good to combine this dress with white shorts. For example, wear a white short-sleeved shirt, and you can also wear a small white vest underneath. Wear it with white high-waisted shorts. Wear a pair of silver strappy sandals on your feet. Tuck the hem of your shirt into your pants. Refreshing, intellectual, and capable. It’s quite formal to wear it this way. Dress well for work or events.

A white shirt with white shorts is refreshing, but it’s a little


, you can also wear a little cooler. Unbutton the white shirt and tuck it directly into your shorts, revealing a small black vest underneath. Very layered and fashionable, if your small vest neckline is relatively large, it is a little sexy in the freshness, a very cool match.

There are quite a few ways to match a white shirt and white shorts. Wear a white shirt and a wide belt around your waist, you can also use one

Silk scarf as a belt

。 With a waistline, even if the shirt is not tucked into shorts, it is relatively high. In this way, even if the white shorts are longer, it will not affect the proportion of the body. It is very handsome to wear white boots on your feet, which is very suitable for early summer. You can also use a pair

White stockings and small white shoes

Create the effect of a boot.

Matching idea three: T-shirt with white shorts, simple and comfortable and casual

T-shirts are also a common item, combined with white shorts, comfortable and good-looking. If you’re in good shape, wear a white open-sleeved T-shirt with white shorts and white sneakers on your feet. Refreshing and energetic. Very nice summer street outfit. This small thin waist is exposed, in addition to fashion, but also a little sexy. Cool.

White shorts are a very versatile item, and you can go with any color T-shirt in terms of color. If you feel afraid to wear an open-back T-shirt, it’s also good to wear a regular T-shirt. For example, wear a dark green short-sleeved T-shirt with white shorts and a pair of black boots. Handsome, comfortable and trendy. This T-shirt can be changed to any color you like, it is more beautiful.

Matching idea four: suit + T-shirt / tank top + white shorts, intellectually handsome and very temperamental

Temperatures in early summer are erratic and cool down from time to time. A

Thin suit

It’s a must-have. This dress can also be worn in an air-conditioned room. For example, wear a thin suit with mustard yellow, and the yarn one will also do. Wear a white T-shirt with white shorts and white boots. Qingming is intellectually and handsome. This set worn by Xu Lu is very good-looking.

The suit worn in the summer is thinner and more versatile, that


The suit is very suitable. Wear a white T-shirt underneath and a pair of white shorts. Wear a pair of sneakers on your feet. Simple and handsome and very trendy. Pretty good set of early summer street outfits.

The white suit is very practical and suitable for early summer. Wear a white waistless vest, a pair of white shorts, gray or white stockings and small white shoes on your feet. Fresh, handsome and stylish. this

Long socks with sneakers

The combination has been particularly popular lately. A very young operation.

Well, white shorts are versatile and fashionable. Wear it to your favorite friends.

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